Wednesday 11 November 2015

How Ila Uses Coconut The Superfood

Greetings Family,

As I promised, just a simple post about how I use coconut, as I recommend you do too because it really is a superfood filled with so much nutrition as an oil, as water or as "white meat" - coconut is the real white meat! Very sweet and filling too.
Now this is just my biased opinion - there are raw vegans who don't use coconut because they believe it has the wrong balance of sugars. But again to each his or her own. Coconut water is so pure it can be used for blood transfusions and it still provides hydration for the cells - although the argument is also that a raw food diet without an dehydrating foods like Nori and cocoa will require little water. 


First of all coconut water is the bomb! As often as I can get them off the tree I have it. Sometimes we buy from vendors. It hydrates and cleans the body and blood instantly. Makes you feel happy and ready to go on the inside. It is just the perfect boost. It is best to drink young coconut water because when it ages it gets very fatty and sweet. I don't mind this though because I like it to use as a natural source of fats, healthy fats. 


Daily I use coconut oil. I use it for oil pulling, which is an ageless method of dental care, naturally. In the morning I take a mouthful, not too full though, and I swish it around and gargle for about twenty minutes. You will get saliva added in with the oil as you swish so don't take too much oil to begin, a tablespoon is enough. I usually swallow it when I'm done as a vitamin. But apparently I am ingesting toxins the oil is removing, so I guess it is up to you - you can spit it out in the toilet trash or in the garden.
 For smokers this is a great practice to have once or better twice a day, because it freshens breath and protects against gum disease. I recommend you look it up for better tips on how to oil pull.

It is good otherwise to just drink a spoonful of the oil for a vitamin, it hardly has a taste so don't be apprehensive! If you can't do that then you can try eating it with food.

I also add the coconut oil, which is specifically cold-pressed not cooking oil, to what I'm eating. When I make my salad dressings, I always include this oil, again to add more healthy fats to the meal.

 I also stir fry my veggies or make my peas or beans with it.

A popular trend that I myself have tried and will do again is making marijuana coconut oil. It involves heating and steeping for four hours, the marijuana in the oil. It must be a very low temp. Crock pots are mainly used to do this. the herb is lightly toasted first. But do check on YouTube for a variety of DIY videos.

My whole family uses this coconut oil for our hair and body too. I put it on when InI natty are still damp because the hair absorbs it better. I use it for scalp itch. I also used it for my babies in the diaper area. Coconut oil can also be used as a safe all natural lubricant for king and queen - but please do not mix with latex!

I love eating the white jelly of coconuts, so delicious and very filling! I also use the dried white meat in the shredded form. I blend it with water for milk and strain that, add a little cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. You can use this with oats to make smoothie bowls of cereal.   My kingman puts that in his oats punch too. I love to put the shredded coconut in my salad too, again to add fats. I also eat it plain as a substitute for unhealthy chocolate snacks. The reason being is that raw foods which I eat until dinner, makes you lose weight, that's why most of these raw vegans online do it to begin with. But I'm not trying to lose weight skinny as I am! I'm just trying to heal and become truly Ital and balanced, so I don't want to lose weight at all, so nuts seeds coconut and avocado and oils are the foods I eat for maintaining weight.

Coconut meat can also be used to make yogurt - i have done it but not with the added probiotics. If you want it to taste like yogurt these healthy gut bacteria must be added and allowed to stand overnight I believe. I would like to try one day.

I have recently bought coconut flour but I haven't figured out how I will use it vegan yet, as it will require trial and error. Cause they say it needs a lot of eggs and liquid to make it work. I have only used it to make bliss balls, which are just dates, nuts and gluten-free flour blended and rolled together into a ball.

So I hope this post gave you a few leads to check up on, do your coconut research and make it fit into your daily routine for better health! And don't forget to link RastaWifeLine on IG, reasoning to soon come I know ones are wondering what has happened, but it is all in the works! Bless!


Tuesday 27 October 2015

Date Paste: Your New Raw Snack and Sugar Substitute

Blessed Love

So many times I have wanted to post but alas I get sidetracked and then I forget! So today I made the effort to just post something short and quick. I've got  a backlog of recipes to share but I am also toying with making a small recipe book that you can simply download or print to have on hand whenever you need inspiration to eat healthy, or tips for maintaining a TRULY ITAL Livity. Soo...


They are very sweet! High in fructose, but rich in iron, magnesium, manganese and B Vitamins! 
I don't know how people can sit an eat a whole bunch because of how sweet they are, but I appreciate how great a sweetener it is, and the fact that it is great for IRON and ENERGY because eating mostly raw foods everyday sometimes I feel very crash, like I just didn't get enough calories or carbs.

So I decided to try date paste since so many raw vegans rave on about it. And they were right, it is pretty rawsome! It really makes snacking in between or breakfast, have a great boost in nutritional value and taste.

Many people use the Medjool dates from the Near East But there are also California dates. I have seen both in Xtra Foods here in Trinidad, for about $20.00 TT or more for a pack which is not bad. Dates can last for eight months to a year in the fridge so don't worry About them spoiling once they are properly sealed.

Basically to make date paste you take a handful of dates and put them in a jar. Cover them with water, just a little over the top of the dates is fine. And just let it soak an hour. Pour off the water and blend the dates, using just 1 1/2 tablespoons of the date water.
And presto voila! You have date paste. Just store in the fridge in a Sealed container. 

I add a dollop to cucumber, apple and pineapple slices, the size of the dollop varies by what I am having. It tastes fabulous!

Now for the water left over I used it to sweeten freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a smoothies, and it was effective!  So I think it can work for lemonade and limeade, passion fruit juice, whatever you need to sweeten! Now your natural juice can really be natural. It can replace cane juice and those syrups which are not raw or very healthy. If you need a specific amount of date water for your recipe just add the measurement to the dates when you are soaking! 

You can also add the dates to your green smoothies directly to mask the taste or lack of great taste green juices tend to have! I have done it before, but with just two dates, other people use way more, but again it is about how sweet you like your foods to be.  How about using it to sweeten almond milk? 
Or using the date paste instead of applesauce or bananas, when baking? I am eager to try that! 
How about blending them with banana to make nice cream? I see lots of raw vegans use dates and bananas together in green smoothies.
I think the possibilities are endless. 

So just remember, dates are high in fructose but the other nutrients they carry make them a great natural, raw food to add to fruit and vegetable snacks. Just don't overdo it. I'd say a dollop of paste is like 2-3 dates tops.

If you have other interesting ways you use date paste let me know! The children will probably love it!

Remember, it is great for energy boosting and keeping that iron up as women, we need that for outer cycles.
 Next post is on how I use coconut oil!


Sunday 27 September 2015

Ila's Vegan Veggie Pizza with Spelt and ChickPea Flat Crust

Blessed Love to the I,

Before I share my ultimate vegetable, vegan, dairy-free, wheat-free pizza (yay!) I want to remind you to link with my page on Instagram if you use IG of course. - it is no longer @italafrika, but @rastawifeline....I changed the name but the same page, as it was more fitting for the blogspot to have the title of the page. so on the IG I share pics of what new recipes I try before they actually reach the blog. And when I am finished with some other projects I will be posting on more than just food, but branching into other areas. You can actually see my IG feed from my website under the page ILA NEWS. Feel free to use the hastags #WombWellness and #RastaWifeLine to share your meals and tips as well, this needs to be something that InI Dawtas can use to share and inspire one another to be healthier and happier.

So, I really miss pizza, and I have finally finally found the perfect wheat-free crust, so that I can have a guilt-free pizza anytime I feel like it! And the bonus is that it doesn't take long to make. The vegetable prep is the same as making a salad or food, and the dough is quite simple with mixing it all together and rolling it out. A simple and perfect and better alternative to regular pizza that usually has wheat, table salt and dairy in it, which cause cramps, pain and other PMS problems.

Remember that my aim is to share "Period Friendly Meals" here which are vegan or Ital. Foods that will cause I and I to have smoother moon cycles without being sick and out of it. Though the spelt and garbanzo flours maybe on the expensive side, at least you can get good uses out of them over time, the key is to also cut down on any recipe that involves flour as such will still break down to sugar and affect sinuses and periods or whatever issues you have with mucus in the body. Spelt is like a parent relative to wheat. It is a whole grain that has not been genetically modified like all wheat that we get in our flour, and it is also not bleached or enriched with any unnatural products. These flours can be substituted for others such as whole wheat and corn flour if you don't have any other. You can also try quinoa or almond flour if they have a texture like wheat, corn, spelt or garbanzo. I am yet to try these two types of flour myself. I have also done this pizza using breadfruit flour which is available in Barbados, so you can try that as well if you ever see it on the shelf.

Flat Crust Vegan Vegetable Pizza

1 ½ cup garbanzo/chickpea flour
1 cup spelt flour (plus extra for kneading)

Or for a gluten-free, corn-free option try:
2 cups Breadfruit flour or 2.5 cups garbanzo flour

¾ cup slightly warm water
1/4 cup Coconut or olive oil with extra for pizza pan
1.5 tsp baking powder (or 1 tbsp flax)
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp cumin powder
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp dried parsley
1 tsp dried oregano

Pizza toppings

3 stalks chive,
1 onion,
3 pimento peppers or the like
5 clove garlic
1 big leaf of shadon beni
All finely diced.

And any combination of vegetables you have, for example:
3 sliced  Tomatoes
1 cup sliced Pineapple
1/4 thinly sliced Eggplant
3 leaves chopped pakchoi or other greens
1 cup each shredded or grated pumpkin, carrot, zucchini and beet

3 large spoons full Tomato paste (Matouks in the jar)

Pizza pan
Baking or wax paper
large bowl

Combine dry ingredients well with spoon: flour, salt and dried seasonings

Add the oil to flour. You will add 1/2 cup of water to this and mix with a spoon first and then use your hands when the flour is all wet. Add a little more water if you need it. Add sprinkles of spelt to make the right consistency as you start with your hands. It doesn’t take too long to knead. It should be smooth, soft and moist but not wet or too dry (add more spelt or water if you need to). 
I use my hands and make a flat circle and just set it aside in the bowl with a towel over it, while I put all the ingredients away.

(Note you can make mini pizzas by rolling dough into balls)

On your counter top, place a sheet of baking paper. Flatten the dough onto baking paper in a nice flat circle using your four fingers. knead all cracks. Cover that dough with another sheet and start to make a circle with rolling pin. When the circle has gotten a little wider and flatter it will stick to the paper, so take off the top sheet slowly and finish getting the circle bigger and evenly spread with the rolling pin. You shouldn’t need to add flour to dust. This is not that type of dough that you need it all floured up, it should not be sticky, but soft and smooth and very very firm.  keep kneading all cracks

Using the bottom baking sheet flip the circle onto the greased pizza pan and carefully peel the baking sheet off the back. Use your hands to further press dough around the pan. In my photo you can see what happens when you try to sprinkle flour, it doesn't blend in!
Do not bake with paper or it will stick -learned that the hard way!

Spread tomato paste on first with a large spoon.

Cover that paste with the finely chopped onion garlic chive pimento.

Evenly spread the vegetable toppings. I start with the pumpkin, carrot and beets, then the tomatoes and greens.

Bake pizza at medium heat of 150 C for 25 minutes or til edges are golden brown. 


Grate my vegan almond nut cheese over everything when it comes out and allow to cool a bit before slicing and serving.
Makes four big slices or eight smaller.


My favourite part of this pizza is the crust. It's soft and yet has a slight cookie texture as well because of the chickpea flour.

Do try! and keep up with my Ital recipes also on Pinterest @iladesigns in the board "Ital with Ila"

Sis Ila

Friday 25 September 2015

Raw Almond Cheese and Eggplant Mini Pizza


I wish to share a recipe for a very simple nut cheese that I came up with when making veggie pizza. Now unfortunately this cheese will not melt because it has no liquid in it like water or almond milk, so while I call it a cheese, it is more of a topping, that reminds me a lot of coconut flakes in texture. Now I personally don't think vegetable pizza actually needs cheese, the way I make it (a recipe to followup very soon as I plan to give it a second test tomorrow) so if you are looking for a melting cheese you can try what I have put below which is what I did in my cashew cheese recipe. I have to try it also to see how it will melt. You can also check some other vegan bloggers.

This almond cheese goes perfectly with salad or even a sandwich as a topping. If I still ate tofu eggs I'd definitely add to my omelet. The added bonus is that you can use as much as you would like and not be overpowered in flavour (because of the soaking).


1 cup almonds raw
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp dried basil (optional)

Soak almonds overnight in the water or at least 6 hours. Make sure they are well covered. Peel off the skins when time is up. A lot of people do not soak their almonds to retain the great oils and flavour, be that as it may, almonds unsoaked will not digest in the tummy because the blocking enzymes have not been neutralized by soaking.

Combine all ingredients in blender or food processor until it becomes I thick paste that is soft and spreadable.  You have to mix and stop constantly because it is a very dry mixture, it just requires a bit of patience especially if using a plain ole blender.

It will still be grainy in a very fine texture but with no visible chunks of almonds.

Scrape it all into a bowl and mash around with a spoon.

Mould into a ball and place in a ziplock bag. Freeze for at least 2-4 hours.

It should be hard enough to grate over pizza.

The crumble will not melt.

For a cheese that can spread try adding these ingredients:

2 tbs apple cider vinegar or juice of 1 lemon
1 clove garlic
two stalks of chive
1 cup Water (slightly warm to help the almonds blend)
Blender or food processor
2 tsps nutritional yeast

If you want a mild taste leave out chive and garlic. nutritional yeast just for flavour it is not necessary.

Now for a recipe that will put your new almond cheese to great use!


This is the same concept as baking or grilling seasoned eggplant slices, but with some fresh grated and chopped veggies on top.

1 eggplant
Turmeric powdered
Cumin powdered
Dried basil
Dried Italian seasoning
Dried parsley
Baking tray
Coconut or olive oil

small piece pumpkin
small carrot
small beet
1/2 sweet pepper
2 medium tomatoes

Slice the eggplant into 1/4 inch thin circles.
Grate pumpkin, beet, carrot; and chop sweet pepper and tomato. I actually used the veggies from my rainbow salad to whip up these pizzas to show how easily they can be prepared!

Put half in a big bowl and sprinkle all the seasons on the pieces. If it is dry sprinkle a little water to help the seasoning to stick.
Do the same to the rest of the eggplant. 

Transfer to greased pan with or without foil, it is up to you. Cover each piece of eggplant with the vegetables prepared. 

Bake uncovered for 15-20 minutes on medium heat around 150 C.

Pull out and allow to cool 15 minutes.

Serve with grated almond cheese on top.
Two bites and they’re gone! Lovely little mini pizza substitutes. 
Will not be a favorite of anyone who doesn’t like "mushy" eggplant however.

Stay tuned for more to come, now that I have internet, I will be able to keep things going here on RastaWifeLine and InI YouTube channel.

Saturday 25 April 2015

Ital Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Selamta Family,

Give thanks for the Rastafari Ilah Days or feasts April18-21st and other Binghi groundsing days, honoring the Coming of the Messiah to His People, InI Afrikan descendants of the Caribbean,. This time pays homage to the union of King and Nation, the groundsing that occurred between State and Dreadlocks, the strong bond that formed between the two, the renewal of InI as Ethiopians, Rastafari acceptance by Ethiopia.

I wish to share my version of one of the latest vegan fads on Pinterest, Cauliflower rice, which is a great substitute to brown and white rice. I have recently learned that wild rice or black rice or the only types not genetically modified, they are safest to eat. So rice is another food to be on the look out for. I will post more about the foods we as vegans or italists still consume that are hybrid, but overall you can look at the Electric Foods list from Dr. Sebi.

You will need

Cauliflower Rice

1 head cauliflower or more if it's a big family (serves four)
Stalks of Chive
Sprig of small leaf Thyme
1 Small onion
1 pimento
Thumb ginger
Dried oregano leaves, 'Italian' seasoning, seasalt
Thumb Tumeric and 2 clove Garlic (these foods are said to be hybrid by Dr Sebi so this is optional)
Coconut oil for stir frying
Stir fry pot if not having it fully raw

Wash cauliflower and separate the florets I soaked mine in vinegar water to clean it.

Allow to fully dry in the fan or in the sun. Pat them dry and turn them often to speed the process.


Dice all the seasoning ingredients and set aside.

When dry place cauliflower in three batches into your blender. Press grate. You will need to push the cauliflower down onto the blades as the bowl is dry. It requires starting and stopping the blender a lot to keep things moving.

 Empty each batch into a bowl. 
Don't over blend as it will get moist. The point is to keep the cauliflower dry so it is more rice-like.
You can grate by hand if required.

When all grated  combine the seasonings and cauliflower in the stirfry pan with a little coconut oil and stir for five minutes. 

As you see I still had a few chunks in there but most of it became fine like rice! 
Full joy with my other recipes!

Give thanks for life!

Monday 20 April 2015

Baked or Roasted Vegetable delights for Womb Wellness Livity

Greetings my Sistren,

I really have so much I want to reason about but my time is as always, hard to come by. And I have no internet at home so I can't load my website or blogspot to  update them, yes I sis Ila too can't always manage the bills good and so we go without for a while. But that doesn't get me down, I can still make these small connections to spread some positive vibes with InI, I have good food to eat daily and a happy home because I work hardest on having these things and I hope that no matter what you have or don't have right now, that you too know the value of what is and still find joy and blessing each day. 

I wish to share two baked veggies recipes which are ideally the same steps. While it is good to eat raw salad daily it is also good to have warm foods when on the period cycle as the body itself when losing fluids, needs extra warmth. it. is good to wear a sweater and socks when on the flow to protect the womb structure form excess cold.  So teas and soups and baked veggies are good along with salad and juicing, I personally eat less of any grains like wheat and rice and focus on these more during the seven days before and during the cycle. I have found that no sugar, wheat and soy on the whole are best. No sugar drinks and snacks, I drink my beet juice instead.

Oven baked vegetables (and potato)

Select your vegetables and cut them into cubes, I choose from

Squash or pumpkin 
Christophene or chayote
Zucchini and so on

Cube the red potatoes if you are having. Or use sweet potato or omit potato 

In a large bowl mix the veggies with powdered tumeric, "Italian" seasonings, cumin, ginger, seasoning salt. I usually add some, mix well, add again and mix til everything is nicely coated.

Spread foil on a baking dish with depth, spread the veggies flat, cover with foil again 

bake at about 150 c or a medium flame for 25-30 minutes.

Baked eggplant

Slice the eggplant in circles about 1/4 inch thick

Repeat the bowl dressing, mixing the eggplant well with the seasonings

Spread them on a flat sheet like a pizza pan, on foil 

bake ten minutes til brown underneath, flip and bake another five minutes and remove.
You can also try this with potato and sweet potato - it is so delicious!

These dished make great sides with quinoa, peas, or just a salad and sweet potato! I love the eggplant plain too! The bonus is that the kingman will love it!

I wish my Sistren health, success and positive feelings of self love and strength. Whatever you go through, you can overcome. Believe in yourself and Jah's favour and love.


Wednesday 25 March 2015

Ila's Rainbow Raw Wraps and Seasoned Dressing

Blessed Love,

As I have shown how good beetroot juice is for the womb and overall health, I will also share my favourite food recipe with beetroot.
It is important to eat live foods every day for their electromagnetic energies which they receive from the Sun as InI do as well. The more fresh and colourful foods InI eat, the higher the vibrations within, the more balanced our electric/positive and magnetic/negative life currents will be. All illnesses and womb issues will be healed just by eating two meals like this a day consistently. Overall the more colourful the good, the happier and brighter and lighter InI will feel.

Ila's Rainbow Wraps

Make a rainbow salad with all the colours of the rainbow.
 I grate all veggies that are hard and crunchy like carrot and beetroot

Purple or red cabbage
Pimento pepper
Sweet pepper
Avocado if you have

Here is an example of one of my salads, make it with what you have, anything raw is vital!

I prepare hummus to go with it

1 cup chick peas per soak them overnight in baking soda to reduce cooking time. Boil til they are tender.
Juice of 1 lemon
A few dashes of cumin, turmeric, sea salt to taste
1.5 tbs coconut oil
Dash of sesame oil
I clove garlic if blending

Blend it altogether or mash it for a chunky texture like me

Make a salad dressing

You can use my ginger dressing or beetroot dressing if you didn't add it to the salad. This is an overall seasoned dressing that can be used as a base for other flavours.

1.5 tbs coconut oil
3 tbs apple cider vinegar
Sea salt
Thumb of ginger
Piece of onion
1 clove garlic
Blend it altogether 

For the beetroot dressing just add less ginger and garlic and then put some beetroot to this mixture and blend.

Use wraps from the store or make your own! I haven't perfected this yet

Make sure to link with me on SnapGuide username Ila Addis to see more recipes!
Instagram @ItalAfrika

Womb Wellness is world healing! Temple purity is Ivine! love yourself and Live! 

Ital is Vital for The Being of the I

Hail Sistren,

I am finally putting my ipad blogger app to good use, and will be making the time late at night or early morning to post more. I have never stopped wanting to post, just using the computer was inconvenient, so now it is convenient I will try my best to be more consistent and with Their Idance and Blessing, put JAH works out there for the nation!

Because I really have no more to post on the actual rules and regulations of RasTafari for Dawtas, and because it is more critical to InI Nation to cater to the internal livity as much as the external appearance and ways, I feel motivated to keep sharing my own journey and inspirations (information) to obtain a better quality of life, a life that that reflects my passions, goals and needs, one that attracts them in fortune, one that is healthy and free from illness, worries and bad vibes. I see true ital Livity as a holistic cause and effect. I believe that if InI all could focus on our health and how we treat ourselves Irit mind and body, and truly see ourselves as small active units of the Iniverse, that RasTafari on a whole could vibrate at a higher, more unified level of Kristos Consciousness. 

have always seen Sistren online post their partially or totally raw livity for years but to trod it Iself now in more fullness is a great feeling. I thank you all for being there keeping the strength that others would one day know themselves. Being vegan or Ital as RasTa, doesn't always mean eating enough fresh foods so as I break away from old eating habits I am replacing them with new ones, with more information. I have been more aware of how electric or live foods feed the melanin and the actual light centres and life current of the body.
So in my posts, and through my Instagram page @ItalAfrika, i am for now focusing on healing the body temple through Ital and over standing the body as part of nature's cycles. Overstanding the rhythms that all huemans are bound to helps InI to overstand our behavior and character better. 
As I have been  eliminating  processed foods and sugar I have been eating more raw or Sunfired foods, and i have been creating a lot of fresh meals and seeing how they directly relate to how and what I real-eyes, think and feel and manage overall daily. I feel a higher vibration within my heavens, a permanent shift in positive power. 
 So really and truly, knowing how connected huemans are to the plant world through light/colour and elements, is the first real healing, the true submission to Ital Livity. And enhancing or healing the temple by Ital Livity is the first true way to attain Ivinity consciousness, to see oneself in union with JAH, for the temple houses the Irit, and must therefore be a sound natural vessel to attract and direct the forces of Nature. This brings to mind theGnostic  Gospels of Peace, which can be found online.

For  a Dawta to feel good about herself, for her to manage all the million tasks she must fulfill in a day, for her to be inspired, inspiring and creative, she must be balanced within her temple. Her mind and heart and lungs and bowels and womb must be right and in working order. Her daily flow must be smooth and powerfully graceful. To really be a Goddess she must act, think, look, talk and eat like a Goddess. Every Dawta deserves to have control of her life and vibes, and this control I have seen for my own self, starts within, if the internal is functioning, she immediately has more power and will to rise and conquer in her queendom, and navigate all that comes her way with WiseMind and confidence. She will not be brought low by wickedness, but evolve in her own shining path.

So whether seeking mental clarity and inspiration, or healing the womb for the purpose of easier moon cycles, or treating cysts or infertility if a Dawta has those issues, true Ital Living will give the entire mind and body temple a rejuvenation, clarity, light and love. In order to Prevent or heal any female issues or illnesses (and even a headache is disease)  or emotional and psychological issues, a lot of work must be done on self, on mind, on what a Dawta thinks says and does on a daily basis: moods and works, attitudes and desires. She must command in her lifestyle and presence, Positive vibes only, and it starts with her personal cultivation of such. 

And I do hope that the kings who read this will see that you yourself are responsible too, for taking care of yourself and for seeing to it that your wife and daughter, the wombs in your home, are being loved. Are the wombman in your life happy? What is your role in their current physical, mental and emotional state? Are you providing the right idea of health and livity in your home by your own principles and actions? Dawtas too, how are we influencing our kings and yutes based on how we feel inside on a daily basis? Are we nurturing and being nurtured? Or are we abusing ourselves and others by not taking the right care or feeling like we are neglected?  if I may so bold as to make an observation, our overall use of marijuana as man and wombman, smoothes over issues with a false sense of progress, but does not heal or correct them. A bun takes troubles away but doesn't fix them, unless what you resolve in your mind you can actually manifest later... In fact overuse of marijuana can itself feed unhealthy habits like alcohol, sugar and flour cravings, and defer Ital principles in the moment. so InI must overall know that we must be truly responsible and not overlook every area in the temple that needs improvement. InI must focus on being healed and being in control and not controlled by any type of abuses.

These Iditations send us all in the right direction, for if the answers are bad, InI can be inspired to achieve better, to have a healthy happy unified home, to taste Salvation or Ivinity, to have a healed and pure state of consciousness, the state of Kristos, of wellness and illumination. Ital Livity is the true healing of the nation! It is our way of achieving the principles InI Sight in Jah RasTafari Haile Sellassie I Menen Asfaw I! 

Love and Power to the I
heal ThySelf and believe that it is your destiny, the way to Light Love and Life Itinual

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Beetroot and Daily Womb Wellness Livity

Greetings Rastafari Family,

Blessings for the Spring timing, the renewal of the Earth and cosmos, in Aries, also the royal month of Empress Menen and InI visit by the Emperor in 1966. 

I wish to reason again about the I-Juice and daily eating and drinking habits that are beneficial to the having a better moon cycle or menstruation. 

The womb wellness cleansing juice or the I-JUICE as my kingman and I call it since he likes it too and finds it rejuvenating after a sweat,  is a natural tonic that I believe every Dawta should drink daily. It is not just for the womb as it gives overall strength, immunity and feeds the blood so it should keep the household in better health. I really want to encourage all Dawtas to try it for your overall structure as a Wombman.

Queen Afua says our wombs hold our emotions and memories, so it is important I think, to tend to the physical structure of this very vital organ. It is the womb that is the portal between the solar Iniverse and Earth's physical plane therefore InI Wombman must be guarded of our gift, of our nature, of what JAH has entrusted to us as huemans. Womb care is self love, it is trusting and honoring self, it is acknowledging that part of the uprising to know the I Self Goddess, is in reclaiming and healing the sacred Womb Temple, the ankh in real life. There is n Iritual gain in a sick body, this is the law of the ancients, hence why they took so much interest in fasting, wearing robes, Iditating on the cosmos and nature and so on. The Womb is the portal through which souls manifest on the earthly plane - and if the womb is not in good condition the yutes are not being given the best chance of transitioning in a peaceful process. Just really think about it! Likewise a Kingman must take care of what he eats and drinks, and also cleanse his blood so his sperm will be truly Ital and nontoxic to the womb which can be caused by alcohol tobacco flesh and other acidic foods and drinks. 

Apart from being a conditioner that will improve the temple's life, this juice is perfect as a remedy for those of us who have very painful moon cycles, who suffer with vomiting, nausea, cramping, heavy bleeding, fainting, bloating and fatigue. This juice in my own experience is proven to improve PMS and the actual moon time experience, reducing cramping pain and heavy flow in particular. I have been able to function without illness or pills because of it.

And what I love about this juice is that it is somewhat forgiving, it cleanses the organs and blood so well, that anything that is not good for the womb can be removed. What I mean is, if you have been eating the wrong foods, drinking it the week before and the week of your flow or just a few days before and during, will help fight the bad symptoms which are a result of dairy, soy, flour and sugar mainly. This has been my personal experience, whenever I eat too much wheat bread, rice and pasta or cookies, my first two days are pretty bad. But drinking lots of I-Juice takes it away even while it is happening. and of course the best way to avoid it is eliminate all these foods - but we are all hueman and when a Dawta is tired or upset InI just want something sweet nd unhealthy!  So I hope that you Sistren will try it, and really learn what the trigger foods are for your body, and let I know of any results. Give thanks to sis Amanda and those who have already tried and given a positive result.

I wish to review the recipe again as well

You can grate blend or use a juicer but this recipe wasn't created for a juicer, unless you plan to drink your juice fresh every time which is no problem either.


2  xlarge beets or 3-5 small
1 large thumb of ginger
1 large lemon/lime 
1 litre boiled or a pure water

Grate the ginger
Grate the beetroot, or in a blender using grate feature, blend chopped beetroot with half the water.
The water is used when warm not hot.
In a container, steep all the ginger and beetroot and water for a couple hours
Purse a strainer and transfer to your storage jug with cover.
Add lemon juice after straining and chill.



This lasts me two days. I now make this juice as an everyday natural  juice because I want to give myself optimum healing opportunities. Having bad periods causes self -hate, dreading when that time comes, feeling bad about not being able to solve the problem and truly heal...there are a lot of pent up emotions to be resolved in Womb Wellness.

Which leads me to say again, that InI must eat well everyday to really obtain the benefits of healing. This is the hardest part of it, being conscious of what InI eat daily, especially when many changes need to be made. What this means really, is No dairy, sugary drink or snack, wheat like bleached flour or pasta, no soy (or only once a week) and of course no alcohol or meat.  Choose brown foods instead of white - like pasta, rice and flour. There are many UNHEALTHY VEGAN or ITAL meals, so research is necessary. Even though I cannot be raw-vegan now or completely Ital, I know that it is the only way to have a perfect internal function - raw foods only is the best way to heal the womb that it may be fertile and the period only a passing thing of no disturbance.

 Being the ones who provide the meals most times, InI Dawtas have to take health seriously, I am not saying spend extra money on expensive foods, I am saying reroute the family budget, substitute mucus foods with whole grains, fruit and vegetables, organic where possible. The price of groceries is reduced if you shop by the farmers market or if you grow something you eat a lot, like greens, at home. InI have to do what we can with the budget we have. 

So here is my personal daily livity for womb wellness

Breakfast By 9 in the morning - womb yoga (Sacred Woman steps by Queen Afua), fruit smoothie as a rule but sometimes  ginger tea,  water, water and lemon also

Lunch 11-12:30 - a raw salad alone but sometimes  with channa or hummus  and baked sweet potato most days, or a vegan meal with salad (combos: peas, grain, veggie and salad combo usually, or ground provision with peas and vegetables, or soup, or salad wraps or a channa pattie sandwhich or wrap)

Snack  anytime - oranges, melon and bananas, nuts, popcorn, homemade muffins,  hummus and veg

Dinner 5-6 -  a repeat of lunch

I make everything fresh daily (but sometimes I have left overs for lunch) and I eat home mostly, so if you must eat out make sure it is someplace that takes care in what they prepare. Ginger, cinnamon, date paste and fruits reduce cravings for sweets.

I have started a page on Instagram called @RASTAWIFELINE livicated to reasoning, but mainly ITAL Care and Education and  Womb Wellness -  womb health, melanin consciousness and the overall improvement of Afrikan health by choosing better options, eating more raw and gardening at home. I hope to keep providing information from books as I go along.
My updating is slow because of time constraints so please keep checking these links to see what's new. I really hope that Dawtas will come forward and share their experiences and also share tips and methods you use at home for your own optimal wellness, what has worked for you?

Look for and use my hashtags #RastaWifeLine  #ItalFarmer #Rastacooking #ItalAfrika #ItalisVital #Rastafari  to promote the correct Livity for the nation. Let InI become each other's inspiration and bring TRUE healing to the nation.
I look forward to sharing and working with more Dawtas in Rastafari in this Light.

Monday 9 February 2015

Ila's Blood Cleansing Womb Wellness Juice

Blessed Love Royal Family,

If you have linked with I on Instagram then you might have seen my recent post on a juice recipe I've created for optimum womb wellness, to really increase blood health, immunity and reduce moon cycle pain and heavy bleeding or clotting. I did a recipe called Sabbath Wine Womb Elixir on the blog before, but this time it is different without sugar hehe!
I find this recipe good for the blood over all and for curing sugar cravings when transitioning from unhealthy foods. This juice will refresh your body everytime! So it is not just for Sistren, for Brethren it will strengthen and heal the muscle soreness due to exercise and increase circulation and boost energy and immunity. but ultimately it will really give a smoother menstrual cycle for the Dawtas. I recommend if you don't already drink or eat these foods everyday, to really increase your intake daily, for the week before and of your cycle. Also, because wheat, dairy and sugar are the leading causes of heavy bleeding, clotting and cramping pains during the seven days, it is best to altogether go wheat dairy flesh and sugar free for the two weeks especially, if you can't commit to it daily.

So ideally you will grate 1 large beet, 1 large thumb of ginger (1 carrot is optional) and steep such in a container of water. you can  use coconut water to give a much better flavour, or if you can't get it, regular water. Steep until the beet turns pink. Then add the juice of one lemon you could also add the juice of orange for sweetness or grapefruit.

lemon/orange/lime/grapefruit/pineapple or other citrus
coconut water or regular water
carrot optional

these pictures I took a while back to capture the basic steps 

beet ginger lemon coonut water womb and immunity juice
I do hope that you try this drink, and give it a shot for a couple months and truly commit to the path to wellness. I went from being a mess for the first two days, to moving around normal without painkillers. It works once you commit to eating lots of salads fruits juices and grains. This year I really want to focus on becoming at least 90% wheat and soy, planting more food at home and eating no sugar or wheat or dairy foods (biscuit and chocolate snacks are my downfall).

Forward ever backward never!

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