Sunday 27 July 2014

Babylon's Use of Esoteric Knowledge and Symbols

Blessed RasTafari Love,

Give thanks for the love and powers of July 23rd, the 122nd Earthlight of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie I. The 25th was also my prince’s first earthlight and I am just so filled with gratitude for all the Love and Light he has brought into our family….

I know to those who are skeptical or hesitant it may seem like I am ranting on and on about astro-theology and modern religion, but I want to make it clear that I have to go on and on…because it’s not just about religion. Now that I am tuned into these Iritual symbols in Orthodoxy and the Scriptures both Ible and Apocrypha; I see them everywhere, on everything owned by anyone famous or wealthy - corporations, actors, musicians and novelists alike. When I watch television whether with the youts or not, I am amazed by the number of images or names/titles I recognize from my studies. The ancient world is very much present in our modern world, and influences everything we do or aspire to become, and yet for the majority of the world’s population influenced by American culture, there’s the idea that it’s “out with the old and in with the new” and that the old Eastern ways are uncivilized and barbaric when they really were not. 

It’s obvious that what was once the most sacred scientific and Iritual knowledge of symbols and titles and deities of Afrika, the Middle East and Asia have now devalued and applied to economy, fashion, music, film and books especially. Nothing spiritual, just “cool” art. Everything, everywhere all the time in art or media or fashion or music or agriculture is based on something cosmic or seasonal or philosophical (like metempsychosis, see Esoteric Knowledge page). The plot of every mainstream-endorsed work of fiction is always embedded with zodiac or riddled in esoteric mystery and exoteric confusion. Many movies, shows and books are based on legends of deities – Hercules? Perseus? The Son of God?

There is always the tale of the chosen one, his rise, his fall, his return to victory. This timeless never-tiring story of the Man-King or sometimes Woman-King is based on the Sun of the Zodiac, the Krist of the Bible. It depicts the King of Judah’s life story, his messianic destiny, trials and victory. The ageless truth that good will conquer evil is behind every plot and character.

While we partake in the fairytales of Hollywood in cinematic hits, they exploit our deities, changing their Images from Black to White to match the history books. And while they are busy manipulating our ideas about God and salvation, corporations exploit our symbols. All around us we are being bombarded with brands that carry esoteric symbols, who take images of principle and honour and corrupt them with unethical trade and manufacture policies. We no longer gain anything Iritual or wise from the use of our Images because we are blind to them and the energies have been corrupted! It’s like a sick game in my opinion, it’s all mind control! By forcing us be ignorant all the time, corporations can continue to exploit our weaknesses, our carnal nature - our need, wants, pleasures, vices, the ego’s prejudices and self-righteousness. They tell us what to want and when to want it, when to feel happy and all other emotions through images and titles and stories. 

Come on Bredren and Sistren, InI have to be wise to the reality taking place in secret right before our very eyes – all of the war and food poisoning (GMOs) and cloning going on is because of this obsession with the creative powers of the Iniverse and man’s ability to mimic them. To become a God in flesh is what they are after, but this “godliness” is not for the benefit or love of anyone! They seem to know how to survive with or without us, or in spite of us! 

ALL societies are based on hidden obsessions with everything cosmic, and they don’t want us to know, because we used to know and now we don’t because of slavery nad colonization. The lies of His-tory! How do they answer to that? Dark Ages ring a bell? They burned our Kemetic libraries down, the last houses of everything Afrikans knew and held secret for thousands of years in Alexandria were destroyed by tyranny. The Greco-Romans passed law that none of their subjects, even their own people, could know what they did  - how they changed the course of time – the calendars, the feasts, the traditions, everything! iF they had not banned our temples, burnt them and built over them, banned all our sacred images and the priests who carried the secret sacred knowledge of them, then they couldn't use them today in any way they want to, with any hidden or obvious agenda!

White Supremacists today are descended from an empire desperate to achieve and know the hidden mysteries Afrika was pillaged for, but they refuse to let us in on it because it is our destiny and remembering and feeling this truth makes us powerful, and peaceful and righteous. The world would be healed because the majority of its sufferers would come back to knowing themselves as greatness. It is food for thought. 

And to call to mind examples of symbols (cosmic shapes, geometric shapes, numbers, letters, which all come from Nature) I am talking mainly about the American global mainstream mindspace(corps, logos, characters and statues especially): NASA – the so-called space/alien/planet explorers, Starbucks, Statue of Liberty (looks like Mithra), Colombia Pictures’ logo, American money images, Target’s logo, Red Cross’s logo, Converse’s logo, Wellness Dogfood logo. Companies like Disney and Old Navy also exploit our symbols. The most popular include the rose, the phallus, the branch, crescen moon, star, sphere/orb, sun, pentagon, octagon, hexagon, cross, serpent, staff, triangle, lion…so many symbols the list goes on and on. Old Navy even uses the sankofa heart – my princess has a dress with it! You would think “oh it’s a heart dress,” but the heart is a sankofa heart when you really focus in on the designs! 

How about the fact that celebrities, the most famous people are called “Stars” and who “shine and “sparkle” in the light of fame? Most of them are even born in the sign of LEO, the Champion, the sign that adores limelight the most. These are the people who work for the secret societies, who put their ideas and brands and images out into the world for us to be mesmerized and locked in. The “endorsements” they get are really their way of giving back to the ones who make them famous. Take Rihanna for example, she is considered “Illuminati princess” and part of that “uncle Tom” family of Black celebs and she wears many many Kemetic symbols. As a result Kemet is being called Illuminati and pagan and witchcraft. This is ignorant blasphemy! Is she even aware of what she is doing, defaming? This I often wonder, do these Black artists even know? How about Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who also use a lot of zodiac, Kemet symbolism and mythological legend in their music videos? Is it purpose work? They just make it seem like it was a "cool idea."

How many celebs advertise products or lifestyles that are extremely harmful: diet pills, GMO foods, dairy, alcohol, promiscuity, addiction and so on. The genres of movies they make, they spend so much money on these esoteric films and call it “fantasy” and “witchcraft” but in reality it is secret knowledge, esoteric wise mind that describes laws of life and mindspace. And if you think they themselves are free from the turmoil, think again: drug overdoses, plane and car crashes? It is NO SECRET and NO LIE that Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Lisa Lopez, Aaliyah and Whitney Houston were victims of Hollywood’s wicked secret societies. There are those who show dates some of them died or suffered tie into sacred dates of esoteric meaning.

You can find a really good summary of symbols on the Esoteric Knowledge page under Secret Teachings of All Ages.
So, while we may feel like we embrace our Afrikan selves, and we may feel like we know Black-my-story; the astro-theological aspect has been effectively kept under wraps for the purpose of world domination. Our sacred rites have been tabooed so that we can focus on economy. It’s out there in plain sight, but the knowledge or the sacred language behind the symbols is hidden. Yes we may dabble, we may learn this means that, but do we know how to USE these symbols? I don’t think anyone has the full picture, only the power to keep learning and harnessing Wise Mind from the Iniverse. I don’t think any of us really can know what Kemet really thought or did because the language is dead so I feel like the interpretation will always be lacking. So again it is possible that what we know is never enough, and it is possible that Babylon is counting on us never having the time to achieve that special knowledge to make it enough. We are so bombarded by the new gods and their symbols, and are so caught up in owning stuff, in the worries of survival and bills and illness; that our minds are being corrupted and made unfertile to knowing and accepting the truth.

The Ible says it is an Iritual war we are fighting, and so it is. Our Iritual or Kristos-Conscious progress or basic awareness is being compromised because economy profits off our ignorance and carnal indulgences. Every advertisement we watch is designed to place us in the shoes of someone, that we may experience the benefit of the product they are selling. Our emotions are being manipulated so that we focus on acquiring the wrong things. Life’s about self-indulgence, status, popularity and beauty isn’t it? 

And this is where my appreciation of Scripture and Order comes in, because for the unlearned coming into RasTafari straight out Babylon, you need to know right from wrong in a carnal sense. You need to get aware and tune into your own carnal self. And so it happens that the law helps us self-evaluate our habits and actions, reactions. Though it may be used negatively when being played against others, especially InI Wombman; the Bible is good at explaining what’s bad such as negative traits and conduct (it doesn’t focus much on the good, I mean, we get one chapter Proverbs 31 that really speaks about a wife’s true identity in a natural positive light). So in this pan-Afrikan movement, as RasTafari claims to be most undoubtedly, InI have to be wise about Irituality and know that one can’t act badly and expect to live Godly. Having principle is key. Taming the carnal abandon, the indulgence in indiscretion, allows the mindspace to clear some room, to be allowed to breathe and therefore become fertile for planting the seeds of knowledge. 

All RasTafari need to KNOW, need to take the time to tune into what’s going on. InI are involved in society too, simply because we have to live in it. InI are using symbols we don’t really overstand too. We are shunning others for the same reason, ignorance. And it isn’t until we educate ourselves diligently and earnestly that things will start to improve. How? Because, speaking from my own experience, knowledge is a powerful weapon, it is a defense against ignorance and wickedness! Knowledge makes you feel better about yourself and empowers you to make a better life. It grounds you with your roots and culture and builds your principles. Knowledge and honour of ankhcestry helps you make more informed decisions and to really evaluate what is needed and what is not allowing better opportunities or freedom.

And this is why I am saying the ESOTERIC does not only apply to religion it applies to all aspects of our lives - fashion, music, food, work, entertainment, school, basic morality -  because Babylon is indeed making One system in the end. These different sectors share the same main ideas, use one another, and support one another to create an overall atmosphere of lifestyle. All these symbols and brands we bow to, have a hidden language behind them that is working against global human population. What makes it sad is that they are using Afrikan symbols to kill Afrika, so being empowered with the Wise Mind to decode the symbols they use in their logos and movies, desensitizes InI, and makes us free from their clutches. Why support corporations using your own history against you? 

RasTafari must promote the small business owner who is more transparent, the handmade artist who is readily available to explain their work and who makes things that represent good word sound, uses our symbols in a positive manner. RasTafari Dawtas and Bredren belong to that community, but InI again have to really know our symbols and how to use them without exploitation. InI cannot be walking around with ankhs and using words and deeds that kill life, that deny life to grow. InI cannot represent Afrika and uplift Afrika but know nothing of the continent’s SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE. InI just need to be more mindful and aware of the signs and symbols, the most ancient and the most sacred and revered creations of human overstanding – symbols which came from Nature Herself and which are therefore tied to “as above so below.

Esoteric knowledge changes your life, for this kind of knowledge is the true heartical appreciloving of the Greatness of the people who lived these truths and it creates the DNA-deep bonds of Wise Mind. Esoteric Wise Mind is freeing and limitless in discoveries. Everything now has meaning, everything now has value that is not defined by money. Things get better in your life the more you know and I am witness to the fact that the ESOTERIC is ours to own, not the Illuminati’s and we have to take back our right to know our symbols and not let them be used against us through the economy and all its industries.
My next post will deal with the symbols of the Throne of David.

Selah bless,

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