Monday 10 September 2012

How to Roll Iration for Sacrament

Blessed Love Royal Daughters of King Alpha and Queen Omega,

Today's post is a DIY for using the holy herb.
I know it is not just a traditional part of I and I Livity, but an Iritual and emotional part. Sacrament is how I and I reason, enlighten, seek, find, rejoice, Iditate, relax, conversate with one another. It personally gives I a lot of energy and clarity of thinking which I apply to my works. I have Iritually grown and evolved because of the hola use of sacrament - something that comes with maturity and raspect for the hola herb itself

Did you know that smoking in that regular thick white bamboo paper makes your lips black?
In fact, burning in paper on the whole messes up your mouth - the lips get dry and peel, turn colours, hurt. With tobacco in the mix your teeth get brown and breath gets messed up!

That's why it's better to roll in hemp paper or in rice paper.

But it's even better for your mouth, lips and lungs if you use a natural paper - some use dry corn leaf, banana leaf or cured tobacco leaf. But the Bobo Shanty mansion especially in Jamaica and Trinidad, use the bois canon or trumpet tree leaf to make "Iration." As the herb is also from creation, it makes the best natural and holy sarament spliff. Bacco is still toxic to the body even if not smoked in cigarette.
Iration doesn''t make your lips black or peel. It also makes your Iditation stronger than when burning in paper. Every I that has taken sacrament in the Iration has noted the difference and lightness of it, how much more one tastes the herb and truly feels the effects of the ganjah. It can be like using the hola chalice. The heaviness of paper smoke becomes clear. Being a leaf that is used for an array of medicinal reasons, burning in Iration also boosts the immune system and keeps away the cold.

I want to present my first ever video production which is a tutorial on how to cure the leaf to make Iration. If you are in Caribbean, look out for it the next time you are in the country.
I used Windows Live Movie Maker and just  loved how simple it was to put this together without help. Being my first attempt it's not perfect but I am still a little proud :) I hope to do more videos in the future.
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  1. I live in north america! Where can i buy tons of bois canon at? If i came to south america would i be able to buy as much as i could carry? How much does bois canon cost in general?....thanks in advance, if you find the time to answer my question & if not just know that your video was helpful. Peace!

  2. I live in north america. Where can i buy tons of bois leaf at? If i came to south america can i buy as much as i can carry? How much does bois leaf cost?


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