Monday 5 November 2012

DIY Frill Tube Top & Maxi Skirt Set

Blessed Love Sistren

This tutorial is another skirt set but with a frill tube top and a maxi skirt. The maxi method I use is the same as the one with the pockets which is here, but in this tutorial there is a video on how to make it without pockets.

Now I don't usually wear tube tops out in public without a jacket, wrap or shrug anymore, so you can pair this skirt set with either the shrug tutorial or the Ises wrap tutorial if you care to cover up your shoulders.


2 yards of fabric 58 " or wider
yard rule
measuring tape
sewing machine
how to sew the tube top:

1.The tube shirt is cut on the fold so it has one seam at the back.

It is the same width as the maxi skirt so it is the hip measurement divided by 2 plus 1". So i marked 18" on the fold.

The length of the tube top is from under the arms down to the middle of the buttocks, plus 1.25". The 1/4" is for the seam at the top  and the 1" is for the hem of the top. Mine is 19.25"

so the rectangle for the tube is almost a circle. 19.25x18".

Next cut the frill which is the same width on the fold as the tube top 18". It is 8" tall - this includes the same 1.25" seam allowance for top seam and hemline of frill.

**Of course if you use jersey this hemming of both tube top and frill won't be a problem, just add 1/4" seam allowance to both lengths if not making hems.

2. Zig Zag all rough edges together except the part of the rectangle that would be the hem.
3. Put right sides together on both frill and tube top, and pin in place.
 Make a straight stitch 1/2" from the open edge side of the frill and tube, to make the one back seamline.

4. Iron out seam lines. Make two 1/4" folds at the bottom of the frill and at the bottom of the tube top, to make the hem. Pin in place and sew using a straight stitch.

5. Keep the tube top right side in, and the frill right side in, but insert the tube into the frill, matching up the zigzag edges at the top. Pin.
Sew a 1/4" seam all around the top to join the frill and tube together.

this is what the seam looks like under the frill

6. Flip the tube inside out on the right side and iron the seam down. 

Mark downwards a little over 3/4" and use a rule to mark a striaght line all around the tube.  sew an elastic casing all around the top of the tube. Leave an opening under the frill to insert the elastic.

7. Cut elastic at right size and insertwith a safety pin. Close the casing.

The complete Set

Learn to make the skirt by watching this video:

Wear it with a belt and give it a slight buff.

 Cover up with an Ises Wrap

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