Sunday 27 July 2014

Babylon's Use of Esoteric Knowledge and Symbols

Blessed RasTafari Love,

Give thanks for the love and powers of July 23rd, the 122nd Earthlight of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie I. The 25th was also my prince’s first earthlight and I am just so filled with gratitude for all the Love and Light he has brought into our family….

I know to those who are skeptical or hesitant it may seem like I am ranting on and on about astro-theology and modern religion, but I want to make it clear that I have to go on and on…because it’s not just about religion. Now that I am tuned into these Iritual symbols in Orthodoxy and the Scriptures both Ible and Apocrypha; I see them everywhere, on everything owned by anyone famous or wealthy - corporations, actors, musicians and novelists alike. When I watch television whether with the youts or not, I am amazed by the number of images or names/titles I recognize from my studies. The ancient world is very much present in our modern world, and influences everything we do or aspire to become, and yet for the majority of the world’s population influenced by American culture, there’s the idea that it’s “out with the old and in with the new” and that the old Eastern ways are uncivilized and barbaric when they really were not. 

It’s obvious that what was once the most sacred scientific and Iritual knowledge of symbols and titles and deities of Afrika, the Middle East and Asia have now devalued and applied to economy, fashion, music, film and books especially. Nothing spiritual, just “cool” art. Everything, everywhere all the time in art or media or fashion or music or agriculture is based on something cosmic or seasonal or philosophical (like metempsychosis, see Esoteric Knowledge page). The plot of every mainstream-endorsed work of fiction is always embedded with zodiac or riddled in esoteric mystery and exoteric confusion. Many movies, shows and books are based on legends of deities – Hercules? Perseus? The Son of God?

There is always the tale of the chosen one, his rise, his fall, his return to victory. This timeless never-tiring story of the Man-King or sometimes Woman-King is based on the Sun of the Zodiac, the Krist of the Bible. It depicts the King of Judah’s life story, his messianic destiny, trials and victory. The ageless truth that good will conquer evil is behind every plot and character.

While we partake in the fairytales of Hollywood in cinematic hits, they exploit our deities, changing their Images from Black to White to match the history books. And while they are busy manipulating our ideas about God and salvation, corporations exploit our symbols. All around us we are being bombarded with brands that carry esoteric symbols, who take images of principle and honour and corrupt them with unethical trade and manufacture policies. We no longer gain anything Iritual or wise from the use of our Images because we are blind to them and the energies have been corrupted! It’s like a sick game in my opinion, it’s all mind control! By forcing us be ignorant all the time, corporations can continue to exploit our weaknesses, our carnal nature - our need, wants, pleasures, vices, the ego’s prejudices and self-righteousness. They tell us what to want and when to want it, when to feel happy and all other emotions through images and titles and stories. 

Come on Bredren and Sistren, InI have to be wise to the reality taking place in secret right before our very eyes – all of the war and food poisoning (GMOs) and cloning going on is because of this obsession with the creative powers of the Iniverse and man’s ability to mimic them. To become a God in flesh is what they are after, but this “godliness” is not for the benefit or love of anyone! They seem to know how to survive with or without us, or in spite of us! 

ALL societies are based on hidden obsessions with everything cosmic, and they don’t want us to know, because we used to know and now we don’t because of slavery nad colonization. The lies of His-tory! How do they answer to that? Dark Ages ring a bell? They burned our Kemetic libraries down, the last houses of everything Afrikans knew and held secret for thousands of years in Alexandria were destroyed by tyranny. The Greco-Romans passed law that none of their subjects, even their own people, could know what they did  - how they changed the course of time – the calendars, the feasts, the traditions, everything! iF they had not banned our temples, burnt them and built over them, banned all our sacred images and the priests who carried the secret sacred knowledge of them, then they couldn't use them today in any way they want to, with any hidden or obvious agenda!

White Supremacists today are descended from an empire desperate to achieve and know the hidden mysteries Afrika was pillaged for, but they refuse to let us in on it because it is our destiny and remembering and feeling this truth makes us powerful, and peaceful and righteous. The world would be healed because the majority of its sufferers would come back to knowing themselves as greatness. It is food for thought. 

And to call to mind examples of symbols (cosmic shapes, geometric shapes, numbers, letters, which all come from Nature) I am talking mainly about the American global mainstream mindspace(corps, logos, characters and statues especially): NASA – the so-called space/alien/planet explorers, Starbucks, Statue of Liberty (looks like Mithra), Colombia Pictures’ logo, American money images, Target’s logo, Red Cross’s logo, Converse’s logo, Wellness Dogfood logo. Companies like Disney and Old Navy also exploit our symbols. The most popular include the rose, the phallus, the branch, crescen moon, star, sphere/orb, sun, pentagon, octagon, hexagon, cross, serpent, staff, triangle, lion…so many symbols the list goes on and on. Old Navy even uses the sankofa heart – my princess has a dress with it! You would think “oh it’s a heart dress,” but the heart is a sankofa heart when you really focus in on the designs! 

How about the fact that celebrities, the most famous people are called “Stars” and who “shine and “sparkle” in the light of fame? Most of them are even born in the sign of LEO, the Champion, the sign that adores limelight the most. These are the people who work for the secret societies, who put their ideas and brands and images out into the world for us to be mesmerized and locked in. The “endorsements” they get are really their way of giving back to the ones who make them famous. Take Rihanna for example, she is considered “Illuminati princess” and part of that “uncle Tom” family of Black celebs and she wears many many Kemetic symbols. As a result Kemet is being called Illuminati and pagan and witchcraft. This is ignorant blasphemy! Is she even aware of what she is doing, defaming? This I often wonder, do these Black artists even know? How about Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who also use a lot of zodiac, Kemet symbolism and mythological legend in their music videos? Is it purpose work? They just make it seem like it was a "cool idea."

How many celebs advertise products or lifestyles that are extremely harmful: diet pills, GMO foods, dairy, alcohol, promiscuity, addiction and so on. The genres of movies they make, they spend so much money on these esoteric films and call it “fantasy” and “witchcraft” but in reality it is secret knowledge, esoteric wise mind that describes laws of life and mindspace. And if you think they themselves are free from the turmoil, think again: drug overdoses, plane and car crashes? It is NO SECRET and NO LIE that Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Lisa Lopez, Aaliyah and Whitney Houston were victims of Hollywood’s wicked secret societies. There are those who show dates some of them died or suffered tie into sacred dates of esoteric meaning.

You can find a really good summary of symbols on the Esoteric Knowledge page under Secret Teachings of All Ages.
So, while we may feel like we embrace our Afrikan selves, and we may feel like we know Black-my-story; the astro-theological aspect has been effectively kept under wraps for the purpose of world domination. Our sacred rites have been tabooed so that we can focus on economy. It’s out there in plain sight, but the knowledge or the sacred language behind the symbols is hidden. Yes we may dabble, we may learn this means that, but do we know how to USE these symbols? I don’t think anyone has the full picture, only the power to keep learning and harnessing Wise Mind from the Iniverse. I don’t think any of us really can know what Kemet really thought or did because the language is dead so I feel like the interpretation will always be lacking. So again it is possible that what we know is never enough, and it is possible that Babylon is counting on us never having the time to achieve that special knowledge to make it enough. We are so bombarded by the new gods and their symbols, and are so caught up in owning stuff, in the worries of survival and bills and illness; that our minds are being corrupted and made unfertile to knowing and accepting the truth.

The Ible says it is an Iritual war we are fighting, and so it is. Our Iritual or Kristos-Conscious progress or basic awareness is being compromised because economy profits off our ignorance and carnal indulgences. Every advertisement we watch is designed to place us in the shoes of someone, that we may experience the benefit of the product they are selling. Our emotions are being manipulated so that we focus on acquiring the wrong things. Life’s about self-indulgence, status, popularity and beauty isn’t it? 

And this is where my appreciation of Scripture and Order comes in, because for the unlearned coming into RasTafari straight out Babylon, you need to know right from wrong in a carnal sense. You need to get aware and tune into your own carnal self. And so it happens that the law helps us self-evaluate our habits and actions, reactions. Though it may be used negatively when being played against others, especially InI Wombman; the Bible is good at explaining what’s bad such as negative traits and conduct (it doesn’t focus much on the good, I mean, we get one chapter Proverbs 31 that really speaks about a wife’s true identity in a natural positive light). So in this pan-Afrikan movement, as RasTafari claims to be most undoubtedly, InI have to be wise about Irituality and know that one can’t act badly and expect to live Godly. Having principle is key. Taming the carnal abandon, the indulgence in indiscretion, allows the mindspace to clear some room, to be allowed to breathe and therefore become fertile for planting the seeds of knowledge. 

All RasTafari need to KNOW, need to take the time to tune into what’s going on. InI are involved in society too, simply because we have to live in it. InI are using symbols we don’t really overstand too. We are shunning others for the same reason, ignorance. And it isn’t until we educate ourselves diligently and earnestly that things will start to improve. How? Because, speaking from my own experience, knowledge is a powerful weapon, it is a defense against ignorance and wickedness! Knowledge makes you feel better about yourself and empowers you to make a better life. It grounds you with your roots and culture and builds your principles. Knowledge and honour of ankhcestry helps you make more informed decisions and to really evaluate what is needed and what is not allowing better opportunities or freedom.

And this is why I am saying the ESOTERIC does not only apply to religion it applies to all aspects of our lives - fashion, music, food, work, entertainment, school, basic morality -  because Babylon is indeed making One system in the end. These different sectors share the same main ideas, use one another, and support one another to create an overall atmosphere of lifestyle. All these symbols and brands we bow to, have a hidden language behind them that is working against global human population. What makes it sad is that they are using Afrikan symbols to kill Afrika, so being empowered with the Wise Mind to decode the symbols they use in their logos and movies, desensitizes InI, and makes us free from their clutches. Why support corporations using your own history against you? 

RasTafari must promote the small business owner who is more transparent, the handmade artist who is readily available to explain their work and who makes things that represent good word sound, uses our symbols in a positive manner. RasTafari Dawtas and Bredren belong to that community, but InI again have to really know our symbols and how to use them without exploitation. InI cannot be walking around with ankhs and using words and deeds that kill life, that deny life to grow. InI cannot represent Afrika and uplift Afrika but know nothing of the continent’s SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE. InI just need to be more mindful and aware of the signs and symbols, the most ancient and the most sacred and revered creations of human overstanding – symbols which came from Nature Herself and which are therefore tied to “as above so below.

Esoteric knowledge changes your life, for this kind of knowledge is the true heartical appreciloving of the Greatness of the people who lived these truths and it creates the DNA-deep bonds of Wise Mind. Esoteric Wise Mind is freeing and limitless in discoveries. Everything now has meaning, everything now has value that is not defined by money. Things get better in your life the more you know and I am witness to the fact that the ESOTERIC is ours to own, not the Illuminati’s and we have to take back our right to know our symbols and not let them be used against us through the economy and all its industries.
My next post will deal with the symbols of the Throne of David.

Selah bless,

Tuesday 22 July 2014

The Origin of the Bible Religion and Feelings on Mansions

Greetings in the Name of the Blessed King and Queen RasTafari,

Give thanks for life, health and the will to do right and live right each day, and for love and the receiving of love. 

I just want to point out – if it isn’t obvious already  - that I will be doing a series of posts geared to show a lot of new information that I am currently studying in my own personal journey to learn and reveal all the wonderful things about King Alpha. Not everything will align to what every RasTafari mansions deem to be RasTa tradition or beliefs, but my aim is to reveal not only the TRUTH about a lot of things, but to focus on glorifying HIM. And I have uncovered a lot. So I warn the RasTafari reader now that I will say my piece in my personal awakening to share with other RasTafari what I honestly feel is the TRUTH about who InI really are and who our JAH is and should be remembered as…

(Note this has been edited  I added more)

To reiterate what I was saying in my intro to astro-theology, the first thing I learned in dealing with decoding the Ible to its true esoteric meanings which were once indigenous to Kemet and other Eastern cultures, is that the Sun is the Image of God of the entire Earth for all ages, and this is mainly because scientifically, or naturally, it IS. The Sun is the great nucleus around which the planets revolve; it gives them all their energies and individual life forces. Without the Sun, which is the name of this star and should be capitalized, we here on Earth would be nothing. For example, our bodies contain chemicals that react to the Sun like melanin and serotonin. All plants which we eat rely on the Sun to grow and make nutrients and in turn we rely on them to have optimum health. The Sun’s energy is our Life-force. All seasons and festivities are based on the movements of the Sun, even our calendar, our vacationing traditions. It is not Sun worship in my opinion, but more like submission to the truth that the Sun is the Ruler of our Iniverse and the Natural Laws that cause it to be. We are at the mercy of the heavens, and astro-theology is a way to make the unknown easier to encounter. Astro-theology or subsequent religion based on Nature mythology, therefore is man’s way of coming to grips with this  visible Power of God, learning its movements through the twelve mansions of the zodiac every 365 days; and connecting its reign  to his own yearly revolutions, his own structure, nature, purpose and destiny. 

Accepting the Sun’s godly reign over our world is a step crucial to overstanding the astrological theology of the Bible, and means that ALL Hebrew or Christian Scriptures and doctrines of the Church are really based on astro-theology. The God and Son of God of the Ible are indeed personifications of the Sun and planetary bodies because of their natural reign and our dependence on these solar bodies for Earth’s steadfast regulation. Even the Holy Irit is the Sun, and once was the Mother principle. Sunday is the holy day of Iyesus because that name is a name for the Sun personified as a Son-King – Sunday literally means the Sun’s day just as Monday is the Moon’s. Although Christianity denies any “pagan” association InI must overstand that paganism is nothing to be prejudiced against… well unless talking about animal and baby blood sacrifices.

All in all, the Hola Scriptures are astrological science or riddled Iritual philosophy based on cosmic science as it impacts humans. Therefore almost everything is metaphorical or allegorical and not meant to be literal (and where it’s meant to be literal or even historical it is still heavily coded). If we overstand that this is the truth, then it makes sense that such strange things happened in supposed history. The only clear thing the Bible has at face value is probably laws and proverbs on morality. If you still need coaxing, I challenge you to again if you haven’t yet, visit the Ible and just pick any Book and read. How long does it take before you get to a heavenly or cosmic reference? Does it make sense now somewhat? In fact, it won’t until you read the constellations. There is more to be decoded than just Sun-references, as many trees and animals are also code for philosophical concepts of Irituality. (See The Secret Teachings of All Ages, quoted on the Esoteric Knowledge Page).

Because of the exoteric allegory and metaphor we have to accept that we are not dealing with the truth or the full truth, and therefore cannot achieve truth or make logic.We have to be wary of how religious doctrine has shaped our lives as individuals living under its dogma, and as a world buzzing with countless interpretations and practices based on the same information or doctrine. The exoteric misuse coupled with the mistranslated text of the KJV can create a thick veil, distraction and certain blindness to our true destiny for Inity with JAH through Creation/Neter, that is, through knowledge of Natural Sciences of Laws of JAH in our solar system. 

For natural science is the purest form of spirituality according to the ancients: knowing one’s origin, one’s design (chakra,Ital.,Iditation, chants etc) and one’s destiny as a Being of Light.  The symbol of our Iritual Origin and make up is mirrored in the Sun and stars.  This knowledge is what the priesthood knew, what the Egyptians depicted as gods and goddesses, why the Mayans say we are Star People. The esotericism from whence Christianity came bears the true meaning of Divinity, which basically means from the heavens or cosmic, and yet to talk of the stars in religion is taboo/occult/heretical/pagan! The entire Bible maligns Kemet and yet everything that the Church has adapted is from the same Nile Valley Golden Empire. 

Rastafari has also adopted esoteric symbolism, for instance the symbols of the sixpointed star, the lion and also the ritual prayer at 6 am, 12 pm, 6 pm which represent the three stages of the Sun - Heru - Ra- Set and 12 midnite is Osiris in the tomb. Our three times are equal to the Earth's daily movement around the Sun.

So we have to get it through our thick skulls that this taboo only exists to prevent us from re-adopting our past Afrikan culture, or really knowing that we are corrupting our part cultures, especially the Kemetic root or else Britain and all Europe ( by means of ancient Greece and Rome) would be shown to be liars and imposters and could not be the authors of science and philosophy or rulers of a world empire anymore! 

This is basic pan-Afrikan knowledge, and yet in RasTafari today, many refuse to really sit down and seriously consider these truths. I mean why is redeemed Israel- RasTafari, still not coming to grips with the reality that whether Orthodox or otherwise, all Christianity or all religious texts we ever had, are edited corrupted versions of on a sacred secret knowledge about man and woman’s shared cosmological knowledge and manifested experiences here on Earth? Why is this a threat? If we can find the true authors and ideas, why is such a threat? Kemet has done us nothing wrong but we believe when the Bible says it is pagan and we feel no remorse that it was destroyed, as written in Scripture. But Kemet shared the same home as Kush, Ethiopia…we must not forget the unity of these lands, in using the Bible, right?

There is ONE BLOODLINE meaning one umbrella or group using the same Kemetic ideas, titles, symbols and gods, that is ruling the entire world right now with mainstream economy, media and international trade laws. They are exploiting our ignorance of Natural Law to the fullest, putting us in graves, keeping us like dogs at their heels for we only know what they want us to at any given moment, in the mainstream. They have taken the symbols, language, titles and thrones from Afrika and made them fit their agenda, maligning the ancient use of such by Afrikan priests and kings. “Thou shall make no graven image” no hieroglyphs, no stele, no busts, no anything that remind us of who or what our gods looked like, or who we looked like or what we knew! Only the secret-society white man is allowed to make these images and tell us to worship them! Even in the Orthodox Church many ancient black images were replaced by White Church “donations!” Our languages were also corrupted and totally wiped out as the last tribes’ men and women born on the continent died as slaves in the West or Europe. We cannot sit aside today and simply say “Christianity is really Afrikan” and let that be what comforts us. We have to know for ourselves, that it really was not Afrikan, not in the sense of FOR Afrikans.

This secret esoteric Afrikan knowledge was what made Christianity and the Scriptures we call the Holy Bible and Apocrypha and Hermetics and Kybalion and so on. But the information was heavily coded and was purposely altered into a corrupted form because this knowledge was being forced out of the hand Kemet, just like her independence. The Greeks had no language, Kemet gave them a language to record these Scriptures in, and with the alphabet Greek influence grew and they started writing and creating histories for themselves as civilized people. It was what Greece was given by their new Egypt, that created modern religion.

Kemet as a Nation under the umbrella of Ethiopian bloodlines was the Golden Age Kingdom, the place where astro-theology had thrived and dominated the Afrikan continent and from it Europe got its knowledge and stole the power to rule the entire world through Judaism and Christianity. What we know as Judaism and Christianity as it turns out, were created FOR THE GENTILES by the JUDAHITE and KEMETIC PRIESTHOODS – on two occasions. The first time in 323 BCE Ptolemy Soter I had Serapis created by the Kemetic priests for his image to be worshipped all over Egypt. Serapis was the first wihte image, and the only one really, to be created for Black people. 70 CE marks the crushing of the Maccabees and other Jews in their capital city. It saw the hidden fulfilment of the prophecies of the New Testament, by the Roman messiah Titus Flavius. His family was Caesarian, who claimed the same divine right as kings and wanted to be worshipped and paid tribute in Judaea, their new colony. They got the rabbis who were looking to profit rather than burn,  to create a book that held Judah’s messianic prophecies but in the Image of Jesus, whose  image was Serapis.  This was combined with the Torah to create an overall theology that would harmonize the Gentiles with the Afrikans and all other races on the Asian continent.

These two leaders pestered the secret priesthoods of Memphis, Alexandria and all over the Nile Valley, insisting that they know the spirituality of the Copts and the Jews, as such was the greatest institution of rule in the kingdoms of Judaea and Nile Valley (as in Biblical Israel, showing you the parallels are there!). I figure they mean Kabbala and Hermetics. To have that secret knowledge was to have rule because the people would submit to the gods and sons of the gods, and not these foreign kings. These men therefore got the knowledge and created divinity for themselves in the new god Serapis-Jesus  and banned Afrikan gods. Isis and her Sun-Kings were replaced. Having this knowledge compiled in this Book and manipulating ideas of the Afrikan Way with slavery, was what the Europeans used to legitimize the Atlantic Slave Trade as they took their divine rights from Jesus Christ, Son of David.  It was NEVER MEANT for AFRIKANS as we already had our own kingdom and Irituality, but was FORCED ON ALL OF US through colonization and slavery. “The slave ship was called Jesus Christ…I wonder why?”

All of Afrika suffered it brutally but Ethiopia. So then of course there is the history of the EOTC…I have always thought the Tewahedo was much better because it was accepted rather than forced brutally upon the Afrikans. It produced a wonderful pair like JAH RasTafari, so it couldnt be all bad, right? But in reality, Ethiopia changed from worshipping Aries and many other cosmic deities to Iyesus by the diligence of a young boy. The founder of the EOTC, Saint Frumentius was likely a Black Greek, a Syro-Phoenician from Tyre Lebanon, who was shipwrecked as a boy and ended up at Axum. Being a Christian Greek, he taught Christianity to the sons of the Negus and when Ezana became ruler with his brother they accepted it as the State religion in fourth century. Frumentius became the Patriarch of the Axumite Empire with Alexandria’s blessings, as he went there begging for them to send a Bishop to a growing Christian population in Axum. Alexandria was the Coptic head seat of Christianity, and Bishops including those of Rome, were appointed there. Frumentius was a contemporary of Constantine, Eusebius, Arius and Alexandria's patriarch Anathanasius, in fact he received his power and titles from these men.  He answered to these men! He was a foreigner and all Ethiopian Bishops were foreigners.

And we must overstand also that the EOTC is still joined to these Churches to this day as it is part of the World Council of Churches and that it cannot truly be divorced from Roman Catholicism. I mean, they are hailing the same deities. The Emperor of Ethiopia was instrumental in this union, and  had no problem with this because He knew it was all one. They worship Mary, so does the EOTC venerate her and they share Saints like Frumentius, having feasts and prayers and traditions in common. So the question is whether ones as pan-Afrikans, are also okay with the EOTC being joined to all other Christian Churches?

So we have to be real about religion, even Orthodoxy’s history and true astrotheological meaning as a Lion-Sun-King Messianic Church (as the awaited Messiah is the Lion King, but truth is every year this awaited messiah comes on July 23rd in the sign of Leo, this day is like the coronation when the Sun’s corona is brilliant and begins its hottest month.)  
In the end, are ones going to remain taking it all literally and believing in existence of a historical Iyesus who is really a European idol the thirty year old Serapis? Christianity is Christianity, it doesnt matter where the Church is, they are all One.

Aside from the sketchy history of the Church overall, I am more open to seeing how in RasTafari mansions now are influenced by religion, how they may use the Bible to feed petty prejudices. I do also know that it is okay to want law and rites, it is okay to be comfortable in such an atmosphere as long as there is logic and love and not prejudices. Wombman are most oppressed by the Ible, and we have to be really careful about how and why we use it, and who we allow to interpret it for us (we can learn and listen but should have our own interpretations and studies) because as I have only recently REALLY real-eyesed for myself, let it sink in totally: the Ible doesn't like women very much! It gives them no rights and little love. Even though these people cant be proven to have been historical persons (i.e. real), we cannot deny the doctrine that ruled their lives and which is now ruling ours. I have heard Sistren expression oppression in RasTafari under mansion law, but I have never really felt oppressed even though I gave up a lot and very quickly to be part of a yard. 

Though I had to make a lot of changes I never felt like I was doing something I didn't feel was right for me to really separate Iself from Babylon - that's important. Balance is key along with Truth. So in being real about religion I have been asking myself some serious questions, and these questions are inspired by those Sistren who are themselves without fear or judgemnet from others, who know that they are Lionesses in the ways that count: Ital, homeschooling, entrepreneurship, knowledge, yoga/fitness: so are we going to keep segregating over laws in the Ible and divide ourselves into mansions based on dogma like, to eat vine vegetables or not to? To keep silent in the Church or not to? To wear a crown covering constantly or not to? To wear strictly skirts at all times or not to? Who is perfect? Who has time to watch face when there are so many problems we should be focusing on, like mainstream lies and negative influences on the youths! So many things we segregate and argue over as RasTa, and while i do agree that Rastafari should have some kind of uniform Identity and practice; do these outward reflections all really matter so much if I and I are not Iritually advancing at the heart? Or building up our Zion with nuclear families, ital, schools, professional skills, agriculture and artistry? What has happened to the collective security, the nation-building agenda, the New Creators of Afrika? 

I personally in my experience feel no need to hold a mansion because I am now biased to think mansions serve to  create too many distractions and petty attitudes. The focus is on rulebook and the “most-Holy” judgment act is tiring and it gets no one anywhere in terms of their true Iritual overstanding or duty to rebuild Zion-Ethiopia, especially if it is that there is no new knowledge, or any thought about educating and preparing the camp. I found myself being influenced by prejudices and finding faults with others or being in situations where others were being attacked for their "sins," and it became a downpression. So I had to step away from others who weren’t about the works of JAH RasTafari, or who had problems with inter-mansion reasonings, who were using the Bible negatively under the rule of mansion. And I mean no disrespect or harm, neither am I calling out anyone or naming names, I am honestly sharing that we have to be careful in Rastafari, of the negative influences we adopt from religion.

While I am fully committment to my Dawta lifestyle and don't intend to change my Livity as I have presented on this forum, through all my changes mentally, I have gained valuable life lessons. Especially that WISEMIND is ALL, having a sound MIND and KNOWLEDGE OF JAH in the REAL sense and not the mythological corrupted sense which was always created for the ignorant masses not the learned seers. No one has your salvation in their hand, every Rasta has to still experience JAH for themselves and learn the Truth so that they can make the best informed decisions for their lives and their families’.Irituality is inside of each of us. InI have to really open our minds and eyes to what is all around us, to find our place in the circle of life.

Some math logic…
Newlidj (new knowledge) + Istory + Nature = Personal Perception of Truth + Personal Ivinity & Salvation + Personal Perception and Messianic Inspiration of His/Her Imperial Majesty.

Everything I have learned about Christianity and the true origin of the “Holy” Scriptures (indeed they are FILLED with HOLES) has only strengthened my cultural Identity as RasTafari. My core philosophical ground has not shaken and I exalt HIM even more than I ever could. Though through esotericism I am redefining my RasTafari culture with truth and logic, it has all been a pleasant refreshing awakening. But it wasn’t an easy road, and it was indeed humbling too. 

So don’t think for a moment that I have not battled over n over with myself and all that I thought I knew or learned or had learned or currently practice because of my influences in Rastafari: the MANSION traditions of Rastafari (which deem Kemet to be pagan). Don’t think that I have not seen the contradictions that I will make or have made to our beliefs and so on. Don’t think that I have not considered over and over in my head things His Majesty has said like “Man cannot emanate deity,” or when He spoke of Iyesus and Maryam literally even though they are Heru, Osiris and Isis in one (the Sun and Sirius), or when He mentioned the importance of others being brought into the fellowship of Iyesus. Or that I have not felt bad for being against any mansion or Orthodoxy because of their Biblical oppression. But because I continuously asked for JAH’s guidance and revelation of His and Her Ivine WiseMind and Truth in this situation, I finally found for my own self answers I feel are solid, and I encourage the I’s to be open to them as well. So to put my final thoughts on what I have said thus far, and in response to the idea of belonging to a particular Mansion right now as Fari:

First, even though I don’t think Irituality has or needs a name per say, I choose to be called RasTafari and not Christian or Orthodox. I believe the two to have two different outlooks on Divinity and the Messianic Throne – and this Throne serves as an Inspiration and a Guide back to Right. I believe Zion exists on tangible and cosmic levels, but that it matters in the here and now through the principles of JAH whose Wise Mind illuminates InI and is the foundation of every Rasta family. The One Who stimulated the awakening of this Kristos Consciousness and my Heritage in me is Emperor Haile Sellassie the First and not Iyesus Kristos, or any image of the Serapis. I know that HIM had a relationship with this deity but I also believe that He HIMSelf was an Avatar of Deity, and because of His relevance to AFRIKANS in a much more positive and active Light in THIS time, Selah cancels out the other. The David-Judah link is thought to be Biblical but it is a cosmic concept, and goes beyond Jesus and Scripture. So far InI have thought that Biblical prophecies were unique or specifically related to Israel when in reality it is beyond human bloodlines and is an infinite cosmic reality that man partakes in. So again, One cancels out the other in the Name of Judah. (more reasoning to come on Leo but you can read for yourself!)

So even though the Jesus link is basically problematic, I think it is only problematic when a person needs Jesus to be real, needs to believe that he will do everything for them and they have no power to be good or godly themselves. But if you believe in Afrika and truly are pan-Afrikan Garveyite RasTa FarI, then you can trust that Mama Afrika has everything you need in Her, and that her ancient ways are truth and were stolen for a reason: so that things would be as they are today, with no Afrikan throne, no monarchy, no talk of a kindred king or Messiah by any Black person.  It’s only the British royal family the world sees and considers now. All of this was for their glory, not our personal or national well-being. Hardly anything we have that is Afrikan, has been left alone, least of all our Afrikan Christian Churches. So for those who haste to condemn the ancient Kemetians and so on as pagan and heretics, as I once did, I hope that one day you will see that it was wrong and it is a mentality of slavery – Afrikan - self-hate.  Though I once disagreed with this statement: Christianity is certainly not better than Kemetic Wise Mind. And the proof is in the society that Christianity has built – for example Kemet never had jails or any of these institutions created for the mentally ill and corrupted.  These people had superior minds and societies and were crushed by the leaders and religions that today are causing war in the East!

Second, in spite of all His Majesty said or the Christian authorities that He was loyal to throughout life, I know that these institutions were created and are based on manipulations of the True Natural Laws or Hola Science of Astrotheology. I believe that sometimes we have to step back and just let JAH do the talking and let things unfold through diligent observation and seeking of knowledge. Because I did that and just followed the path the information and signs of my world led me, I can see all Natural or cosmic or scientific Law which created the theology of religion, symbolically working through the Orthodox Church and Throne of David and Messianic Kingship of Haile Sellassie. I also see that the congregation has a veil over their eyes to the symbols and signs of NETER that are RIGHT IN FRONT THEIR EYES. I see that the esoteric and exoteric are based on ONE, and that together they are Kristos Consciousness in REAL TANGIBLE TRUTH. The symbols are not what they seem, but are easy to know for real.

Third, I believe that in spite of HIMSelf and what He knew of Himself and the world, or what He practiced, His Majesty is the Avatar of Kristos and that HE DOES EMANATE DEITY, the SUN – the Sun or Son or Messiah being the Most ancient symbol of the Divinity of Life or the embodied Source or Light and Power of the unseen force Creator God, Kristos. Every zodiac sign affects the world environment as well as the temperaments of spirits in man and woman, planets also come into effect as they too cause emotional currents in Earth. I believe that His Majesty’s entire life was as a Son Servant (Branch of Righteousness/David) to the Most High Father (Whom the King always addressed), was a Manifestation of NETER – the Solar System, the He imanifested the symbols and attributes/titles of the Lion-Sun-King, the Son of the Sun. I believe that the Emperor was the Vehicle of Change, the change for the Good, the God, the Truth, Afrika’s Light and Champion. Being the King of Judah was His station as a Man and was one that cosmically represented the rule of good or right or knowledge over wrong and evil or darkness of mind. There is a balance of Astro-theology and Nile Valley rule in HIM in His entire Life.

 I believe that through the inspiration and kinship of HIM, the TRUTH of all ancient worlds which is ageless and steadfast in the heavens above, has revealed itself for those lost Afrikans who have the eyes to see and ears to hear. Through His own life and office as King of Ethiopia, He shines as a beacon leading us to discover God in our minds. There is no longer myth and allegory and lies to rule over InI who take the time to seek knowledge. He is real and is not a myth and we can Trust in HIM. King Solomon teaches us that seeking Wise Mind is the key to having a royal, powerful and prosperous life. His and Her  Majesties remind us of our greatness as kings and queens, our  Wise Mind that gave us rule and strength.

Fourth, the Emperor believed in religious tolerance because He believed the Creator was only One even if we called it different names. And so, I say that I personally do not need to be Orthodox to show that I am following in the Kristos’ footsteps, whether Iyesus or Haile Sellassie I. That is not really the fulfilment of following HIM. For righteousness belongs to no one language or form of Irituality, and yet again, I am chosing to be RasTafari because of HIM and HIS LIFE and Manifestation of Kristos Consciousness which has led I to I own. Why is it okay to call on Iyesus but not on Haile Sellassie who really was the Lion of Judah?
Fifth, The Emperor was engaged with Rastafari, acknowledged Rastafari, did not reject or deny our view of HIM, fully overstanding, from what I can tell, our Messianic adoration of HIM. His Majesty believed in the Inity of all Afrikans worldwide (EWF?) this was not under the rule that we all had to be EOTC, the Church was an offering because He couldn’t do anything illegal in Jamaica in helping Afrikans who wanted to denounce their colonial government.

Sixth, I have concluded that even if Rasta choose to use Scriptures, it’s not a problem if ones also choose to decode it esoterically to really take in the fullness. Similarly if ones still choose Ethiopian Orthodoxy, then that is by your right, but truth is also your right, and if you use the Ible religiously or continue to follow the rigid Statutes of Scriptures or mansion, at least it will be in truth and hopefully more significant to your life. There is no foul-play when one informs the I Self on the meanings behind rituals, feasts and symbols.  Focus on your state of mind and your character will follow.

Note that the Bible has many sides, it is like a cube that can be deciphered from many angles. The literal interpretation of Scripture Rastafari use to describe the Christ or Davidic Kristos King Character of the Haile Sellassie I, is not erroneous because REAL history reveals that the Ible shouldn’t be exoterically or literally interpreted to find truth and Iritual union with JAH. What I have found is that the language of the Ible and the literal interpretation is a mirror, a mythological language that tells man’s overstanding of the cosmos: the Zodiac and the Sun (this is the esoteric or hidden knowledge of the Levites or Kabbalah); and this was knowledge the Hebrews learned from their parents, Ethiopia/Kemet or as I call them together, the Nile Valley Civilization.

Seventh, it cannot be ignored that it is possible to prove that everything cultural and religious in our world is ideally based on legends and folklore, and that the famed men of Scriptures are just idols and not historical figures. This doesn’t mean that these mythologies don’t become history (historical figures) themselves to the people who believe in them. These ideals become history by the people that live through them. You can’t go to Jerusalem, Ethiopia or Rome and say the God of their Christianity didn’t exist, because of the tangible history created for Iyesus in these places through symbols, titles, architecture and rituals. Same thing in Bobo Shanti and believing that Prince Emmanuel appeared on the Earth as lightning, without father or mother. In the case of Christianity, our duty is to know the Afrikan and embedded cosmic root of the same Messianic Figure and these attributes.

While Iyesus played an important role as inspiration and morality and goodness in the eyes of JAH RasTafari,  this will never change what has happened to make Christianity world religion or even state religion of Ethiopia. Though our cultures were built on the symbols and titles and supposed bloodlines of the characters of the Bible, it is not about them being real men, it is about the principles and strength they represent, about the points of Wise Mind they teach us, the signs they give us that we may know and think twice as “there is nothing new under the Sun.” Therefore, with truth, I do endorse and believe in the energy and personality of this Kristos Figure Standard Bearer regardless of the Name; but I believe it to have MANIfested in HIM JAH RasTafari, a real Man.

I want to add an excerpt from the Kebra Nagast’s preface by Budge which implies that myth is a part of building an identity as a society (think Christianity in Judaea to replace any Messianic ideas amongst the Jews), and that conquered Romanized Judaea/Palestine or Roman root of Christianity is no longer our dynasty; in that Ethiopia is considered New Jerusalem Zion and that it is a site where the Bible’s culture, symbols and characters have been objectified by the people and monarchy according to their own Afrikan traditions not slavery. Budge says:

The original form of the Legend of the Queen of SHEBA probably came into being soon after the great invasion of ABYSSINIA by the SEMITES in the tenth century before CHRIST. In the opinion of the ABYSSINIANS divine authority was given to it by Our Lord by His words quoted in the Gospels (Matt. xii. 42; Luke xi. 31), and they never doubted that SOLOMON was the father of the son of the Queen of SHEBA. It followed as a matter of course that the male descendants of this son were the lawful kings of ABYSSINIA, and as SOLOMON was an ancestor of CHRIST they were kinsmen of Our Lord, and they claimed to reign by divine right. This belief was probably shared by p. xi the kings of the Semitic kingdom of ’AKSÛM, which city was at a very early period regarded as a duplicate of JERUSALEM and was called the "ZION OF ABYSSINIA". When the ABYSSINIANS adopted Christianity in the second half of the fourth or the first half of the fifth century they decided to sever as far as possible their connection with their pagan ancestors from ARABIA. The SEMITES who claimed kinship with the HEBREWS of JERUSALEM abandoned MARAM and the other gods of the MINAEANS and SABAEANS in favour of JAHWEH, the god of the HEBREWS.

As above, so below; man manifests what he sees, hears and thinks, including cosmic mythologies. Mythologies, when they are not used to enslave or exploit people, are there to lead us back to truth, to our cosmic souls when we can decode their symbols. All religions use myth, but they are not encouraging Wise Mind; like Christianity when they ask you to accept Iyesus Kristos’ Virgin Birth and resurrection after being dead for three days. In esoteric reasoning, I don’t think that it destroys one’s personal Iritual beliefs to know that said beliefs are based on mythos and fact mixed together in the end, because myth and history together as religion come from scientific fact or Nature, acting as the Instrument of the unseen God’s Image, will, knowledge and power.

The Esoteric Wise Mind or the hidden Word or Illuminated philosophy and natural order behind the mythos is what we are looking for when we attempt to live Iritually, this is where all the important Afrikan ways come from: the crystals, herbs, oils, colours, yoga, dreads, fasting, ital. etc. These are all manifestations of Inity with Neter. So knowing the principles that the mythos represent allows humanity to fully partake in the Iritual meaning and astrological majesty of the characters or symbols of “religion.” The five/six point stars, the lotus, staff, the cross, ankh, and so on. This is what the hieroglyphs represent, a sacred secret knowledge of Man’s interaction with Neter, JAH, Nature in an effort to gain Wise Mind and Illumination or Everliving Life Power.

Learning the mythos of the signs and symbols that adorn the Throne of David open up the Bible’s wide variety of hidden astro-theological mysteries and their relevance and hidden presence in our current Judeo-Christian theology. It is as if RasTafari have only scratched the surface because we have not gone back into Istory enough without a Christian-bias (in my opinion of course). I personally don’t mind the skepticism or lost historical proof of cities and bloodlines of David and Israel to folklore in this journey, because in the creation of such characters or any kingdom in history, it has always been about the SYMBOL and TITLE of rule and not the person itself (like the Sun and lion and titles being an inheritance of all Ethiopian kings regardless of succession). The Symbol and Title have immortality through Wise Mind and Language and man shares that immortality by the ritual use, honour and protection of the symbol and title (hence why the world is run by that ONE BLOODLINE through secret societies hidden behind our Kemetic SYMBOLS). We as Afrikans until the rising of pan-Afrikanism, have lost that knowledge of context and the importance of symbols as sacred language and identity, symbols and titles being the true inherited bloodline more than actual people. We have taken back our language, our freedom to communicate visually.

Take Adinkra for ensample, it is the Akan sacred language, speaking of the strengths, nature and beliefs of the people, you see the symbol and you know its Title and associated story or Wise Mind and you wear it to harness that power.  They are social and yet Iritual talismans.

Eighth and finally, although it is tradition that all spiritual faiths be formed on mythical figures (personifications of planets and stars while the actual plot is the season or movement), such is NOT TRUE for RasTafari. RasTafari is a REAL Man whose life was cosmically enhanced and balanced, as above so below, and aligned to the Symbol and Title of King David, or Leo or even Hercules, King of the Zodiac.  His life can be likened to mythology as a way to validate that InI can attribute the title Kristos King or Messiah or God upon Haile Sellassie I. None of this disproves His Majesty therefore, only strengthens RasTafari balance in esoteric and exoteric.

So I do hope that ones will do the readings and truly embrace the newness of life, which means having Kristos Consciousness and true oneness with JAH through TRUTH WISEMIND >WORD SOUND POWER.Don't just sit and judge what I am saying, but seek and verify for yourself as I have.

I have created a page called Esoteric Knowledge which covers important readings relevant to my posts on Astrotheology in RasTafari. I figured ones need the extra push, so important parts have been selected, but space is still limited.

In addition to that page which cannot hold everything I recommend: The Bullinger book Witness of the Stars and also The Light of Egypt by Thomas Burgoyne which explains how the zodiac influences earth and humans.(The coded astro-theology for Leo and Virgo as they relate to defining David in his earthly and cosmic character can only be known by learning about the zodiac first as stories of the zodiac are what make up Messianic verses. I shall mention those in reasoning to fprward.)

And finally I recommend searing in google for references from the Ible that carry the more obvious Astro-theological nature depicting the Sun.

And I also add some lectures you can listen to at your convenience, about the creation of Christianity and Islam, I also recommend the Chick Publications comic book series on Alberto an ex Catholic Jesuit revealing the dirty history of the Church.

RasTafari Alpha and Imega Love,

Sorry it was sooooooooooo longwinded, it took me six weeks and now three different drafts just to make this one. 

Honestly, I’m just trying to share what I know is truth about the greatness of RasTafari, and it is clear that some old things have to go and make room for the new more edifying truths.

Give thanks for the special EarthDay of His Imperial Majesty, give thanks for July 23rd and the Lion of Judah, for the rising of Mother Isis, Sirius bringing the showers of rain to the Nile, for the Summer Sun Heru-Ra-Amen in its shining glory, giving beauty and joy to the Earth! 

Sis Ila