Monday 11 February 2013

On Eating Grapes and Foods from the Vine

Blessed Love,

Any exposure any of us have to the Bobo Shanti mansion, reveals that there are quite a few taboos that have become part of the Livity through Prince Emmanuel. One of the biggest taboos that causes debate is not eating anything from the vine - not just grapes, but all other foods as well. When I was introduced to this ideal I stopped eating vine, but it was after my research into Scripture and Israelite tradition that I realized that not eating anything from the vine at all, was not an ideal based on Biblical reasoning - only the grapevine is tabooed for the Nazirite.

 Not saying that everything RasTafari do and don't do has to be found in Scripture, but for me I started back eating fruits and veggies and ground provision from the vine because I missed eating such foods, and I realized that it was not something that I could be morally wrong about or punished for.

While I do apprecilove the reasons I was given by a particular house of Bobo for not doing so, I felt that for me, it just wasn't satisfactory to abandon so much nutritional food. Furthermore, I found out that potato and soya beans come from the vine - foods that Bobo still eat. So for me it became, "why not these foods too if no vine" and I felt like there was really no real foundation for not eating vine outside of grapes.
 At the end of the day, I don't believe that eating vine foods outside of grapes is a sin against the law, vow of dreadlocks, ital or the Nazirite. And yet eating grapes does not mean that one is filled with sin either - it is the drinking of wine that causes the downfall into sin. I also believe it is not something that should divide I and I or be used against ones.

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Sis Ila


  1. I thought so too about the Irish potato, since regular yams grow on vine and Irish potato is also defined as yam. However I grew Irish potato and it grew upright no vine at all. Try growing one and see if it runs on vine. It does not, at least those that I grew.

  2. In early '16 this chemist/chiropractor/herbalist saw chimps peeling grapes or eating grapes and spitting the skins out. Combining the fact that the scriptures tell us to eat the fruits of the TREES and since the night-shade vegetables contain inflammatory phytochemicals known as glycoalkaloids concentrated in the skins, it is reasonable to avoid all vine foods for the one who wishes to walk with Enoch, the purely righteous One. Even though there are beneficial nutrients in the skin of vine foods please remember there are also beneficial nutrients in pork sausage. Why should we let the dumb animals use more discrimination than humans.


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