Thursday 18 October 2012

Let's Dialogue More

Blessed Love,
Selamta my Royal Sistren and Brethren

I just want to say that I am truly grateful for every I that has been following the blog and has truly benefited from anything I have posted.

But I am now asking ones to please please leave comments and also make requests!
If you want a particular tutorial - IF I can do it - or find another who can,  I will work on it.
If there's a particular topic you want to read about I will try my best to either find something I have or write something new or even do a video.
I truly want this blog to be a community of sharing and vibez for RasTafari Dawtaz worldwide - send the address to your friends who will be interested -

As I said please contact me with your feedback and requests, I need to have that feed back everyday the same way you may want to read something new everyday!
Yes I am asking for some love or some attention lol - but only in the context of progression not in the context of praise.
So please feel free and if you can't post write me an email at
log on to youtube and suscribe to the blog's channel ILA ADDIS - I couldn't use rastawifeline unless I get another email and I already have too many addresses.

So I hope to hear from the I and I soon
Much love and thanks!


  1. Greetings from the UK Sis Ila,
    The I did stumble across the I's blog and what a joy it has been. Such a wealth of information and inspiration for InI in this yah time. May the I carry forward and bless wi with more righteous offerings.

    Peace and Blessings unto the I.

    Faith and Works inna Inity


    Emperor Qedamawi Haile I Selassie I & Empress Menen I

  2. Give thanks so much Blessed Love and Light to you and yours in the Hola Name of JAH RasTafari Alpha and Omega I! truly Sistren!

  3. I was now meditating that you should ask sistrens/readers to leave comments & yesss, you did! Great works as usual Ila, it's a great source of strength for all Empresses. Topic request: roles of kingman & empress in the home. I'd love to hear what you think & the biblical word sound for evidence. Give thanks!

    1. give thanks for the request and I will definitely start working on it Q~ blessed love

    2. Greetings Sistren,

      I found your website a short time ago. I have enjoyed the tutorials. I wanted to know, what are your thoughts on Repatriation? Is it in your plans? Share your views on it. I'm a Repatriate to Zion because Ras Tafari told his people to come home in 1922. I adhered to the call and I snd I King are growing our family in the land of our Father.

      Empress Repatriate

  4. Hello sistern I love reading ur views on rasta women very good I love the way u made the skirt the jean skirt iam trying to make a jean skirt with the pattern in front and back I saw were I can buy some nice african pattern,to make one so keep making more pattern and showing other sistern how


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