Wednesday 20 July 2016

RasTafari WiseMind Magazine July 2016 issue

Blessed Love

I post the July issue of WiseMind Magazine here.
This issue features my article on Rastafari King and Queen Conduct which I posted here on the blog a while ago. I give thanks to be a part of the newsletter again.
The newsletter this month features some great words of the elders, calling us to wake up to the social and political atmosphere that is brewing against Afrikans of the Diaspora. So much of our brothers and sisters are suffering right now in America and we must remember to keep taking our own stand against the system. Support black business, keep your money out of Babylon as much as possible - find a way in your life to be a revolutionary, This is what RasTafari stands for. Now is the time for us to lead by example, to show Afrikan pride in the West and remember the suffering of our elders and ancestors. We must take a stand against the injustice just as the Emperor did and would have Himself.

Give thanks to Ras Ravin and Itrice Beepath for their works in bringing the voices of Rastafari to the world. Let InI learn and grow with one another.

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RasTafari Love!