Thursday 15 February 2018

Journaling to Vibrate Higher

Journaling is an important step to include on your mission to Vibrate Higher. In order to change and improve your mind, body and Irit (spirit) you must first “Know Thyself.” You must first sort through all the many aspects that define you – your experiences, your thoughts, your relationships, your goals, you inhibitions, your desires.

Journaling helps you to sort through yourself so that you can learn who you are on many levels.
It helps you to identify patterns of negativity – experiences or people that have caused blockages, fear and low self-esteem. It helps you identify sources in your life that cause pain and joy, sources that need to be improved or removed. It helps you identify toxic situations and people so that you may remove them for your own health and happiness.

Journaling helps you to make informed decisions about who you want to become for the greater good. 

Journaling helps you to sort your feelings, habits, attitudes, actions – past and present, your strengths and weaknesses.

It helps you to determine what steps you need to take to achieve your goals. It allows the space to determine what is needed for you to achieve them.

Journaling creates a sense of self-awareness that allows you to apprecilove and draw upon all positive things about yourself or positive experiences.

Journaling documents your thoughts, hopes and dreams so that you can constantly remind yourself of the future and foundation you are aiming to build each day.

Journaling says YES I CAN, and I AM DOING GREAT.

Journaling is a form of releasing past hurt and negativity, unblocking your mind and body, as you are free to pour your pain onto the page thereby releasing such thoughts and words from your body. You can destroy the pages to bring a final release and cleanse yourself.

Journaling allows you to figure out and solve problems on your own, or it allows you to decide how you will solve conflict with others rationally.

Journaling inspires you to take action, at your own pace, when you are ready. IF things do not go as planned then you can use journaling to regroup, to reassess your ideas and goals and come again. It works with you and for you, because it is your opportunity to always express yourself and figure out where you are going, what you are doing right and wrong.

Journaling is personal, it is your safe space and time to express all the good and the bad. It is an action that is just for you that cannot be controlled or influenced by anyone else but you. So you can be as honest as you need to be no matter how hard it is. 

Journaling inspires you to think positive and happy thoughts about yourself and your life, it is quite encouraging and self-loving to write short inspirational poems about yourself, write mantras or one-shot sentences that inspire you or show self-love and care. Stick pictures of yourself at happy times or with people you love, stick inspirational quotes and memes you find so that you can constantly surround yourself with positive image and word sound power.

Journaling is an expression of love because you are committed to healing yourself through your thoughts and these thoughts inspire positive action.

Here are a few journaling prompts to help you get started.

Things I am grateful for
People I am grateful for
Experiences I am grateful for
Things I am proud about
Things I am not proud about
My strengths
My weaknesses
Things I wish to change about myself
Things I love about myself
Things I love doing
People I love spending time with
Positive experiences and memories
Intentions/Goals for the New Year: family, business, personal, spiritual
People that inspire me
Things that inspire me
People that deflate my confidence
Thoughts that deflate my confidence
Good habits
Bad habits
Reasons why I am great
As a parent I am
As a friend I am
As a lover/spouse I am
I wish that I
I want to
I feel connected to JAH when
I feel disconnected from JAH when
Adventures I want to have
In order to achieve my goals I must
I feel sad/insufficient/unneeded/unloved/incapable when…
Ten things I love about me
Ten things I want to change in my life
My plan to……is

These are just a few ideas that I hope will inspire you to journal, to take action and control of your life and your state of Being. I am no expert on the subject but I do feel that it is necessary for us Dawtas, especially when we feel overwhelmed by life and relationships.

 Journaling is a wonder self-improvement and empowering tool. It instills confidence and a sense of clarity which are very important to our daily functioning. People talk about making "new year resolutions" well journaling is a great way to prioritize, reorganize and plan for yourself and your future. It is a good way to "clean house" of all the negativity and make way for abundance and joy.

Get a nice notebook – cover it with pretty fabric or spend extra and get a fancy one. Also acquire a special pen and keep them in a safe place where they can always be on hand but protected from others.  Make sure to journal on full and new moon and any special lunar and solar events.
Happy journaling!
Ila Addis

Thursday 4 January 2018

Vibrate Higher for 2018

For 2018 I wish to inspire all Sistren to grow and improve themselves as I myself aim to do the same. As wives and mothers we tend to lose commitment to ourselves. We become so consumed by work and the needs of others that we often neglect our bodies and our minds. We get so lost in satisfying others that we aren’t even aware of our own needs until stress, anxiety or illness start to knock us down. We go through the motions, we fulfil our duties but we are not fulfilling ourselves on an Iritual level. We can’t give our best to anyone if we don’t first provide for ourselves. In order to improve our lives in various ways, in order to be truly grounded, happy and prosperous we must pay closer attention to our own needs. We must increase our vibration.

To vibrate higher is to consciously enhance our mind, body and Irit, it is the foundation of RasTafari Livity. It is about increasing the positivity in one’s life, to strengthen one’s character and will in order to create a better mental and physical living environment for self and by extention, friends and family.

To vibrate higher is to feed the soul with positive attitudes and actions that serve to make us more in tuned with our God-Self, to make us LIVE in the I-Self rather than just the body.

I have been thinking about my own journey and came up with some steps that will help me to raise my vibration. My intention is for these steps to positively adjust my thoughts, attitudes and habits so that I can be mentally and physically healthy, proactive and at peace – not ill and stressed. Lots of these steps may seem obvious, and familiar as we do already factor most if not all of these things into our daily lives. But there is something more encouraging about writing it all down and feeling responsible for carrying them out. Life is hectic and it gets in the way. A month may pass and you don’t do anything for yourself, take time alone to just relax, clean out the clutter or read a book or pamper yourself. Weeks may pass and you haven’t listened to your favorite music or danced or exercised. Years may pass and you haven’t looked at yourself in the mirror and had a deep discussion about your feelings and what you want for yourself.  Time passes and you forget who you are, who you used to be or who you wanted to become. Time is like a thief in the night when we are just so busy trying to raise a family.

So it is important to make a list, to commit yourself to that list, to review it daily, to even plan for it weekly, just so that you know that YOU are giving YOURSELF what you need to improve and enhance your life. We mustn’t take our lives for granted. We must dwell in the present and consciously create a better future.

Start by journaling, by sitting down and having a quiet conversation with yourself about your fears, your wants, your strengths, weaknesses and the goals you need to set for yourself in order to improve your situation and how you view yourself and life. Then make that list and stick it up in a place that you can see it every day. Make other mini lists in your journal as well, of your dietary intentions, your exercise regime, a list of activities and projects you wish to try. Make lists about the relationships and characters in your life so that you are more aware of the people who positively and negatively influence you. Changing your vibrations also includes the vibrations of others around you.

Create visuals for yourself. Use Pinterest to create vision boards of these things as well - collect recipes, inspiring photos, mantras and DIY tutorials. Use the internet for positive reinforcement and stay away from all the “people watching” which does nothing but make you feel bad about yourself or makes you feel like your life is shit compared to others. You see people out there doing things you cannot do because you don’t have the money or have a family to take care of. The negative feelings and thoughts that arise from social media creates a negative living environment for your mind and soul within your body. It is depressing and is like a disease.

For the last few years I myself do not go on social much anymore aside from Instagram (which I limit outside of business) because I find it counteractive to my self-confidence and it is time consuming. I choose to spend my time working on me - my business and my written works since becoming a published author is my biggest goal, one I hope to fulfill by 2019.  These commitments have also caused me to stray from Rasta WifeLine which I am not proud of, but have been necessary for me to achieve my goals for the RasTafari community. All my time away hopefully will be worth it when I am able to publish my book and my homeschooling materials.

So it is important to prioritize your time, to spend your time constructively. We often say there aren’t enough hours in the day, but there are once we choose to use them wisely. Orient your time in a way that works for you, that promotes YOUR BEST SELF. Taking time away from others is beneficial and necessary to your goals and you mustn't regret that. Vibrating higher requires full commitment, full dedication to the cause which is to improve yourself and your life.

So here is my list, which you are free to copy or use as a template for yourself and your needs:

1. Daily affirm mantras and compliments to myself in the mirror. State my intentions to myself.
2. Plan a daily routine of Ises, Exercise and Meditation
3. Journal daily or weekly to focus my intentions, process my feelings, track my growth and tackle my inhibitions
4. Don’t worry or stress – instead make plans for improvement or find solutions instead.
Never go to bed angry or stressed, clear the mind and lighten my mood first.
5. Budget and control my attachment to money – don’t let it stress or control me
6. Spend time outdoors in the natural elements
7. Learn and use crystals for attracting positive energy and healing
8. Dance!
9. Read!
10. Smile!
11. Pamper or treat myself once a month
12. Eat healthy live foods and drink plenty of water
13. Wear nice clothing everyday, things that make me feel like a goddess
14. Get enough rest – to bed early, rise early
15. Create something beautiful for my home, self or others
16. Clear away clutter from my living and work spaces
17. Learn something new, develop a skill that can help me in other aspects of life
18. Set positive goals and activities for myself and family
19. Hug my family and say “I love you” daily
20. Say loving, kind, complimentary and positive things to others
21. Do good deeds for others, especially for the RasTafari community
22. Do not yell
23. Control my temper
24. Do not gossip
25. Stay away from negative people and places, walk away from negative situations
26. Surround myself with inspiring, happy, likeminded people
27. Be grateful
28. Believe  - in the possibility of everything believe I am CAPABLE of accomplishing whatever
29. Visualize the future I wish to have, the person I wish to be
30. Take action and never back down when things are hard
31. Be patient in the process

I hope you will find this idea useful and give it a try. Please let me know how it goes and for the Bredren, I hope you will find these words encouraging and do the same. Tell your Fari family about it, encourage others to make the next year of life a better more Upfull one.
RasTafari on the whole needs to raise its vibration as a collective force in the world. Let us all individually work towards the greater good.

Ila Addis