Sunday 14 October 2012

How to Sew a Tank Top/Camisole


I finally was able to finish another tutorial for making your own clothes. This one is a simple tank top, or camisole that can be worn under jackets and vests, or by itself. THe bag in this picture is one of my latest creations. Ive been veyr busy working on new designs and havent had much time to really think about my posts - sorry about that but I know there is plenty info here already to process.


enough fabric for your measurements
sewin machine 

I wanted to note that if you wanted to make a maxi dress with no sleeves this tutorial would be the one to use BUT instead of the length for a shirt it would be the length from shoulder to desired length, plus 1-2 inches (if you have to hem). The desired width or hip measurement would not be cut however, you need as much fabric as possible for a wide skirt. Also, when marking in the lines to cut on the fold using the tee shirt as an outline - the line from under the armpits will extend outward  to the end of the fabric at a slant. Make sure that your hip measurement will fit within this line plus 2 inches seam allowance. I hope this diagram helps:

See the tutorial below:

I hope you like it sistren!
blessed love


  1. okay I just found your site thru YouTube... and I want to say that you are very talented!... I will be using some of these patterns real soon.

    peace & luv

  2. Happy to hear u will be using my tutorials! Thank you


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