Tuesday 22 October 2013

RasTafari Homeschooling and Online Webpages for Children

Blessed Love Dawtas!

Give thanks for life and another day of blessings! I promised a Sistren a list of webpages that are great for the youts while they are home whether being homeschooled or not. These sites have tons of learning activities that will allow them to spend time wisely and productively! They are all free except the first one.



Homeschooling is a part of RasTafari Livity because it has been proven that the enemy should not be allowed to raise and teach our youts on a daily basis - it is leading to the death of the young Black community through disease, gangs, drugs and mental degradation to name a few. Being anti-Babylon means that I and I are separated from them in as many ways as possible for InI. Ideally, and in the first creations of RasTafari autonomy namely Pinnacle and Bobo Hill, in everything RasTafari are to stand apart from Babylon - dress (we wear the royal robe or full covering and turban), food (we are supposed to be not just vegan but food producers),  settlement (we are to live in the hills or country not concrete jungle) and spirituality and learning (become self taught to learn the hidden truths).

 RASTAFARI are a SEPARATED PEOPLE. Dwelling away from society does not mean that InI neglect our children's education and just let them learn physical trade or planting (though such will allow them to provide for themselves and a family). It means that we take a very large interest in developing and nurturing their minds - teaching them academics as much as how to live in JAH's Iration. As parents InI have to be keen and livicated to their future as adults and leaders. It is not always possible for most of InI to truly separate in all of the ways I mentioned, not every I can live in the hills and plant the land, and many RasTafari have worthy talents and professions in urban dwelling which still are good works in their place.

So no matter what type of place you live, or what you do, homeschooling is the RasTa Mama's duty in any little way you can do it - teaching manners and the fruits of the Irit for example are homeschooling, teaching how to grow a flower or a vegetable is homeschooling, teaching your yout how to sew a skirt is homeschool, helping them write stories or reading a book together is homeschool.  We have to look at our children and see what they need, what they respond to, and nurture those desires and imaginations. Even if they sometimes act like they aren't interested in something, never give it up. It will happen at the right time, and over time you will get the rewards of your child's learning.

And in that line of thought...
I have really been considering starting a Rastafari Mother's Homeschooling blog of sorts where I can post information such as these websites, and also share my lesson plans, my teaching ideas by subject, and more importantly my Rastafari themed worksheets and other worksheets. I really want to support the RasTafari Homeschooling community worldwide, but this is an undertaking that I will need other Sistren to contribute on: lesson plans, activities, pictures and worksheets, how to manage homeschooling multiple children, what your techniques and tricks are, how you get resources, how you plan your curriculum and samples of such - everything!

InI have to be serious and get organized just as the White community is - Australia and America I can think of. they always have their stuff together and they can make income while doing something so important. it is time RasTafari homeschoolers come together and form some kind of organization that can be both online and local chapters here in the West and in the East. Something that InI can use to fund raise and lead to the building of our own RasTafari learning centres where many of InI live together so that our youts can have a homeschool co-op community.  I know that some Sistren already have access to such things where they live, please come forward and share what the I can!

Please message me if you are seriously interested in being a regular contributor to a Rastafari homeschooling blog - this is necessary my Sistren! InI need to support one another and make the RasTafari Wombman's presence known in the community!

On another note Look out for the Smocking Maxi Dress Tutorial that I will post here. It is already on YouTube.

RasTafari Blessings and Idance!


Tuesday 8 October 2013

Duties of the RasTafari Mother

Greetings and Blessings to the Children of the Most High JAH RasTafarI

More and more I find myself wanting to reason on this topic because I too have trials in raising my princess to be firm Rastafari. She likes some outside influences that many Rastafari do not allow their children to be exposed to such as Disney or cable television - tell-lie-vision. I know that this is an area where I have fallen short as a parent, but at the end of the day it is up to me to ensure that those are not the only images she knows or plays with. It is still my job as a mother to ensure that she is exposed to her culture more than she is exposed to Babylon. It is important that my livity, moreover, be firm Rastafari because she will always grow up to see the ensample that I as her mother set in the home and community. My point is that as Rastafari mothers we have to not just be firm in our own trod, but ensure that we provide the right principles for InI youts to grow and live by.

We cannot just expect that one day when they are older our children will know everything. They may not have the interest to learn on their own by that time so it is necessary for the RasTa mother to ensure that she homeschools her youts and exposes them to books and film. Expose them to the things that the school system keeps hidden if they go to school. Teach them about the important figures of Afrikan liberation, and about the Emperor and Empress. Youtube has many resources and there are many websites as well. 

Teach them about spirituality, how to walk with JAH and be open to the presence of a Higher Power within themselves. Reassure them of their place in the world, and open their eyes to the possibilities that await for them. Empower them to find themselves and their purpose, encourage them to try new things. Give them freedom to grow rather than stifle, but teach them to have a measure of self accountability and the wisemind to know and measure their own actions, so that they never stray from what is right.

 Set a high standard for your youts and follow it yourself, you too have to be the first teacher they have in life! You as a RasTa Mother has to walk in the path of Empress Menen Who always supported the education and creative development of the youth.

I know that things are hard, sometimes there is no money to get what you need or no time to commit as you should. But if you cannot make the time daily, at least just one day of the week find an hour or two to culture your children. That is better than nothing! If we leave them to Babylon they will not be fed the right Word Sound Power! They will become corrupted by the pleasures and temptations out there if they are not armed with wisdom.

New Jerusalem is for them to inherit, with JAH as the Standard Bearer Ini RasTafari Mothers must lay its foundation!
Selah Imega I RasTafari!
Sis. Ila