Wednesday 2 November 2016

Four Lessons to gain from the Coronation of Emperor Haile Sellassie I

Blessed Ilah Honourable Coronation Selahbration to one and all RasTafari Idren on this day,

I give thanks for November 2nd 1930 as a constant reminder of the greatness and Ivinity of Emperor Haile Sellassie the First, Negus Tafari Makonnen. A Man who fought all odds to claim a seat of power that He knew was destined to be His no matter the socially accepted order of succession. The throne of Ethiopia was not just handed to HIM because He was the heir, it was an honour bestowed upon HIM because of His tenacity and Wisemind to do what was necessary to ensure it would become His.

That is the first lesson InI can learn about the coronation, that we must fight for what we know in our hearts to be our destiny. InI must know what our individual calling in life is, so that we can perform all necessary steps to fulfill that purpose. Our works must also be considerate of others, bring goodness to them, uplift their lives. The Emperor didn’t just gain a crown for HIMSelf, but for His people, that He could do what was right and necessary to ensure that their lives improved and that they were protected. This was His purpose, this was the fulfilment of His upbringing as a noble youth, son of a diplomat and leader of an army.

The second lesson InI can learn from the coronation is to stand tall in the presence of our enemies, to treat our enemies with respect and show them our worth even if they will not like it. The Emperor was crowned in front of twelve nations from around the world, namely Europe. He was well aware of the racist attitudes they had towards HIM, especially Great Britain ruled under King George V, but that did not deter HIM from making His legitimacy as Emperor known and respected. These nations bowed to HIM as He ascended a throne more ancient than theirs, in a country more powerful than theirs. Even if for a few days, He forced them to respect the Afrikan nation in its independence, which was a thing most hated by the Europeans. InI must learn to shine even when others cast nets of darkness, InI must see competition as a tool to strengthen ourselves for success. InI must use adversity to better ourselves.

The third lesson is the importance of unity between Husband and Wife, King and Queen. The Empress Menen Asfaw was joined to Her Husband the Emperor on that day eighty-six years ago. This was the first time in Ethiopian Istory that an Empress Consort shared the coronation ceremony of an Emperor. Empress Menen’s anointment as Queen was granted by the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church upon the request of Her Husband. She too took a vow to serve Her nation, to be a Guide and Help unto the realm and Her King. She did not merely gain a crown and high position that would move Her into the palace of Emperor Menelik II, but took on an enormous responsibility to share the Emperor’s work. There must be balance and equality in all aspects of a marriage. A wife is not there just to adorn her husband, she is there to uplift and improve him as he handles all the responsibilities and burdens that come with his position in life as a man. And vice versa as well, naturally. There cannot be one without the other. Life is better when there is full unity, love and mutual raspect between a husband and wife. The world they create together as One is beautiful and a thing of power and fruitfulness.

The fourth lesson, sealing the great fourfold journey of the I, Kristos (as represented in the Cross/Ankh/Tau which adorns the crown and orb) is within the symbolism of the crown itself. Coronation Day represents the bestowing of the Crown, the gain of power. In RasTafari InI wear the crown of the Ras, the Natty. InI must remember that the crown or Ras upon our heads is a sacred thing and also a symbol of authority – the authority InI gain over our minds, bodies and souls through our individual awakenings. The Natty represents, like the golden crown given to the Emperor and Empress, InI Jah-given Ivinity, it represents our Union with the Most I – Wisdom, Beauty and Life Iternal. 

The wooly crown is a sacred adornment to the body, it enhances our internal intuition, our connection to the vibrations that exist outside of our bodies. It is an antenna system that feeds upon and yet physically represents the awakening of our senses, the unlocking of our chakras/aritus/light centres in our bodies. The Ras sits upon the head, the head represents the dwelling of Kristos, together they are the pinnacle of InI Kristos-Consciousness. InI must therefore remember to raspect and treasure our crowns, to feed them correctly, both with Ital foods of Neter and with Truth and Wisemind. Our Crowns are manifestations of the glory InI receive through a personal connection with the Ivine I. InI must be conscious not to desecrate the crown with bad words, feelings of ill will towards others and dishonest, destructive works and attitudes. The Emperor and Empress are Figures of High Morality and Goodness and we must remember as Rastafari to emanate the attitude of Kristos in all things, to let our rootical crowns, our lion manes, be reminders of that. A crown is more raspected when its wearer behaves in a worthy manner.

Ultimately, it is the hard times, the difficult struggles that show forth the value of a crown and the greatness of the one who wears it. Let InI be reminded of this fact and shine forth with the power and majesty of a thousand suns.

I invite you to revisit other post I made a few years back on the symbolism of the coronation regalia.

Blessed Coronation Day one and all


Ila Addis

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