Friday 24 May 2013

Hold Your Head Up Sis! (and a Quinoa Channa Burger/Patty Recipe)

Blessed Love

Today's and yesterday's reasonings on the group in Facebook have really been deep. And I know some Sistren shy away from saying more than they do, or going too in depth - but I encourage it because we are there to strengthen one another. The reasoning has to be intense in some way or else what's the point lol. Right?
 I know Sistren all over share the same fears, insecurities and struggles as wife, mother, daughter, employee - everything! We all at some point actually go through the same changes in tide, whether it's insecurity about a relationship, parenting, how you live, your job, the list goes on. you can never be altogether perfect for everyone or everything all the time, and sometimes you may want to just break and give up. You might want to escape from something that is at the end of the day, your responsibility.

So it is important to always have faith and to always go deep within yourself and truly find that Irit of JAH within. Relying on the wisdom of other Black Wombman who have put the teaching out there is a blessing waiting to be grabbed. It is important to truly take care of yourself and know yourself as a wombman. Everything in our life is connected to the other: the way we think, feel, how we eat, what we do and don't do, how we feel about others, interact with others - each one of these things is connected to the other. So there must not only be an evaluation and motivation of self to get these things in sync, but a positive outlook on one's life and being. We have to feel accountable to/for ourselves to make and receive the best for ourselves! Without that to hold on to things will fall apart, life wont be manageable, relationships wont sustain. Let's face it - nothing is perfect but we can try to be and do better every day. Feeling defeated one day doesn't mean that you are. The right frame of mind will pull you through everything.

The lesson I take from today is to look within and Iditate on my own vibes - what I am putting out there, what am I receiving as a result. What can I do better. I feel motivated to work harder on things that I let slip. How am I accountable for my own imbalance of happiness/unhappiness?

The journey is never ending and winding, but it is ours to embrace and make the best of in any given situation. I pray that all Sistren in whatever situation they are in will take accountability, criticism and enlightenment and work harder to get to the strong Wombman they see themselves being.

That being said... how about a recipe!

I just made these on a whim

Quinoa Channa Burgers/Patties

1 small or a half of a sweet potato - like 1/2 cup mashed
1 cup chick peas or channa
1/2 cup quinoa
4 chives
2 garlic cloves
1 pimento pepper
1/2 an onion
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp curry powder
dash ginger powder
1 tbsp oil
2 tsp coconut milk powder
2 tsp  arrowroot powder
1 sprig fine leaf thyme
salt and 1/2 lime optional
corn flour


1. Boil or bake sweet potato and cook the quinoa - I added the curry, cumin and turmeric to the quinoa as well. You can add it there and put in the mix if you want to.

2. Blend the fresh seasoning with the channa or chick peas, use some water and the oil to make it moist. you can also use a good masher - it doesn't have to be as smooth as I made mine. add lime here also if you use. I also added the coconut powder, arrowroot powder, cumin, saffron and so on at this time to flavour.

3. Mash potato and add to channa and mix those together. let the quinoa cool by spreading it out on a plate and setting by a window. It worked fast for me!

4. Add quinoa to the potato channa mix with 4 1/2 tbsp of corn flour.

5. Mold into small patties or big burgers. This could make about 4 medium burgers. Dust with corn flour on both sides. 

6. Set on foil that is greased and bake on bottom rack for 15 minutes on each side or until golden brown. 150 degree celsius or medium heat . 

7. I really loved these patties - mine were flat so they were more patty like, but next time I am making burgers that are thicker.

I ate them with a  salad

And then as a burger sandwich - I LOVE how they taste with raw food! I would recommend pairing it with a salad or like the sandwich but made with a special homemade bread not store bought! 
Channa is often used as "mock fish" because it DOES have a seafoody taste, this is the first time I ever really tasted it like that for myself. There was really a seafood flavour in the patty! So definitely try this patty - overall I think I have a lot more ingredients than might be necessary, but it was a trial and error that worked well!

More Love and Positive Word Sound and Power for the Sabbath Iditation
I am really going to have a blessed sabbath, learning from Dr Jewel Pookram 
Omega Ites!
Sis Ila


  1. Delicious! Filling! Eat them with Jamaican hard dough bread (if I am doing it right...)! I added the leftover pulp from making my beet root "wine" to the pattie mix. Delicious. So delicious. Bless!

  2. Greetings I&I
    these look delicious,,, I will definitely try them... hope the kids will love them.. give thankhs for sharing 💕
    Blessed love


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