Wednesday 25 March 2015

Ital is Vital for The Being of the I

Hail Sistren,

I am finally putting my ipad blogger app to good use, and will be making the time late at night or early morning to post more. I have never stopped wanting to post, just using the computer was inconvenient, so now it is convenient I will try my best to be more consistent and with Their Idance and Blessing, put JAH works out there for the nation!

Because I really have no more to post on the actual rules and regulations of RasTafari for Dawtas, and because it is more critical to InI Nation to cater to the internal livity as much as the external appearance and ways, I feel motivated to keep sharing my own journey and inspirations (information) to obtain a better quality of life, a life that that reflects my passions, goals and needs, one that attracts them in fortune, one that is healthy and free from illness, worries and bad vibes. I see true ital Livity as a holistic cause and effect. I believe that if InI all could focus on our health and how we treat ourselves Irit mind and body, and truly see ourselves as small active units of the Iniverse, that RasTafari on a whole could vibrate at a higher, more unified level of Kristos Consciousness. 

have always seen Sistren online post their partially or totally raw livity for years but to trod it Iself now in more fullness is a great feeling. I thank you all for being there keeping the strength that others would one day know themselves. Being vegan or Ital as RasTa, doesn't always mean eating enough fresh foods so as I break away from old eating habits I am replacing them with new ones, with more information. I have been more aware of how electric or live foods feed the melanin and the actual light centres and life current of the body.
So in my posts, and through my Instagram page @ItalAfrika, i am for now focusing on healing the body temple through Ital and over standing the body as part of nature's cycles. Overstanding the rhythms that all huemans are bound to helps InI to overstand our behavior and character better. 
As I have been  eliminating  processed foods and sugar I have been eating more raw or Sunfired foods, and i have been creating a lot of fresh meals and seeing how they directly relate to how and what I real-eyes, think and feel and manage overall daily. I feel a higher vibration within my heavens, a permanent shift in positive power. 
 So really and truly, knowing how connected huemans are to the plant world through light/colour and elements, is the first real healing, the true submission to Ital Livity. And enhancing or healing the temple by Ital Livity is the first true way to attain Ivinity consciousness, to see oneself in union with JAH, for the temple houses the Irit, and must therefore be a sound natural vessel to attract and direct the forces of Nature. This brings to mind theGnostic  Gospels of Peace, which can be found online.

For  a Dawta to feel good about herself, for her to manage all the million tasks she must fulfill in a day, for her to be inspired, inspiring and creative, she must be balanced within her temple. Her mind and heart and lungs and bowels and womb must be right and in working order. Her daily flow must be smooth and powerfully graceful. To really be a Goddess she must act, think, look, talk and eat like a Goddess. Every Dawta deserves to have control of her life and vibes, and this control I have seen for my own self, starts within, if the internal is functioning, she immediately has more power and will to rise and conquer in her queendom, and navigate all that comes her way with WiseMind and confidence. She will not be brought low by wickedness, but evolve in her own shining path.

So whether seeking mental clarity and inspiration, or healing the womb for the purpose of easier moon cycles, or treating cysts or infertility if a Dawta has those issues, true Ital Living will give the entire mind and body temple a rejuvenation, clarity, light and love. In order to Prevent or heal any female issues or illnesses (and even a headache is disease)  or emotional and psychological issues, a lot of work must be done on self, on mind, on what a Dawta thinks says and does on a daily basis: moods and works, attitudes and desires. She must command in her lifestyle and presence, Positive vibes only, and it starts with her personal cultivation of such. 

And I do hope that the kings who read this will see that you yourself are responsible too, for taking care of yourself and for seeing to it that your wife and daughter, the wombs in your home, are being loved. Are the wombman in your life happy? What is your role in their current physical, mental and emotional state? Are you providing the right idea of health and livity in your home by your own principles and actions? Dawtas too, how are we influencing our kings and yutes based on how we feel inside on a daily basis? Are we nurturing and being nurtured? Or are we abusing ourselves and others by not taking the right care or feeling like we are neglected?  if I may so bold as to make an observation, our overall use of marijuana as man and wombman, smoothes over issues with a false sense of progress, but does not heal or correct them. A bun takes troubles away but doesn't fix them, unless what you resolve in your mind you can actually manifest later... In fact overuse of marijuana can itself feed unhealthy habits like alcohol, sugar and flour cravings, and defer Ital principles in the moment. so InI must overall know that we must be truly responsible and not overlook every area in the temple that needs improvement. InI must focus on being healed and being in control and not controlled by any type of abuses.

These Iditations send us all in the right direction, for if the answers are bad, InI can be inspired to achieve better, to have a healthy happy unified home, to taste Salvation or Ivinity, to have a healed and pure state of consciousness, the state of Kristos, of wellness and illumination. Ital Livity is the true healing of the nation! It is our way of achieving the principles InI Sight in Jah RasTafari Haile Sellassie I Menen Asfaw I! 

Love and Power to the I
heal ThySelf and believe that it is your destiny, the way to Light Love and Life Itinual


  1. Everything you have written is PURE truth. I look forward to more from you

  2. Greetings Sistren. I had a dizzy spell that I am still trying to over come from 10 hours ago. I just read this and feel more connected to what I MUST do for myself and my family. If I am not positive, then how can I EXPECT my Kingman or youth to be....give thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Greetings Sistren! I had a dizzy spell just 10 hours ago and chose to open up your blog today. Very inspiring! I agree being positive as a wombman affects me and the people I live with and attract.

  4. Yes Sistren, it is not easy everyday but the benefits are real, they are there. We Dawtas need to take care of ourselves seriously holistically! The reality is no one can do it for InI, and the stronger we become for ourselves is the more we can have better relationships and a positive abundant life. More love and strength!

  5. Greetings Sis. I am trying to do the same these days. I am tired with all the homeschooling, care for 4 children with almost no support. I am making more smoothies, eating chickea/channa flour omelettes stuffed with greens. Loads more of raw veggies. It helps our energy levels and cleanse our bodies from all of those toxins just lining our intestines.


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