Tuesday 14 May 2013

How to Sew a Kaftan Maxi Dress with Sleeves - T-shirt Style

Blessed Love

I think I am pretty much the maxi-dress queen at this point! What else do I make but maxi dresses? And I have more styles that I want to try as soon as I get the fabric too! But I don't mind, an Empress is royal and free in her style and I love that a maxi dress can give you that flowing goddess feel no matter how you style it.
So don't be surprised that I've been making so many because they are also fabulous for pregnancy! I made two new ones recently out of jersey fabric. I redid my kaftan dress in a new fabric (my most popular post to date is that kaftan tutorial) and I know that you can also call it a Tshirt dress if you use the small little sleeve or simply trace a tshirt. IT has a T shirt style to it, but it really is just a kaftan maxi dress.

I decided to just make a simple video tutorial with not too much detail but I outline the basic way to make a kaftan as a T shirt dress which is ideal for summer spring or pregnancy! you can use the post for the kaftan dress if you need more help. the good thing about this tutorial is that you can either use a t shirt or use your measurements!

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without the belt


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