Tuesday 27 May 2014

An Introduction to Astrotheology

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Give thanks for the Afrikan Liberation Selahbration timing! Give thanks for the Messiah, the Anointed King and His victory over evil. Without His Imperial Majesty the Birthplace of InI would have been lost forever and destroyed. Give thanks to have witnessed the Coming of the true Son of God (OneAnointed with WiseMind and Power of the Trinity) in His Kingly Character, to deliver justice to Afrika!

The more I study the origins of the texts of the Bible - that is, not where or who wrote it but what ideas and documents the many authors used - I become aware of the glaringly obvious fact that the Bible is an astrotheological book - a book that tells the knowledge of JAH through the heavenly bodies - the stars including the sun, and the planets.  I dare you to count how many times you see a cosmic reference in the Book of Revelation  or Enoch - again, it's so "in your face." When I say the knowledge of JAH, I am talking about the most ancient principle of overstanding:

 that JAH or the Creator, or God, is revealed or made known to man and wombman through Nature: "JAH in and as Creation" "as above so below, " the seasons, the cycles, the timing, the ebb and flow, the sunlight and bursting of new life and the wrathful natural disasters. It's all revealing "JAH" at every moment, and because of this basic principle the Kemetians developed a sacred language of JAH to record the sparks of knowledge they learned from observing the NeTeR - this is why they used animals and plants and humans to depict their Gods, because they acknowledge that we are all part of what is God, that Creation is in constant motion and existence in everything. Animals and plants were used as symbols of JAH because they were found to display certain unique characteristics of intelligence, of JAH's Design for Life. (it was not animal worship, but honouring the blueprint and design and wisemind found in each organism in earth).
 The truth is that the Bible was written like a cube - it's got many sides that make up the whole - and the whole is not literally about a big kingdom of Israel but about knowing and abiding in the Natural Law of JAH - the entire collection of Scriptures (Apocrypha, Old and New Testament, Enoch etc) can be interpreted from a governmental, political, cultural, proverbial or philosphical, theological, and most of all astronomical/astrological/botanical/scientific stand-point.

The second thing is that as above in the cosmos, so below on earth. all life on Earth shares its life force, its elements, energies and cycles with the planetary bodies and luminaries. Melanin for example, is part of space and part of our bodies - the ancients actually revered the Sun as an emblem of the Creator for it brought the seeds of life into fruition, and because they believed that it was a living organism and we as human reflect its intellect.

This also ties into the zodiac, for the zodiac not only interacted with the sun, told time and the change of seasons according to the four cardinal points and elements, but it was found to determine the attributes of people, to affect their psyche. part of knowing who you were was to know what to expect from your sign - similar to how Twelve Tribes uses the Tribes - and yes the Tribes of ISrael are infact the zodiac as are the disciples in the NT who replace the children of Jacob.

It was known that because we are essentially heavenly beings, that being in flesh on earth is hell, and that it was our duty to follow the righteous steps of MAAT and make our way back to the cosmos. Every pharaoh was to reach Orion's Belt and join Osiris for eternity when he died. He was embalmed for the process as the Sahu had to be initiated and protected and sent off in ceremony to ensure his success. they timed this journey with the heavens as well.

 our ancestors all over the world of different cultures believes that JAH is One that can be seen in every little detail and aspect and cycle of Nature. it is up to us as humans to harmonize ourselves to the cycles of the earth as it is our animal fleshly nature, so that we may know our Iritual nature. it is up to us to know ourselves as beings of Iration which is to say as children of Natural Law. For ensample, InI must overstand the phases of the Sun and Moon not just to plant and harvest, but so that we can overstand our emotions and the how the atmosphere changes. for this is not paganism, or occultism or heresy - this is simply knowing ourselves as First Creation Birth before made-made (mosaic) laws had to be installed to save corrupted and vulgar men from themselves. how do you think the ancients before religion existed? they knew their environment by using their internal instincts, not by relying on text books or preachers!

The ancients also believed in reincarnation in flesh until we have purified (all the ego and bullshit nature is silenced) our souls enough to become stars - "go back to the Light" how many times does Hollywood tell us about going toward the Light in death? Hollywood itself is filled with all this ancient knowledge but we through slavery have been killed mentally and do not even recognize our own stories and philosophies outside of the obvious images and names.

Every man and woman when they gain knowledge of the right from the wrong will eventually stumble onto Natural Law. It is the greatest part of our purification, enlightenment and resurrection to new life because it involves Ital living, positive vibrations, harmony, quiet, learning, humbling, surrendering, affirming, blessing - think about it, the Lamb brought  to Slaughter is the Lion's Victory! We jsut need to get past the myths that have been thrown in our faces to keep us from actually gaining true vision and determination that there is no other way to live!

The ancients believed that this process of ascension to the Solar or Soular Man, was linked to the Sun - which as told by the Zodiac's layout - goes through a similar process represented by the four seasons. Nothing that we feel and do therefore, on earth, is without its cosmic mirror. and I know that those RasTafari who have the chance to be in Nature often, and who wash in the river and eat fruits from their own garden know the positive electricity and magnetism they receive from that, can see what I am saying. For That is JAH, That is NETER. the things we take for granted: the rising and setting, the changes of seasons, are the exact things we shouldnt ignore for they are part of our being and we are part of theirs. Every full moon is the ripening of the earth, the seeding of the womb of Earth by the cosmos, what makes us think that we dont emit our own seeding of the heavens too?

what I am trying to say again, as I said before, Natural Law is not pagan or occult or taboo or disgusting or heresy or diving or simply "nature worship" as only the most intelligent of minds ever knew the Ancient Mysteries of the True Living Creator (Abba-Amma, Alpha-Omega). only the intelligent minds of today who feel the immortal spark of divinity within them know that there is only good to be had from overstanding who and what the true god is, and how to worship HIM and HER. yoga is popular now but how many will overstand the true principle of yoga and chakras? how many will see that the human body has an upsided down rainbow that mirrors the heavenly rainbow - as above so below? and that yoga and the purifying of the kundalini will open that cosmic connection to bring ascension to the soul? the science of Nature or the Life of Kristos is the language of Creator in Creation. everything that Kristos or Christ represents, is that awakening to true self within, so that one can create a better without.

And if you are still not seeing what I am saying, and believe that CHristianity is anything different than a HUGE CORRUPTION of KEMET FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENSLAVING THE WORLD, then I beg you to look at all their icons and symbols, their strong use of angels (elements), stars and suns in all artwork. Even Orthodoxy paintings.

The biggest lesson Ive learned is that CHristianity is based on the truth but it does not practice or preach it, and it is up to us as Rastafari to overstand that InI are closer to the truth than most, and we owe it to ourselves to keep goingback to First Creation Birth and Ital Living in the Mountains, so that InI can really connect to the Father-Mother and find Zion within. It is through Nature that love and peace and compassion arise. it is through feeling blessed by JAH that ones feel compelled to bless others and do good work - self accountability is the highest revelation, to know self as a creator being, a sun that has bring life to all it touches. to take your life into your own hands and live it to fullest in full awareness of all that this amazing world has to offer all its inhabitants. doesnt that sound better and more real than religion?

 For Iyesus even says all I say here: the kingdom of heaven is within you! you are cosmic too and it is the whole point of his movement to unlock that spark of divinity within. True divinity to the ancients was linked to the cosmos, and being of the Akasha or Ethereal.  "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" "You know the Father through Me" Iyesus was patterned after  Osiris, Heru, Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithras and other Archetypes of the Solar Man created over the centuries to keep the hidden knowledge of self-realization - birth, enlightenment, purification, resurrection. our point is not to "pray in Jesus name" but to find our owin Kristos or JAH within through Natural Law. Mosaic Law only puffs up an ego and increases a hopelessness in sin, if it is not balanced with love and overstanding of the true highest law which says "do good"

and likewise I want to show that His Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie I serves this purpose, to inspire InI to know ourselves, to do good, to live right and not bow to wickedness and lies. to be accountable for self and always be willing to work hard for what is right and truth to balance male n female. It is not a contradiction to the King for I to bunn out religion for Natural Law,for He certainly abided in Natural law.  His Majesty fulfills all the requirements of not only a Messianic King or Son of David in the literal interpretation (which has no real historical backing but Ethiopia) but cosmically as well since the Davidic king is the Sun or Son of. His Majesty's prophetical fulfilments in the Hebrew Scriptures still tell the truth of His Divinity even  though His ancestors ideally are Iritual concepts rather than real people which proves even more that it is the WORD which lives on, the WISE MIND which creates the world and its operation. His Majesty, a real man and not myth, even aligns with the cosmic deities of mythos/religion. His birth, it's timing and circumstances, His character, His life's work and achievements, His Personality; all line up to Natural Law as personified in Iyesus Kristos and make it quite sound to identify HIM as the True and only Messiah. (all Gods are personified natural law so it is wrong to say gods arent men and women for they are, the Creator they represent is not, and therefore has to be personified to be understood)

Rastafari can only see these facts if we can put aside all the religious distractions and let the truth and history speak for themselves.
We have got to listen to Sankofa - return and get what was ours for our own sakes!

InI need to stop with the religion in Rastafari and focus on First Creation Birth - InI need to return to the past and relearn our own movement and Afrikan origins and overstand once again the true ancestral heritage we have reawakened in our own culture with Ital, dreadlocks, yoga, cleanliness, purification cycles, and our use of symbols like on the banners [black star, the colours of the rainbow (red gold green) and space/melanin], the star of david (As above so below!), the ankh - resurrection, birth, procreation, male n female natural law. All in all everything RasTafari do and adopt are rooted in Natural Law and it is time that InI get back to the root and grow new stronger branches that will produce much happier RasTafari people who are actually free from mental slavery and not fooling themselves with this "most holy" act.
I have learned my lesson and I am so grateful that JAH stopped the selfrighteous lies and misconceptions of monotheism before it was too late lol

what ive summarized you cand find in abundance online.

I have been reading a lot but also watching lectures on youtube -I encourage you to start as well! but I will post here videos which I think give an excellent summary to the points I am trying to make. please watch everything you can find from these two men as they share an incredible wealth of knowledge you may not want to read in the books I keep mentioning.
 Santos Bonnaci and Ray Haggins.


it is time to stop think know n feel what is right instead  of blind faith
Sis Ila