Tuesday 24 March 2015

Beetroot and Daily Womb Wellness Livity

Greetings Rastafari Family,

Blessings for the Spring timing, the renewal of the Earth and cosmos, in Aries, also the royal month of Empress Menen and InI visit by the Emperor in 1966. 

I wish to reason again about the I-Juice and daily eating and drinking habits that are beneficial to the having a better moon cycle or menstruation. 

The womb wellness cleansing juice or the I-JUICE as my kingman and I call it since he likes it too and finds it rejuvenating after a sweat,  is a natural tonic that I believe every Dawta should drink daily. It is not just for the womb as it gives overall strength, immunity and feeds the blood so it should keep the household in better health. I really want to encourage all Dawtas to try it for your overall structure as a Wombman.

Queen Afua says our wombs hold our emotions and memories, so it is important I think, to tend to the physical structure of this very vital organ. It is the womb that is the portal between the solar Iniverse and Earth's physical plane therefore InI Wombman must be guarded of our gift, of our nature, of what JAH has entrusted to us as huemans. Womb care is self love, it is trusting and honoring self, it is acknowledging that part of the uprising to know the I Self Goddess, is in reclaiming and healing the sacred Womb Temple, the ankh in real life. There is n Iritual gain in a sick body, this is the law of the ancients, hence why they took so much interest in fasting, wearing robes, Iditating on the cosmos and nature and so on. The Womb is the portal through which souls manifest on the earthly plane - and if the womb is not in good condition the yutes are not being given the best chance of transitioning in a peaceful process. Just really think about it! Likewise a Kingman must take care of what he eats and drinks, and also cleanse his blood so his sperm will be truly Ital and nontoxic to the womb which can be caused by alcohol tobacco flesh and other acidic foods and drinks. 

Apart from being a conditioner that will improve the temple's life, this juice is perfect as a remedy for those of us who have very painful moon cycles, who suffer with vomiting, nausea, cramping, heavy bleeding, fainting, bloating and fatigue. This juice in my own experience is proven to improve PMS and the actual moon time experience, reducing cramping pain and heavy flow in particular. I have been able to function without illness or pills because of it.

And what I love about this juice is that it is somewhat forgiving, it cleanses the organs and blood so well, that anything that is not good for the womb can be removed. What I mean is, if you have been eating the wrong foods, drinking it the week before and the week of your flow or just a few days before and during, will help fight the bad symptoms which are a result of dairy, soy, flour and sugar mainly. This has been my personal experience, whenever I eat too much wheat bread, rice and pasta or cookies, my first two days are pretty bad. But drinking lots of I-Juice takes it away even while it is happening. and of course the best way to avoid it is eliminate all these foods - but we are all hueman and when a Dawta is tired or upset InI just want something sweet nd unhealthy!  So I hope that you Sistren will try it, and really learn what the trigger foods are for your body, and let I know of any results. Give thanks to sis Amanda and those who have already tried and given a positive result.

I wish to review the recipe again as well

You can grate blend or use a juicer but this recipe wasn't created for a juicer, unless you plan to drink your juice fresh every time which is no problem either.


2  xlarge beets or 3-5 small
1 large thumb of ginger
1 large lemon/lime 
1 litre boiled or a pure water

Grate the ginger
Grate the beetroot, or in a blender using grate feature, blend chopped beetroot with half the water.
The water is used when warm not hot.
In a container, steep all the ginger and beetroot and water for a couple hours
Purse a strainer and transfer to your storage jug with cover.
Add lemon juice after straining and chill.



This lasts me two days. I now make this juice as an everyday natural  juice because I want to give myself optimum healing opportunities. Having bad periods causes self -hate, dreading when that time comes, feeling bad about not being able to solve the problem and truly heal...there are a lot of pent up emotions to be resolved in Womb Wellness.

Which leads me to say again, that InI must eat well everyday to really obtain the benefits of healing. This is the hardest part of it, being conscious of what InI eat daily, especially when many changes need to be made. What this means really, is No dairy, sugary drink or snack, wheat like bleached flour or pasta, no soy (or only once a week) and of course no alcohol or meat.  Choose brown foods instead of white - like pasta, rice and flour. There are many UNHEALTHY VEGAN or ITAL meals, so research is necessary. Even though I cannot be raw-vegan now or completely Ital, I know that it is the only way to have a perfect internal function - raw foods only is the best way to heal the womb that it may be fertile and the period only a passing thing of no disturbance.

 Being the ones who provide the meals most times, InI Dawtas have to take health seriously, I am not saying spend extra money on expensive foods, I am saying reroute the family budget, substitute mucus foods with whole grains, fruit and vegetables, organic where possible. The price of groceries is reduced if you shop by the farmers market or if you grow something you eat a lot, like greens, at home. InI have to do what we can with the budget we have. 

So here is my personal daily livity for womb wellness

Breakfast By 9 in the morning - womb yoga (Sacred Woman steps by Queen Afua), fruit smoothie as a rule but sometimes  ginger tea,  water, water and lemon also

Lunch 11-12:30 - a raw salad alone but sometimes  with channa or hummus  and baked sweet potato most days, or a vegan meal with salad (combos: peas, grain, veggie and salad combo usually, or ground provision with peas and vegetables, or soup, or salad wraps or a channa pattie sandwhich or wrap)

Snack  anytime - oranges, melon and bananas, nuts, popcorn, homemade muffins,  hummus and veg

Dinner 5-6 -  a repeat of lunch

I make everything fresh daily (but sometimes I have left overs for lunch) and I eat home mostly, so if you must eat out make sure it is someplace that takes care in what they prepare. Ginger, cinnamon, date paste and fruits reduce cravings for sweets.

I have started a page on Instagram called @RASTAWIFELINE livicated to reasoning, but mainly ITAL Care and Education and  Womb Wellness -  womb health, melanin consciousness and the overall improvement of Afrikan health by choosing better options, eating more raw and gardening at home. I hope to keep providing information from books as I go along.
My updating is slow because of time constraints so please keep checking these links to see what's new. I really hope that Dawtas will come forward and share their experiences and also share tips and methods you use at home for your own optimal wellness, what has worked for you?

Look for and use my hashtags #RastaWifeLine  #ItalFarmer #Rastacooking #ItalAfrika #ItalisVital #Rastafari  to promote the correct Livity for the nation. Let InI become each other's inspiration and bring TRUE healing to the nation.
I look forward to sharing and working with more Dawtas in Rastafari in this Light.


  1. Give thanks for your hola works siStar, I am a new mother to a blessed princess and motherhood has been treating me well. I give much thanks for your posts it keeps me grounded as a wombman finding herself in Rastafari, this will be my 3rd year according to the gregorian calendar as a rastafarian and I grow stronger as I come to know my soul identity through the livity. My question was about natural contraception and how to go about it and if you could share what you have done as a rastafarian wombman. I am from Cape Town South Africa and unfortunately western medicine prevails here it is difficult to get herbal natural remedies and solutions without paying an arm and a leg for it.
    Buruk fikir.

    1. Send I an email at everything.ila@gmail.com give thanks sis Denisha Anand

  2. Thanks sis, I'm going to start with this. Still have to get my blender and juicer though. My landlady has been super generous lending me hers every day. I really want to get my Womb Wellness Challenge going. My only difficulty is the 5-6 repeat of lunch, I'm still at work those hours (yes believe it) and I don't use the microwave so my dinner must be reheated on the stove...the best timing I can assure myself is 7pm-7.30pm which is when I get home. My other issue is breakfast, Ila you know I cannot survive on a smoothie alone with those children, I NEED BREAD! lol, my weakness, what do you suggest.

    1. I know I love bread too and still eat it time to time, what I can advise is making your own bread or muffins from home using spelt flour or quinoa flour or something that is just not wheat! I will post up my muffin recipe on Ital People.

  3. Also can I blend Spirulina or Moringa powder with the beet root? I usually do with the fruit smoothies.


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