Thursday 2 May 2013

Soya Vege Chow Mein Recipe

Greetings and Blessed Love

This week I have found myself on a very active track posting online - I usually dont like to be on the computer every day, but with the new FB group I feel inspired to really share more with the Sistren which is actually a lot easier than trying to come up with a new post regularly!

I will be posting a lot more to do with homeschooling, and as soon as I can find the time to sit and type and fix all my documents the homeschool page will be up on the blog. More works to be done, all for the Sistren all in the Name of JAH RasTafari! I welcome your photos and teaching methods also Sistren!

So today's lunch is a simple stir fry as my kingman loves chow mein, we havent had it in a long time. So I Decided to post the recipe because I think it is one that youts especially would apprecilove!

Soya Vege Chow Mein


1 pack chow mein noodles without egg

Half a large carrot diced

Quarter cabbage diced

Head of broccoli split into small chunks
(basically one cup of each vegetable of choice)

1 cup soya mince prepped with soya sauce

1 Onion chopped

2 Pimento peppers chopped

3 cloves Garlic


Soya sauce

Ginger powder, saffron, coconut milk powder, dried basil and other seasonings of choice

Tomato paste


Prepare ingredients

Boil noodles until tender, drain off water.

Put onion, pimento, garlic to sauté in a wide bottom pot or stir fry pan.
Add water to fill bottom of pan, add all powder seasonings

Add soya mince and stir, add more water to keep it wet
Add vegetables, mix, add soya sauce, a dash of tomato paste

Cover and let cook for 5 minutes.

Add noodles, stir well blending everything together and remove from heat.

 Cool and fulljoy! All that was missing was some avocado!

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