Friday 8 April 2016

Homemade Scalp and Beard Oil

Skin Scalp and Beard Oil Recipe

Today I prepared a lovely natural organic oil for the family – for skin, scalp and beard.  It was expensive to get everything but at least I know we will get a few uses or bottles out of them – they should last a while. Rastafari and Muslims here in Trinidad go to a store in Port of Spain called Mustafa’s. But they sell all kinds of essential oils, the raw black soap, shea and cocoa butters from Afrika. You can even get incense and musks, all types of shampoos and baby items – literally everything. You can buy in bulk or in small quantity which is great too. But its better to buy in bulk and store.
If you live in a cold place, this oil may become more of a butter that will soften when it makes contact with the skin, so you cannot use a container like what i did, but something with a wide mouth.

Also pictured below is Miswak flouride free all natural toothpaste. Lots of great tooth pastes and powders come to Trinidad out of India.

1.5 -2  cups cold-pressed coconut oil
1 cup a mixture of cocoa and shea butter (4 big pieces of cocoa butter and 2 spoons of shea butter)
1 tbsp jojoba oil
½ tsp of rosemary oil
½ tsp bergamot oil
½ tsp tea tree oil
5 drops of patchouli oil
1 tsp sweet almond
1 Container with a fine spout ( a plastic condiment container from a variety store or dollar store)
Metal container and pot it can fit into
Metal teaspoon

Now this is a thick mixture so if you know you hate a lot of oil, lessen the Shea and cocoa butter to quarter cup. Shea and cocoa butter can also cause build up on the locks but I find them to be such good moisturizers still.  Good thing about this recipe is that you can tweak it to suit your tastes. 
You can use a combination of two or more oils or just one oil even, like olive oil or the coconut or sweet almond or jojoba, they are all good hair oils on their own. 

NOTE: I have found that shea butter causes me to get a serious acne break out - so I remade this oil eliminating both butters  - instead To make a light and simple oil that won't cause breakouts I use the coldpressed coconut oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and bergamot oil. i use this on my entire body and scalp while the rest of the family uses the recipe with the butters for their scalp and beard only not body. Again you can tweak as you wish!

So to start:

Put some water in the pot, bring to boil.

Set the metal bowl into the pot and in it, melt cocoa and shea butter. Use a metal spoon. Turn off the stove when the pieces are tiny they will melt on their own. Remove the bowl and swizzle the melted butters in the breeze to cool it instantly.

Pour into the container it will be kept it. Add in the other oils and cover. missing is the tea tree oil from the picture. in the line you can see how much from each bottle I used.

Apply this oil directly to the scalp and ends of natty after a hair wash. Massage the oil into the scalp and locks. Apply directly to the skin under the beard and massage well. I don't usually reapply to scalp unless I have an itchy area. I use shea butter to make the front hairs and my ends moist. Keeping the ends moist reduce split ends and breakage or shedding of the locks.

These particular oils chosen are good for skin and blemishes. They also nourish the skin/scalp improving wool and skin quality. The natty crown will have more lustre and be stronger, grow abundantly.  I recommend using this mixture should along with pure water and pure Afrikan black soap, to clear up acne and dandruff issues – and for the general maintenance of all nattys in the family! I will also be using it for underarms, and for blemishes on my face in hopes of reducing breakouts.

Here are some pictures of what I did for my princess today. I washed, dried for a bit then I separated her locks because our hair tends to matt up very badly. I then applied the oil all over her scalp directly and rubbed it in and palm rolled each after. I didn’t need to reapply oil very often the oil spread well.

Stay blessed and in good health!


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