Tuesday 27 October 2015

Date Paste: Your New Raw Snack and Sugar Substitute

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So many times I have wanted to post but alas I get sidetracked and then I forget! So today I made the effort to just post something short and quick. I've got  a backlog of recipes to share but I am also toying with making a small recipe book that you can simply download or print to have on hand whenever you need inspiration to eat healthy, or tips for maintaining a TRULY ITAL Livity. Soo...


They are very sweet! High in fructose, but rich in iron, magnesium, manganese and B Vitamins! 
I don't know how people can sit an eat a whole bunch because of how sweet they are, but I appreciate how great a sweetener it is, and the fact that it is great for IRON and ENERGY because eating mostly raw foods everyday sometimes I feel very crash, like I just didn't get enough calories or carbs.

So I decided to try date paste since so many raw vegans rave on about it. And they were right, it is pretty rawsome! It really makes snacking in between or breakfast, have a great boost in nutritional value and taste.

Many people use the Medjool dates from the Near East But there are also California dates. I have seen both in Xtra Foods here in Trinidad, for about $20.00 TT or more for a pack which is not bad. Dates can last for eight months to a year in the fridge so don't worry About them spoiling once they are properly sealed.

Basically to make date paste you take a handful of dates and put them in a jar. Cover them with water, just a little over the top of the dates is fine. And just let it soak an hour. Pour off the water and blend the dates, using just 1 1/2 tablespoons of the date water.
And presto voila! You have date paste. Just store in the fridge in a Sealed container. 

I add a dollop to cucumber, apple and pineapple slices, the size of the dollop varies by what I am having. It tastes fabulous!

Now for the water left over I used it to sweeten freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a smoothies, and it was effective!  So I think it can work for lemonade and limeade, passion fruit juice, whatever you need to sweeten! Now your natural juice can really be natural. It can replace cane juice and those syrups which are not raw or very healthy. If you need a specific amount of date water for your recipe just add the measurement to the dates when you are soaking! 

You can also add the dates to your green smoothies directly to mask the taste or lack of great taste green juices tend to have! I have done it before, but with just two dates, other people use way more, but again it is about how sweet you like your foods to be.  How about using it to sweeten almond milk? 
Or using the date paste instead of applesauce or bananas, when baking? I am eager to try that! 
How about blending them with banana to make nice cream? I see lots of raw vegans use dates and bananas together in green smoothies.
I think the possibilities are endless. 

So just remember, dates are high in fructose but the other nutrients they carry make them a great natural, raw food to add to fruit and vegetable snacks. Just don't overdo it. I'd say a dollop of paste is like 2-3 dates tops.

If you have other interesting ways you use date paste let me know! The children will probably love it!

Remember, it is great for energy boosting and keeping that iron up as women, we need that for outer cycles.
 Next post is on how I use coconut oil!


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