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The Sun Lion King Part 2: the Zodiac and Throne of David-Solomon in Ethiopia

Give thanks for Life,

Though it has taken quite some time, I was able to summarize my writings on the Sun Lion King and the Messianic Throne of David some more, to include the zodiac meanings behind the titles and symbols....

One of the most important truths of RasTafari is the claim to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie’s Ivinity; or His likeness or true representation of the Messiah King, the Kristos King, Son of God. For the true believer, His Majesty replaces the deities of Abrahamic religion, and is a Real Living Proof of the Godhood or God Head Trinity present in our world in flesh, Irator as Iration.

While most RasTafari expressions of Identity or theology come from the Abrahamic foundation Afrikans were given through slavery, there is a wealth of information showing that the Abrahamic Identity is itself a composite of more ancient Afrikan (embracing all Africa, Middle East and Asia) cultures. By seeing that the Abrahamic religions are composites of ancient religions, and in order to better overstand what they really are about through their origins; we gain more overstanding of exactly what the meaning of the Kristos King is, his purpose, identity and origin (in addition to reclaiming our ancestral root, Sankofa). 

It is better to know more about InI God and King in the heights of this hidden realm which has been buried under religious colonialism for ages. InI can see more dimension, truth and reality to His Majesty’s Ivinity, or His Cosmic birth by learning the secret cosmic meanings of all the Titles and Symbols attributed to the Throne of David-Solomon. These titles give a greater power of proof to the RasTafari stance that the Emperor is the Manifestation of JAH, the heavens, as above so below- the banner of red gold green black, The Lion of Judah, Kristos, the Messenger of Providence, Soldier of the Cross, Son of God, the Messiah of Humanity, a Beacon, a Star in Afrika to point us back to our origin that we may relearn these truths of our DNA. 

This knowledge empowers InI to be free, to be separated from ignorance and idolatry, to be champions of the Natural Right which is both cosmic and terrestrial, Iritual and earthly; that InI be no more slaves to Babylon but free minded, laboring for a higher livity and Wisemind redemption with a firm foundation, knowledgeable not doubting, accountable not slacking, loving not killing. Ultimately learning about the cosmic birth of His Majesty not only brings greater appreciation of HIM as the Messiah through His cosmic birth as Judah, but also more importantly on the day to day living, shows InI that we are all born under stars and signs, and we must pay attention to the months, days, numbers and names which mark our births to learn more about our personalities, strengths and weakness and our experiences, as there is great cosmic relevance in the lives of every man and woman.

(In terms of knowledge that will really help explain astrotheology, I recommend as I mentioned before, The Witness of the Stars by Bullinger and The Light of Egypt by Thomas Burgoyne, as well as watching all Santos Bonacci videos as he speaks on these works, the cosmos and how they are hidden in the Ible and all religion. These works may help ones to really overcome all slave mentalities that encourage us to think that any knowledge of nature is pagan or heretical.  But the REALITY is that nothing we think we know about gods and deities, namely Iyesus Kristos, is without its cosmic allegorical meaning. When it comes to Abrahamic faiths we are dealing with myths and allegories not historical facts.) 

As I mentioned, all the Judeo-Christian Messianic attributes taken from the Judaean House of David and applied to the Ethiopian Negus since the reign of Axumite King Ezana in the fourth century, are linked to cosmic prophecies and cosmic deities. Iyesus Kristos is a figure based on Heru and Osiris and they are sky deities, so we cannot ignore the cosmic history of today's gods and religion. What I am saying here was decoded from all the information  RasTafari already know about Haile Sellassie the First, all the Scriptures we use now to hail HIM Lord and King. The only difference is that I went beyond the church traditions of Jews and Christians back to the origins of religious dogma, the Nile Valley. So without the colonial lens when we view our history, it is clear that His majesty’s Throne was indeed one once crowned in the name of a more astrotheological tradition, so now InI must now take a look at the other side that is yet to be revealed.

The House of David in Ethiopia came from a marriage between fabled King Solomon of Jerusalem and Queen of Ethiopia and Yemen or Saba, Makeda. Their son Menyelek I became the first King of Judah to rule outside of Jerusalem given that his father sent him back to his mother to take her place on the throne, having been given coronation in Jerusalem with the princes of Israel’s twelve tribes. The Kebra Nagast and writings of Kaye Corbett which can be found online, speak more on this historical legend of Ethiopia, Arabia and Israel. Afrika and the Middle East have for a long time shared the Jewish Identity scattered across places like Harar, Timbuktu, Judaea and Saba. Now while the Kebra Nagast says this marriage is how Judaism came to Ethiopia on a state level, Christianity came to Ethiopia on a state level by Frumentius, to the House of Ezana. This was in the same century that the nature of Iyesus Kristos and his gospels were chosen by the Bishops and dispersed around the world. Frumentius was one such "missionary" for the Roman Church whose seat was in Alexandria, Egypt.

Although all kings were now being crowned as the House of Solomon, representing the Lion of Judah (Iyesus Kristos), bearing all the titles and symbols and regalia of the Illuminated King, I am sure that the Lion symbol was used way before Christianity came on the royal scene. It was these kinds of similarities that might have made it easier for Frumentius to convert a worshipper of Mars and other deities. 

Because ancient Kings like Ezana worshipped the cosmos or planets and had their festivities by the signs of the constellations; another similarity that Ezana might have enjoyed was the story of the Mother and Son, and the son’s future success as king.  I have found that Virgo and Leo more than others, are signs or constellations which contributed a lot to the Mother and Son relationships in the Abrahamic tradition, namely the Persona of the Messiah or Great Warrior King, or Son, or David-Solomon dynasty.

While the story is really about the man-child she has, the Mother is the source of his manifestation, the provider of nourishment and of love. Virgo is the Mother, “the Woman in travail to bring forth" in Scripture first depicted by Eve. Eve and her son were the first allegory to symbolize Virgo, as the serpent would bruise the heel of her young son Cain. This is the same Woman and Son of Revelation 12, Genesis 3:15, and  Isaiah 7:14. The Woman’s seed is cursed to battle against Satan, as depicted throughout the life of Israel the chosen seed or sons of Eve, like the Davidic Kings. In the cases of patriarchs like Moses, Samuel, John, Solomon and Iyesus, if you notice in Scripture there is deep bond, a relationship of love and respect between the patriarch-kings-priests-prophets and their mothers. In terms of Judah’s kings, a beloved mother may only be known by a name or a deed, but she was mentioned alongside her son. The most important verses for the Wombman Proverbs 31, carries a legend of being written by a mother for a son, to demonstrate how important the bond was to producing a fruitful kingdom.

Being named “Branch” ( Jer 33:15, Zechariah 3:8) “Servant” “King of Kings” Lion of Judah” “Son” or “Man Child” or “Son of Man” (Genesis revelation 12, 14:14, Isaiah 9:6-7) are instances where David is being linked to the Son that sits upon the Virgin’s or Young Woman’s knee. In the heavenly Virgo the child is a star called COMA. The word Branch is actually a star in Virgo, so the link is not just one that is assumed, David is Virgo’s Son because of the word Branch. He is the Branch of Righteousness.

This bond of mother-son, the Madonna of Christianity, signifies the immaculate conception of the cosmos and earth, the fertility that the month and sign Virgo represents as well, as she is depicted with ears of corn/wheat in her hand; for the harvest is ready to be reaped. Virgo is fertility, the birth of life. Virgo is the Tribe of Asher, who shall “yield royal dainties” in Genesis 49;20. The reaping of what was sown or birthed from her womb is signified by the stars BOOTES or the man who reaps the earth with his sickle in Revelation 14:14-16,18. He is the Coming One, likened to the Branch, the awaited one to judge the earth (ps 96:13) 

Alongside Bootes is Centaurus or Cheiron or the Two Natured one. He is the sufferer, the despised to be wounded by Satan. Here lies the Ivine and Human duality of the Kristos King Iyesus as the Son of David. The two-natured one in this constellation is the sufferer who is sacrificed, being pierced. He is humiliated and then exalted. (Isaiah 53:3) so Virgo as a constellation depicts the life, nature and struggles of the Messiah.


Woman with Child, the Madonna, Virgo. Note the nimbus or halo on their heads depicting the Sun deity.

While Virgo deals with the coming prince, his humiliation, suffering at the hand of the serpent who bites; the tribulations of David and his sons; The king (which is really the Sun) is expected to gain the final victory eventually, and this comes from his rising in the sign of Leo, the House of the Sun. Leo is the fierce warrior, the active agent of creation bringing strength, courage and fire. Physically there is abundance and bright flourishing in the earth. All things are ripened by its corona of rays and growing to full maturity. David is a Lion King because he was born of the tribe of Judah which in the Ible was the warrior tribe, the lion tribe of the twelve sons or constellations. Judah became known by David and David by Jesus, being the Righteous Branch, Root and Conquering Lion. The number of the messiah is 5. Leo also is represented by 5 and July 23 is 5.

Leo constellation has four main star groups that give the story of the champion lion. First we have the Lion of Judah himself, rending, angry and reading to tear the head or trample the head of the hydra. Revelation 5:5, Genesis 49:8-10  (His Majesty as King, leader of the Army of Lion warriors)

The Hydra is the second, meaning the “abhorred,” despised enemy of the king that is bound in Revelation 20:2. The hydra is the serpent and the dragon as well, or Satan or winter or cold and the infertility of the earth in these months.  (the Serpent or Hydra or Satan is Mussolini, Rome, Babylon in Revelation prophecy, see the Book National Sunday Law. The war with Italy started and the king had to be exiled as He was bitten and temporarily  wounded by the serpent, this corresponds to Libra-Scorpio. But now in Leo the serpent is to be dealt with the by the Lion, as in the return from exile in 1941.)

The third group of stars is Crater or the cup of pouring out, the wrath, the fire and brimstone. It is also called a bowl Psalm 23, 75:8 and 11:6, Revelation 14:10, 16:9 and 19:20. (The Italian Ethiopian war, the road back to the throne by the Emperor)

Finally is Corvus or the raven, whose natural enemy is the snake. The raven breaks up the hydra, pecks at it – just as in Revelation 19 :17 when the angel calls the birds to the feast after the Lion of Judah, the King of Kings has defeated the enemy. (After the war, and the lion's allies take care of the Serpent's threats, Mussolini's dead body is left for the birds to feast upon. In Italy the people were the ravens, as they came and beat his body for all the bad he had done.)

By knowing the true story behind the constellation of Virgo and Leo especially it is clear that His Majesty's life was indeed like an epic story of Hercules. His entire life was "caught up to the throne of God" the Sun-Lion-King.

For further reading in Scripture focus on the Books of 2 Esdras, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Psalms and Revelation which speak much on this Virgo-Leo identity of David’s lineage.

Overall it cannot be denied that the Ethiopian Throne of David, installed by Emperor Menelik II and Glorified by Haile Sellassie I, manifests true order and power “as above so below”. Two of its most important symbols show this power, the tricolor flag with the lion symbol, and even trinity star symbol; as well as the coat of arms which is covered in symbols that point Leo and Virgo: branches, lions, swords. In addition to the scakes of Libra. In ancint days Libra and Scorpio were part if Virgo. Then  they were separated making twelve constellations. Virgo Leo also corresponds to the Sphinx which speaks on the virgin purity rising from animal nature.

 the Ethiopian Coat of Arms


 All these cosmic titles and thrones in the earth are based on the great Cosmic heavens, the Kingdom of God, the vast domain of the Light and Eternal Life – this is the everliving throne of the world that JAH RasTafari sits upon. All humans look to the heavens for Ivine connection and it cannot be denied that to truly overstand religion is to truly overstand cosmic science and its true preoccupation in man’s mind as it is the path to immortality. To Know JAH is to know what is happening all around InI, to overstand why Greco-Roman Babylon is so interested in the heavens and wants us to stay away from such under the threat of paganism and heresy. The Zodiac and the path of the Sun through it, is natural, it is knowing our earth and seasons fully, and seeing this as the blueprint of Jah’s handiwork. Psalm 147:4 and Psalm 89, Isaiah 40:26, Job 9:9, 38:31-2.

Kemet knew the truth and didn’t want Japheth to have it, so they coded it and this code was corrupted and maligned for allthe human race by Greco Roman religious colonization. Now is the time to truly know and see the Most High Livity Law and Light, and to overstand as I said that His Majesty’s cosmic birth is a mirror of all our cosmic births. InI are all Ivine Beings as humans are indeed made of star dust. The cosmos knows itself because of our manifestations, and our patterns under the twelve signs/constellation. And when InI accept our zodiacal balance as part of the key to “know thyself” then InI can see how our destiny is to return to it in purity and to heal all the oppressing ways of flesh, that our physical plane may align and reflect a greater cosmic order.

Sista Ila

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