Monday 9 February 2015

Ila's Blood Cleansing Womb Wellness Juice

Blessed Love Royal Family,

If you have linked with I on Instagram then you might have seen my recent post on a juice recipe I've created for optimum womb wellness, to really increase blood health, immunity and reduce moon cycle pain and heavy bleeding or clotting. I did a recipe called Sabbath Wine Womb Elixir on the blog before, but this time it is different without sugar hehe!
I find this recipe good for the blood over all and for curing sugar cravings when transitioning from unhealthy foods. This juice will refresh your body everytime! So it is not just for Sistren, for Brethren it will strengthen and heal the muscle soreness due to exercise and increase circulation and boost energy and immunity. but ultimately it will really give a smoother menstrual cycle for the Dawtas. I recommend if you don't already drink or eat these foods everyday, to really increase your intake daily, for the week before and of your cycle. Also, because wheat, dairy and sugar are the leading causes of heavy bleeding, clotting and cramping pains during the seven days, it is best to altogether go wheat dairy flesh and sugar free for the two weeks especially, if you can't commit to it daily.

So ideally you will grate 1 large beet, 1 large thumb of ginger (1 carrot is optional) and steep such in a container of water. you can  use coconut water to give a much better flavour, or if you can't get it, regular water. Steep until the beet turns pink. Then add the juice of one lemon you could also add the juice of orange for sweetness or grapefruit.

lemon/orange/lime/grapefruit/pineapple or other citrus
coconut water or regular water
carrot optional

these pictures I took a while back to capture the basic steps 

beet ginger lemon coonut water womb and immunity juice
I do hope that you try this drink, and give it a shot for a couple months and truly commit to the path to wellness. I went from being a mess for the first two days, to moving around normal without painkillers. It works once you commit to eating lots of salads fruits juices and grains. This year I really want to focus on becoming at least 90% wheat and soy, planting more food at home and eating no sugar or wheat or dairy foods (biscuit and chocolate snacks are my downfall).

Forward ever backward never!

Check the youtube channel for new videos.


  1. Sistren Ila,
    Most High Ises + Thankhs
    This recipe made a huge difference in the moontime. I did it a lil differently because I use an electric juicer, so I drank the juice immediately and I still soaked the pulp in water overnight also. I added the oranges directly into the juicer and some orange peels also.
    I will be using this in coming months and hope to see more benefits. Will be sharing with more sistrens also, for sure. I have been searching for a real solution to the pain, the vomiting, extreme fatigue, and so on. Amongst herbal teas which helped a little, this juice is the best "womb healer" I have ever found. More n more thankhs, One Love,
    Sistren Amanda

  2. Give thanks for posting your testimonial Sis Amanda! Give Ises for the healing power you received! I have started drinking this everyday now as my juice instead of store bought. And I am hoping to see more results in terms of lessened days and lingering fatigue. Will be posting more on it in a couple weeks. Give thanks again sis and I am so so so happy to hear it has helped the I! Menen I Love!

  3. I haven't tried yet but I look forwarded to many benefits from this juice. Currently my menses has me fatigued and sick for the week prior and during. I feel bad because my Kingman takes on my role, helping with the kids and my housework. I pray to Jah that this drink be me helpful answer.

    1. Sorry to hear about your problem, I recommend also turmeric mylk - i use coconut mylk homemade with a dash of turmeric powder or you can use raw turmeric root and grate it. Drink chilled. usually in the morning first thing. It helps as well. lots of salads and smoothies leading up to your menses also helps. hope you get some relief! i have a blog that can help.

  4. Hello Ila,
    my name is Renate, I'm not a Rastafarian, but I'm sooooo happy I found this Website and your Ital-blog.
    Today I made this Juice. Actually I'm waiting for the beet to turn pink so I can add the Lemon and Orange Juice. I used to be a mess also, but some time ago I became a vegan and it got much better already.
    But I'm always looking for new and healthy Food and Drinks. The Ital way is what I really admire. I do have some questions about this Juice, hope you can help me. So, how fast do I have to consume this Juice? Is it advisable to drink this Juice every day or just before the menses?

    Again, thank you very much for your for all your Information, I'm really glad I found you.

    1. greetings, glad I could help with this recipe. you can drink it whenever or however you want to, but the days coming up to the cycle and on the cycle it will help best. I also recommend turmeric mylk which is homemade coconut mylk and turmeric powder or raw grated turmeric, it also helps with the flow. i also take apple cider vinegar in water before and after meals which i believe is a good cleanse but also aids digestion and reduces acne. lots of soups and salads for meals. there are many ways to help the menstrual time. hope this all helps!


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