Saturday 25 April 2015

Ital Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Selamta Family,

Give thanks for the Rastafari Ilah Days or feasts April18-21st and other Binghi groundsing days, honoring the Coming of the Messiah to His People, InI Afrikan descendants of the Caribbean,. This time pays homage to the union of King and Nation, the groundsing that occurred between State and Dreadlocks, the strong bond that formed between the two, the renewal of InI as Ethiopians, Rastafari acceptance by Ethiopia.

I wish to share my version of one of the latest vegan fads on Pinterest, Cauliflower rice, which is a great substitute to brown and white rice. I have recently learned that wild rice or black rice or the only types not genetically modified, they are safest to eat. So rice is another food to be on the look out for. I will post more about the foods we as vegans or italists still consume that are hybrid, but overall you can look at the Electric Foods list from Dr. Sebi.

You will need

Cauliflower Rice

1 head cauliflower or more if it's a big family (serves four)
Stalks of Chive
Sprig of small leaf Thyme
1 Small onion
1 pimento
Thumb ginger
Dried oregano leaves, 'Italian' seasoning, seasalt
Thumb Tumeric and 2 clove Garlic (these foods are said to be hybrid by Dr Sebi so this is optional)
Coconut oil for stir frying
Stir fry pot if not having it fully raw

Wash cauliflower and separate the florets I soaked mine in vinegar water to clean it.

Allow to fully dry in the fan or in the sun. Pat them dry and turn them often to speed the process.


Dice all the seasoning ingredients and set aside.

When dry place cauliflower in three batches into your blender. Press grate. You will need to push the cauliflower down onto the blades as the bowl is dry. It requires starting and stopping the blender a lot to keep things moving.

 Empty each batch into a bowl. 
Don't over blend as it will get moist. The point is to keep the cauliflower dry so it is more rice-like.
You can grate by hand if required.

When all grated  combine the seasonings and cauliflower in the stirfry pan with a little coconut oil and stir for five minutes. 

As you see I still had a few chunks in there but most of it became fine like rice! 
Full joy with my other recipes!

Give thanks for life!

Monday 20 April 2015

Baked or Roasted Vegetable delights for Womb Wellness Livity

Greetings my Sistren,

I really have so much I want to reason about but my time is as always, hard to come by. And I have no internet at home so I can't load my website or blogspot to  update them, yes I sis Ila too can't always manage the bills good and so we go without for a while. But that doesn't get me down, I can still make these small connections to spread some positive vibes with InI, I have good food to eat daily and a happy home because I work hardest on having these things and I hope that no matter what you have or don't have right now, that you too know the value of what is and still find joy and blessing each day. 

I wish to share two baked veggies recipes which are ideally the same steps. While it is good to eat raw salad daily it is also good to have warm foods when on the period cycle as the body itself when losing fluids, needs extra warmth. it. is good to wear a sweater and socks when on the flow to protect the womb structure form excess cold.  So teas and soups and baked veggies are good along with salad and juicing, I personally eat less of any grains like wheat and rice and focus on these more during the seven days before and during the cycle. I have found that no sugar, wheat and soy on the whole are best. No sugar drinks and snacks, I drink my beet juice instead.

Oven baked vegetables (and potato)

Select your vegetables and cut them into cubes, I choose from

Squash or pumpkin 
Christophene or chayote
Zucchini and so on

Cube the red potatoes if you are having. Or use sweet potato or omit potato 

In a large bowl mix the veggies with powdered tumeric, "Italian" seasonings, cumin, ginger, seasoning salt. I usually add some, mix well, add again and mix til everything is nicely coated.

Spread foil on a baking dish with depth, spread the veggies flat, cover with foil again 

bake at about 150 c or a medium flame for 25-30 minutes.

Baked eggplant

Slice the eggplant in circles about 1/4 inch thick

Repeat the bowl dressing, mixing the eggplant well with the seasonings

Spread them on a flat sheet like a pizza pan, on foil 

bake ten minutes til brown underneath, flip and bake another five minutes and remove.
You can also try this with potato and sweet potato - it is so delicious!

These dished make great sides with quinoa, peas, or just a salad and sweet potato! I love the eggplant plain too! The bonus is that the kingman will love it!

I wish my Sistren health, success and positive feelings of self love and strength. Whatever you go through, you can overcome. Believe in yourself and Jah's favour and love.