Wednesday 11 November 2015

How Ila Uses Coconut The Superfood

Greetings Family,

As I promised, just a simple post about how I use coconut, as I recommend you do too because it really is a superfood filled with so much nutrition as an oil, as water or as "white meat" - coconut is the real white meat! Very sweet and filling too.
Now this is just my biased opinion - there are raw vegans who don't use coconut because they believe it has the wrong balance of sugars. But again to each his or her own. Coconut water is so pure it can be used for blood transfusions and it still provides hydration for the cells - although the argument is also that a raw food diet without an dehydrating foods like Nori and cocoa will require little water. 


First of all coconut water is the bomb! As often as I can get them off the tree I have it. Sometimes we buy from vendors. It hydrates and cleans the body and blood instantly. Makes you feel happy and ready to go on the inside. It is just the perfect boost. It is best to drink young coconut water because when it ages it gets very fatty and sweet. I don't mind this though because I like it to use as a natural source of fats, healthy fats. 


Daily I use coconut oil. I use it for oil pulling, which is an ageless method of dental care, naturally. In the morning I take a mouthful, not too full though, and I swish it around and gargle for about twenty minutes. You will get saliva added in with the oil as you swish so don't take too much oil to begin, a tablespoon is enough. I usually swallow it when I'm done as a vitamin. But apparently I am ingesting toxins the oil is removing, so I guess it is up to you - you can spit it out in the toilet trash or in the garden.
 For smokers this is a great practice to have once or better twice a day, because it freshens breath and protects against gum disease. I recommend you look it up for better tips on how to oil pull.

It is good otherwise to just drink a spoonful of the oil for a vitamin, it hardly has a taste so don't be apprehensive! If you can't do that then you can try eating it with food.

I also add the coconut oil, which is specifically cold-pressed not cooking oil, to what I'm eating. When I make my salad dressings, I always include this oil, again to add more healthy fats to the meal.

 I also stir fry my veggies or make my peas or beans with it.

A popular trend that I myself have tried and will do again is making marijuana coconut oil. It involves heating and steeping for four hours, the marijuana in the oil. It must be a very low temp. Crock pots are mainly used to do this. the herb is lightly toasted first. But do check on YouTube for a variety of DIY videos.

My whole family uses this coconut oil for our hair and body too. I put it on when InI natty are still damp because the hair absorbs it better. I use it for scalp itch. I also used it for my babies in the diaper area. Coconut oil can also be used as a safe all natural lubricant for king and queen - but please do not mix with latex!

I love eating the white jelly of coconuts, so delicious and very filling! I also use the dried white meat in the shredded form. I blend it with water for milk and strain that, add a little cinnamon and nutmeg to taste. You can use this with oats to make smoothie bowls of cereal.   My kingman puts that in his oats punch too. I love to put the shredded coconut in my salad too, again to add fats. I also eat it plain as a substitute for unhealthy chocolate snacks. The reason being is that raw foods which I eat until dinner, makes you lose weight, that's why most of these raw vegans online do it to begin with. But I'm not trying to lose weight skinny as I am! I'm just trying to heal and become truly Ital and balanced, so I don't want to lose weight at all, so nuts seeds coconut and avocado and oils are the foods I eat for maintaining weight.

Coconut meat can also be used to make yogurt - i have done it but not with the added probiotics. If you want it to taste like yogurt these healthy gut bacteria must be added and allowed to stand overnight I believe. I would like to try one day.

I have recently bought coconut flour but I haven't figured out how I will use it vegan yet, as it will require trial and error. Cause they say it needs a lot of eggs and liquid to make it work. I have only used it to make bliss balls, which are just dates, nuts and gluten-free flour blended and rolled together into a ball.

So I hope this post gave you a few leads to check up on, do your coconut research and make it fit into your daily routine for better health! And don't forget to link RastaWifeLine on IG, reasoning to soon come I know ones are wondering what has happened, but it is all in the works! Bless!



  1. great post! we've been enjoying a lot of fresh coconuts lately since we got a new tool for opening them. the water and meat are two of our favorite things. like you, we use coconut oil in many way. the oil is a staple product for us, and a few weeks ago we got a bucket of it (organic) and have been incorporating in many ways...on hair, skin, teeth, food, etc.

    i like the idea of eating raw food up until dinner time. might start doing that, since lately i've been wanting to get back to more raw/lives foods.

    in terms of coconut flour, it's the same for us! we always look at it in the store but never quite know what to do wit it...

  2. Enter your comment...rastafari keep up the good work

  3. Thank you so much my beautiful sistrin for sharing your health routines with us. Blessed love!

  4. Thank you so much my beautiful sistrin for sharing your health routines with us. Blessed love!

  5. Question: can we trust store coconut oil? How can we make it at home?


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