Sunday 28 October 2012

Why Use the Holy Scriptures?


When coming into RasTafari, one learns the truth about the Holy BIble, The King James Version and all the others, and the amount of folly that they were popularized upon. Many RasTafari might argue that there is no use for it, because it was used as a weapon to enslave Afrika. But I and I JAH and King Qedamawi Haile Sellassie, spoke on its importance, and His love and appreciation for Scripture. The truth is that Sighting up His Imperial Majesty, is aided by the Scripture, where many prophecies of HIM the Kristos King, are foretold.

Here's a little compilation on the importance of Holy Scripture, using the Scripture itself:

Why use the Hola Ible, or any Scriptures of the Hebrews? Because the Ible is a Book of JAH’s Way, Truth, Right, Love, Promise, Life and Wisdom. It tells us about JAH and how we can depend on HIM and His word. It tells us about ourselves, our nature, our error, integrity and perseverance. It gives us options, rebuke and solutions, it clears a path for us to move forward and escape destruction or tribulation. The Ible tells us about our salvation, the Kristos and the Covenant with God’s Children. There is nothing that humanity faces that the Holy Word cannot address.

The Ible, based on these definitions is:

A Dependable Authority – 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 1 Peter 1:23-25; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Hebrew 4:12-13; Psalm 33:8-9,11-12; 119:89; Matthew 24:35; Mark 13:31; Isaiah 40:8

A Way to Succeed – Acts 20:32; 2 Peter 1:3-4; Psalm 37:34

A Guide for Life – Psalm 119:9,11,24,105; 19:8-11; 37:23-24; 23:3; 32:8; Joshua 1:8; John 8:31-32; Isaiah 30:21; Luke 1:68-77; Proverbs 6:20-23; 4:20-22; 8

A Source of Protection and Spiritual Rejuvenation – Daniel 10:19; Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 119:28; 18:1-3; Ephesians 6:11-17; Colossians 1:11-12

I hope you fulljoy this summary, and that it gives some Iritual satisfaction and rejuvenation indeed. It is a good Sabbath reading to carry forth as well.

Buruk Fiqir

Sis Ila

Thursday 25 October 2012

Scripture on What Defiles a Man?

RasTafari Love,

I'm sending forth a list of Scripture for Sabbath /Senbet Iditation and reading, and family reasoning. For the older youth it is a good lesson warning them against Babylon mainstream which puts all of these abominations into the "regular" category.
This list is also one I know is important in the Bobo House for the priesthood. It is called "what defiles a man" but of course this stands for the woman as well.

‘Therefore you shall keep My ordinance, so that you do not commit any of these abominable customs which were committed before you, and that you do not defile yourselves by them: I am the Lord your God.”(Leviticus 18:30)

Defilement is corruption of the flesh in many different ways. It represents the stain on one's moral fibre, sin, mistakes, lusts, addictions. It brings on sure death and loss of life. Defilement causes one to be unfree in the ceremonial order of the Tabernacle as a priest, server or member of the congregation:

Idolatry                                            Deuteronomy 4:16, Jeremiah 3:9, 1 Corinthians 8:7

Folly                                                Ecclesiastes 10:1

Foolishness                                     Psalm 38:5

Adultery                                          Leviticus 18:20

Fornication and lewdness               2 Corinthians 12:21

Animal and human intercourse      Leviticus 18:23

Father and son sharing women      Amos 2:7, 1 Corinthians 5:1

Bitterness                                       Hebrews 12:15

Medium and familiar spirits          Leviticus 19:31

Sacrifices of children to idols        Leviticus 20:3, Ezekiel 20:26,31

Leprosy/issues of the flesh/the dead       Numbers 5:2

Blood                                                       Isaiah 59:3, Leviticus 3:17

The tongue and unclean lips                    Isaiah 6:5, 59:3, James 3:6 , Mark 7

Perverting the way of the humble           Amos 2:7

Neglecting Sabbath                                 Ezekiel 22:26

Uncleanness is a lust                               2 Peter 2:10

Babylon is a dwelling place of the unclean          Revelation 18:2

Consuming animals that are carnivores or shellfish or unclean    Leviticus 11

Defilement of Priests:

By the dead in Isra'el                        Leviticus 21:1

By a harlot, widowed or divorced woman taken as a wife          Leviticus 21:7, 1 Samuel 2:22

I think also Misusing their position for personal gain   (Pharisees, Eli's sons)   

Blessed Heart of Sabbath
Senbet Selam
JAH RasTafari

How to Turn a Jean Pant into a Skirt


I've had this one for a while, so I'm just posting it now. For this tutorial I am using one pair of jean pants to make a knee length skirt. This skirt wasn’t for me so I don’t have any pictures of the finished product right now. I think this would work really well for a girl's skirt, because you can get a lot of those cheap.

1. Take the pant and cut it at the length you want it.

Open up the inner leg seam line of the pants and also the extra leg pieces.I also cut off the bulky old seam. But that is optional.

2.Cut up the back seam of the pant on the right, right next to the old seam line, cut until the curve straightens out.

Pin in place.

3.Cut up the front on the left a little ways also. Pin in place.

4. Take one extra open leg seam and insert it into the skirt. Pin the panel in place on this right side.

5. Do the same thing for the back panel.

6. Turn inside out and cut away a bit of the excess fabric carefully, it doesn’t have to be perfect yet, giving at least 1-2 inches seam allowance. It should be triangular at best. You can choose to unpin and zig zag the denim at this point. So it won’t fray over time.

7. I sew the front first, starting at the top. Follow the seam going down to the end, back stitch a bit and then stop, take up the presser foot with the needle in, and turn it to the left and go down the right side of the front of the skirt.

Start at the bottom of the skirt and go up to meet the top of the triangle on the other side.

8. Start at the top of the middle seam in the back, and go down to the right corner, then rotate the skirt to follow the left side of the back triangle.

9. start at the top again and go down the right side of the triangle.

10.Finish off trimming the inside triangle now the stitches are in.


 I really hope this comes in handy at some point!

Sis. Ila

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Biblical Duties of Husband and Wife

Blessed Love to all Royal Dawtas of JAH RasTafari Ithiopia I!

I've been down the last three days with a bug, it was pretty rough - still have a bad cough. Haven't been able to achieve much, but I hope to back up and running and in better Irits soon. I also really want to get serious with myself to go as raw as possible, or at least cut myself off totally from the forbidden foods I've been posting about. I guess when you're sick you have too much time to think about all the crap you're not doing good enough lol!

In response to a Sistren request for this topic, I post the following lists on the duties of a man and woman in what I call "sacred marriage," or in the type of marriage JAH RasTafari honoured and full-joyed for many many fruitful years. When I told another Sistren that I was posting about this topic, we ended up reasoning at length over RasTafari Marriage and the lack of security some sistren face because they have no formal ceremonial order to establish themselves before JAH and the community with. Many RasTafari who want to marry have to come up with their own ideas on what works best for them. We wondered why it is so? I figure it's because in the beginning days, the marriage affairs of the Lion was personal - it was probably not something spoken about much in Binghi - I'm just guessing. In bunning out Church marriage I and I have failed to really replace it with a tradition just as wholesome and accepted, and which will set more RasTa homes before JAH, placing HIM as Head and Guardian of the family. The lack of vows and the declaration thereof causes insecurity for some Dawtas (and this is speaking outside of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church) and it should not be. Hopefully I will be able to address this topic at more length in the future.
  I will definitely be making a video in the near future given that I feel like so many Sistren feel it to be an important topic that is left unaddressed.

The duties of the Virtuous Wife as listed in the Bible are to:

·         Pray, fear the Lord and walk in His ways
·         Be obedient to the Laws of right, love, cleanliness and feasts
·         Be sanctified and washed in the Word, to become a holy “Church” without blemish
·         Be a “believing wife” that she may worship and minister with her King-Man and his brethren and their wives
·         Be obedient and submissive to her husband always, seeing him as her head
·         Have authority over her husband’s body, not her own
·         Have unshakeable faith in JAH to survive any situation
·         Manage the home and all property
·         Never commit adultery
·         Never live independent of her husband
·         Never depart from her husband, or be reconciled to him
·         Remain unmarried if she is over sixty and livicate herself to the Lord
·         Bear children and discipline them in the Law
·         Love her husband and children
·         Be discreet/reverent, with chaste conduct
·         Dress modestly attired at home and in public, wearing the symbol of authority on her head
·         Find and develop skills that can provide income and daily occupation,  working hard and diligently
·         Focus on things that develop and stimulate the Holy Irit
·         Speak quietly and wisely always to others
·         Be gracious and fair in all dealings
·         Be a “teacher of good things” or give counsel to the younger generations
·         Make no oaths or promises that could afflict her soul or bring guilt upon her, and likewise break no vows she cannot honorably keep
·         Help the poor
·         Beautify, furnish, clean the tabernacle and place of worship
·         Tend to the Lord’s holy men, the priests, monks and apostles who journey and minister
·         Congregate with others in good works
·         Stay away from drunkenness, idleness and ungodly places and company

A Virtuous Wife wants a Virtuous Husband the same way. Someone who will also put JAH first in his life and will strive to obey and emulate the Laws of Right, Love and cleanliness. Someone who will make her feel happy, beautiful, important and unburdened by the Laws their Livity and Faith mandate.  She wants a Man of JAH, a Lion, who will submit to her wishes, raspect her and provide/conquer for her and their children with the same care and zeal she gives to them. She wants him to allow her to also provide for the family and home in the way that she is capable and willing to bring forth.
It is necessary that her husband take her seriously, take the Law seriously, and not be a hypocrite or fall short of his reputation in whatever capacity he lives. Although patriarchal society - both Hebrew-Israelite and Ethiopian – never really offered a choice to a woman in choosing her husband; the Law still ensured that a husband would make her happy and comfortable. He, in taking her from her father’s home, or whatever circumstance he found her, would need to be totally responsible and provide even better. Frankly speaking, it just didn’t look good for a man of a good living, or good marriage or of a leading role in society, to have an unhappy home. How could he keep order elsewhere if his home was a sham?
And so, in order to clearly establish the principles of Sacred Marriage, including the Alpha with the Omega is necessary. It gives  Sistren a clearer overstanding of the values and principles to look for in a husband, and to instill in a son.
The following summary details the duties of the upright, Nazirene Husband in Scripture as father, husband and holy man of God whether prophet, priest, king or apostle.
The duties of the Virtuous Husband are to:
·         Lift his hands in prayer without wrath or doubting
·         Establish the Lord as Head of his house
·         Have unshakeable faith in JAH to conquer and provide
·         Put on the Image of Kristos, fearing the Lord to walk in His ways
·         Honour and obey Laws of Right, Love and Cleanliness always
·         Take a virgin wife, or a younger woman whose husband is deceased to wife (have his own wife, not a harlot, widow or another’s wife who has left home)
·         Leave his mother and father’s house and cleave to his wife, and be at home frequently for the first year with her if he is a man of travel
·         Sanctify and cleanse his wife by the Word of JAH that he may take her unto himself as a holy and spotless “Church”
·         Teach her at home anything she does not overstand in Tabernacle
·         Love his wife as he loves himself, be affectionate towards her
·         Nourish and cherish his wife as he nourishes and cherishes his own body and pleasures
·         Have authority over wife’s body, not his own
·         Never commit adultery
·         Never divorce his wife, or be reconciled to her
·         Not live independent of his woman
·         Give his wife a proper certificate of divorcement if she does not please him at all
·         Never approach his wife during her customary impurity
·         Never spill his seed outside the womb
·         Not be bitter toward his wife
·         Give his wife many children
·         Labour with his hands to provide for them and their table
·         Not provoke his children, or ill-treat them that their spirits will become broken and discouraged
·         Ensure his children are upright, taught well, and have a secure inheritance
·         If in her presence, immediately relieve his wife of any unwise vow/promise she makes if it will afflict her soul. Failing to relieve her, binds her to accept her fate
·         Praise, give honour to his wife for all her works whether at home, business or charitable
·         Never mistreat his wife or diminish his care and love of her, if he takes a second wife
·         Never take a second wife if he is a leader of a Church
·         Rejoice and live joyfully with the wife of his youth

Queen Omega Love
Sis Ila

Sunday 21 October 2012

Sew a Tube Skirt and Shrug Set


Here's a tutorial to make a matching set - a skirt and shrug or bolero. Every empress needs a bolero and with this tutorial you can make your own in any colour, i plan to make the basic black and brown. If you make a set you can wear them together or separately. in this striped print I dont plan to wear mine together but I just took the photos to show the finished set.

Happy sewing Sistren!

Saturday 20 October 2012

How to Sew a Modest High Low Dress

Blessed Love

So I decided to combine two separate styles into one dress for this tutorial, a high low skirt (well sorta hehe) and a drawstring top which is modest but cool. And what I love is that this dress can be casual for shopping or any day activity, or worn on date night with the King-Man *wink wink*
I making multifunctional pieces because I choose to dress very nicely wherever I go - being a homebody and all lol. This High-low style is a special conservative style for the Sistren - not above the knees or showing too much leg that would deemed inappropriate.  I found this really nice retro knit print fabric to match the high-low style.

So check it out Sistren!
I will be posting quite a few sewing tutorials this strong coming, and also to create some vlogs dealing with Virtuous Wombman principles, including the covering and wraping viedo 3. So stay tuned to the blog and youtube... the videos will be in youtube before being posted here.


Friday 19 October 2012

How to Sew a Blouson Top

Selamta Royal Dawtas

One of my sewing favourites clothes wise is the oversized blouse or top which is like a kaftan shirt, tunic shirt or dashiki shirt. I have one pattern which I use to create five different tops using less than one yard of fabric, jersey or cotton. If you visit my kaftan dress tutorial you will see the method of creating the basic top - the length of the dress is just shortened to your hip area. But I am just going to outline everything here again.

So I discovered (a while back but I been too busy to post it up) the style of putting an elastic belt in the hem of the top to create a nice buff fall-over style (one of my personal favourites)- only to discover that  it's trending now at the Gap.  While browsing to see what's new on Old Navy and Gap (the only mainstream brands Iwould like outside of Forever 21) I saw that The Gap has one here and it's called the Blouson. So it's still kind of kool that I found the name and whatnot, the blouson style means any jacket, dress or top that has an elastic waist gather - I really need to buy that complete guide to sewing book I saw. it would have in all that information I need, and it would really help me expand my ability to actually learn fashion terminology instead! I've added it to my mental to-do list.

All in all with this top you will definitely be trending for fall season. I find it very comfortable and versatile because it can be casual or elegant based on the fabric - whether you go cotton or jersey, solid print or pattern. The Gap's blouson is very casual. I will post up another tutorial for a jersey skirt after Sabbath which will show how to more elegant style looks (the black and white top).
Also I am using pictures from two different shirts here.


1 yrd Jersey or knit fabric 58 inches wide
Yard rule
Sewing machine
Ball point needle 90/14 or 70/10
¾ inch elastic
correct thread

 Width – your hip measurement divided by two, plus 8 inches (mine is 36/2+8= 26 inches  wide which is a small-large size)

The length is the width of the fabric, the selvedge edges -58 inches. On the fold it is 29 inches. the length of all tops will be 29 inches if using 58 inch wide knit.
Whatever width your fabric is, is the length unless you turn it and cut the other way on the fabric.

Armhole - length is 9 inches.

Neckline -  is 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide (3 inches when cutting on fold) if you want to hem - when hemming it will end up 7 inches wide. Without a hem it can be a straight cut 6 inches deep into the middle of the shirt if you dont want to hem the neckline.

These measurements include a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

1. Fold over fabric so the fold is at the top, right sides together.
2. Cut your width out.

3. Pin together the sides of the shirt.

4. Fold the shirt in half sideways, and mark the middle with a small clip of the scissors, unfold now and cut down the middle line 6 inches down. Can be lower.You can also choose to mark across 3 inches from the fold and draw a curve to the 5 inch mark. Cut out this semicircle-ish shape - you don't have to hem this neckline either if you don't want to.

To the left top side is my little clip:

5. Sew down the sides of the shirt, starting from the 9 inch marker for the armpit. **note that in using the selvage edges without a hem, it is best to start at the bottom and sew Up to the 9 inch marker to ensure the edges are properly lined up.**
 However, jersey or knit fabrics tend to fold sometimes, so it may not even be noticeable if there is a tiny off balance of the selvage. Try the bottom to top method to avoid it altogether however.
(can't see the side seams here very well but look to the left and you will see a piece of thread, follow that.)

6. Make an elastic casing just big enough for the ¾ inch elastic to slide through. Leave space for elastic to go inside.

 7. Using your hip as a guide cut out the elastic band that it will fit snugly against your hips. Make it one less than your hip measurement in otherwords. Attach to a safety pin and insert the elastic. Close the opening.

8. Make a hemline for the armpit and neckline if not leaving the knit raw (for me it all depends on how it looks when it's finished or the type of fabric - if it will fray or isn't cut nicely it needs a hem.)


As I said, the blouson top is really one style of many that can be made from one basic pattern - the basic pattern is the exact method, caluclations and measurements written here, BUT there is no elastic waist - so in finishing the regular basic top, you can either choose to hem the bottom of the shirt or leave the selvage edges, neatly matched up.
Again it all depends on the fabric and what you are using the top for - if it's for a more casual look - to wear to the spring,peach or pool, at home, then the hemming won't be necessary, if for going out, if the fabric doesn't look polished enough on raw edges, them do all the hemming.
 For a more dressy blouson:

 the great thing too is that the  waist band can be worn down on the hips like above or pulled up to under the bust to create a more crop top like below.


Here is the regular basic oversized top in a very light knit that I will use for home and going to the spring - but I have dressed it up here over a camisole and maxi, to show you that the top overall can be versatile.

Here's the pattern:

Fulljoy that "blouson" lol. It really is a fav of mine - I've made a brown, black, black n white so far!