Friday 31 May 2013

Refashion a Maxi Skirt into a Dress DIY

Blessed Love!

This is a simple beginner tutorial that is fast and allows you to get creative with your wardrobe. It is a dress refashion. You can make almost any type of dress with a plain ole maxi skirt.
I need some more house dresses that fit a pregnant belly and saw the perfect opportunity with this skirt that I rarely wear.
Hope you like this DIY project!


Senbet Selam!
Ila Addis

Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Art of Salad Making n a quick Mash Soup Recipe

One Perfect Love!

If you are looking for Ital recipes and reasoning, I have created a special page for that, you can access it from the menu bar!
More Sistren are interested in recipes and I want to reiterate that many of my tutorials are basic steps to creating stir fry, salad, soup, or stew whether peas or provision. You can use whatever your taste is to create many meals by following the steps I do.
This post is about salad making but I have included a simple mash soup recipe which will make a perfect side or follow-up meal to salad for those who don't find salad to be filling on its own for very long.

Today I had this soup as dinner, after fruit for breakfast and a big salad for lunch and popcorn for snack.
Mash soups are great for when you are dieting or trying to lose weight because it is more of a liquid soup that you drink in mugs throughout the day. there are no real pieces of vegetables or the like - mash soup is made from mainly peas (one or more types), or a combination of peas and provision. the ingredients are either mashed or blended up to make it a drinkable soup. It is well seasoned with herbs as well.

I made a sweet soup of pumpkin, split pea, sweet potato and English potato. I added some dumplings for my daughter.

Sweet Mash Soup

 I simply boiled 3/4 cup split peas until they were soft,with onion, pepper, garlic etc.
 I filled the pot with water and just let it boil down, I never added water again. the soup should be boiling but on a medium flame throughout.
then I added about a quarter of a half piece of pumpkin cut in cubes, that was like two cups of big chunks. I mashed them together with the peas in the pot when they  got soft as well. this was to form the soup base.
I cubed one big potato and one medium size sweet potato and added them to the mashed base boiling In the pot. As the potatoes softened I mashed them down too. The soup will have a thick texture but not many chunks.
To make the dumplings I sifted 3/4 cup whole wheat flour and 1/4 corn flour, with 1 teaspoon baking powder and spoon of sugar, with a dash of salt. I used about 1/2 cup water adding gradually. Roll into balls with a little flour after dough is formed.
When I was satisfied with the texture of the soup I dropped the dumplings in. I let it cook five to ten minutes and then turned it off.

It is mellow, creamy and sweet! yum!!

But back to the salad!

The Art of Great Salad Making

I know it seems hard to make salad and  eat it everyday, for some it is not filling or appetising, or too crunchy. But it doesn't have to be that way - salad is quite enjoyable! It is all in how you prepare it.

1. First you have got to make your salad interesting!
Don't just put lettuce, tomato and cucumber and expect a miracle! The more fresh ingredients the better!
Tomato, carrot, cucumber, green leafy vegetables, okra, avocado, broccoli and beet root are great bases for a salad. I make sure I have all of these in each salad (except the avocado which is coming to season any day now).

2. Change your green leafy vegetables regularly!
Don't just use lettuce all the time. Use different kinds of lettuce like romaine, try kale and spicy green leaves like arugula and watercress. Chives and thyme and basil will also add some kick.

3. Add fruit for sweetness!
Beet root or carrot is sweet but chunks of fruit are great too. I like apple, strawberry, blue berries, pear and kiwi. I usually add just one fruit. But two works just as good. Cubes peaches, mango and apricots might also be quite nice. Some like tangerine slices.

Likewise if you want spice or zing add fresh onion or a pepper.

4. Add seeds or nuts to get more nutritional value! Pumpkin seeds are a favourite of many.

5. Add a grain to increase the "heaviness" of your salad if you don't feel full (though the bigger the salad the more full you will feel. It is a meal so make it big)

Add room temperature quinoa or cous cous, bulgar wheat or even millet, and make sure when you prepare them that your water is well seasoned with curry, saffron, cumin to name a few spices.

 6. Make everything bite size!
Eating salad as a meal isn't fun when u spend all your energy trying to chew hard chunks of carrot and cucumber!

Make sure your chunks are bite size for tomato, avocado, cucumber, strawberries, brocolli, apple, pear and kiwi. For broccoli I make sure to break the heads apart so that they are small as well and I add chunks of the stalk.

For the leafy veges I also chop them finely so that they blend well with everything else.

For okra I slice it very thin and then half it - I don't usually add more than two small okra because of the slime.

For carrot and beet root I always use a grater instead of chopping them - they are just too hard to chew in any size. u can add more this way too.

7. Make a dressing!
Lime juice or lemon juice works great.
If you want creamy you can blend an avocado.
Some people like oily dressing, so using olive or sesame or coconut oil, you can blend fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, mint, chive, oregano and so on. Even add pepper if you like heat.

8. Have a great side dish like soup, or a pea stew, ground provision or fruit.
You don't have to eat your salad alone but it is good to ensure that at least once a day it is the bigger part of the meal. the more raw nutrients you get everyday, the better for your body!
While you may love cooked Ital, the best way to live is on a greater raw or fresh food intake than a cooked because you lose so much of the nutrients of the food to the heat.
You can even drink an herbal tea or a fresh juice or smoothie along with the salad.

9. Don't eat it cold, and store well to maintain freshness!
You don't have to eat it at room temp, but when the salad is not cold I find chewing all that freshness is not so hard on the teeth.


So I hope these tips will help you to eat more salad and actually full-joy it! they have helped me tremendously and now my body is set to have that for lunch everyday, leaving the heavy cooked meal until the evening time around 5-6 pm. If I eat more cooked meals in the day I find my dinner spoilt and too heavy.

Remember that treating the body well is a must if you are to balance your Irituality and Creativity. They must all harmonize for true wellness and health.

Blessed Love and Light!
Sis. Ila

Friday 24 May 2013

Hold Your Head Up Sis! (and a Quinoa Channa Burger/Patty Recipe)

Blessed Love

Today's and yesterday's reasonings on the group in Facebook have really been deep. And I know some Sistren shy away from saying more than they do, or going too in depth - but I encourage it because we are there to strengthen one another. The reasoning has to be intense in some way or else what's the point lol. Right?
 I know Sistren all over share the same fears, insecurities and struggles as wife, mother, daughter, employee - everything! We all at some point actually go through the same changes in tide, whether it's insecurity about a relationship, parenting, how you live, your job, the list goes on. you can never be altogether perfect for everyone or everything all the time, and sometimes you may want to just break and give up. You might want to escape from something that is at the end of the day, your responsibility.

So it is important to always have faith and to always go deep within yourself and truly find that Irit of JAH within. Relying on the wisdom of other Black Wombman who have put the teaching out there is a blessing waiting to be grabbed. It is important to truly take care of yourself and know yourself as a wombman. Everything in our life is connected to the other: the way we think, feel, how we eat, what we do and don't do, how we feel about others, interact with others - each one of these things is connected to the other. So there must not only be an evaluation and motivation of self to get these things in sync, but a positive outlook on one's life and being. We have to feel accountable to/for ourselves to make and receive the best for ourselves! Without that to hold on to things will fall apart, life wont be manageable, relationships wont sustain. Let's face it - nothing is perfect but we can try to be and do better every day. Feeling defeated one day doesn't mean that you are. The right frame of mind will pull you through everything.

The lesson I take from today is to look within and Iditate on my own vibes - what I am putting out there, what am I receiving as a result. What can I do better. I feel motivated to work harder on things that I let slip. How am I accountable for my own imbalance of happiness/unhappiness?

The journey is never ending and winding, but it is ours to embrace and make the best of in any given situation. I pray that all Sistren in whatever situation they are in will take accountability, criticism and enlightenment and work harder to get to the strong Wombman they see themselves being.

That being said... how about a recipe!

I just made these on a whim

Quinoa Channa Burgers/Patties

1 small or a half of a sweet potato - like 1/2 cup mashed
1 cup chick peas or channa
1/2 cup quinoa
4 chives
2 garlic cloves
1 pimento pepper
1/2 an onion
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp curry powder
dash ginger powder
1 tbsp oil
2 tsp coconut milk powder
2 tsp  arrowroot powder
1 sprig fine leaf thyme
salt and 1/2 lime optional
corn flour


1. Boil or bake sweet potato and cook the quinoa - I added the curry, cumin and turmeric to the quinoa as well. You can add it there and put in the mix if you want to.

2. Blend the fresh seasoning with the channa or chick peas, use some water and the oil to make it moist. you can also use a good masher - it doesn't have to be as smooth as I made mine. add lime here also if you use. I also added the coconut powder, arrowroot powder, cumin, saffron and so on at this time to flavour.

3. Mash potato and add to channa and mix those together. let the quinoa cool by spreading it out on a plate and setting by a window. It worked fast for me!

4. Add quinoa to the potato channa mix with 4 1/2 tbsp of corn flour.

5. Mold into small patties or big burgers. This could make about 4 medium burgers. Dust with corn flour on both sides. 

6. Set on foil that is greased and bake on bottom rack for 15 minutes on each side or until golden brown. 150 degree celsius or medium heat . 

7. I really loved these patties - mine were flat so they were more patty like, but next time I am making burgers that are thicker.

I ate them with a  salad

And then as a burger sandwich - I LOVE how they taste with raw food! I would recommend pairing it with a salad or like the sandwich but made with a special homemade bread not store bought! 
Channa is often used as "mock fish" because it DOES have a seafoody taste, this is the first time I ever really tasted it like that for myself. There was really a seafood flavour in the patty! So definitely try this patty - overall I think I have a lot more ingredients than might be necessary, but it was a trial and error that worked well!

More Love and Positive Word Sound and Power for the Sabbath Iditation
I am really going to have a blessed sabbath, learning from Dr Jewel Pookram 
Omega Ites!
Sis Ila

Wednesday 22 May 2013

High Necked Tank Maxi Dress Tutorial

Blessed Love!

I hope all Sistren are feeling upfull and bright these days. It is important to have your own time where you can create, Iditate, make decisions or just read or try something new. Time for self is really a healing time and restful time for the body, because it isn't about stress, but about things that make the I happy! As you know, for me it is sewing, crocheting, reading and going to the spring that really mellow my vibes right out! So if sewing is also one your "me-time activities" then you should love this simple tutorial to create an elegantly casual jersey dress.

This tutorial explains how to create a different neckline for the tank maxi dress and draw string dress.  very basic and easy! Hope you like it!



Tuesday 14 May 2013

How to Sew a Kaftan Maxi Dress with Sleeves - T-shirt Style

Blessed Love

I think I am pretty much the maxi-dress queen at this point! What else do I make but maxi dresses? And I have more styles that I want to try as soon as I get the fabric too! But I don't mind, an Empress is royal and free in her style and I love that a maxi dress can give you that flowing goddess feel no matter how you style it.
So don't be surprised that I've been making so many because they are also fabulous for pregnancy! I made two new ones recently out of jersey fabric. I redid my kaftan dress in a new fabric (my most popular post to date is that kaftan tutorial) and I know that you can also call it a Tshirt dress if you use the small little sleeve or simply trace a tshirt. IT has a T shirt style to it, but it really is just a kaftan maxi dress.

I decided to just make a simple video tutorial with not too much detail but I outline the basic way to make a kaftan as a T shirt dress which is ideal for summer spring or pregnancy! you can use the post for the kaftan dress if you need more help. the good thing about this tutorial is that you can either use a t shirt or use your measurements!

 You can purchase my hemp braided belt at!

without the belt

Thursday 2 May 2013

Soya Vege Chow Mein Recipe

Greetings and Blessed Love

This week I have found myself on a very active track posting online - I usually dont like to be on the computer every day, but with the new FB group I feel inspired to really share more with the Sistren which is actually a lot easier than trying to come up with a new post regularly!

I will be posting a lot more to do with homeschooling, and as soon as I can find the time to sit and type and fix all my documents the homeschool page will be up on the blog. More works to be done, all for the Sistren all in the Name of JAH RasTafari! I welcome your photos and teaching methods also Sistren!

So today's lunch is a simple stir fry as my kingman loves chow mein, we havent had it in a long time. So I Decided to post the recipe because I think it is one that youts especially would apprecilove!

Soya Vege Chow Mein


1 pack chow mein noodles without egg

Half a large carrot diced

Quarter cabbage diced

Head of broccoli split into small chunks
(basically one cup of each vegetable of choice)

1 cup soya mince prepped with soya sauce

1 Onion chopped

2 Pimento peppers chopped

3 cloves Garlic


Soya sauce

Ginger powder, saffron, coconut milk powder, dried basil and other seasonings of choice

Tomato paste


Prepare ingredients

Boil noodles until tender, drain off water.

Put onion, pimento, garlic to sauté in a wide bottom pot or stir fry pan.
Add water to fill bottom of pan, add all powder seasonings

Add soya mince and stir, add more water to keep it wet
Add vegetables, mix, add soya sauce, a dash of tomato paste

Cover and let cook for 5 minutes.

Add noodles, stir well blending everything together and remove from heat.

 Cool and fulljoy! All that was missing was some avocado!