Wednesday 14 November 2012

RasTafari Creed and Anthem

Blessed Love

I just selabrated my earthstrong two days ago - just giving thanks for life and for having learned many valuable lessons. I look forward to 30 more years ahead with the grace of JAH. I feel clear of where I want to go and what I want to accomplish and I know that serving JAH's people is ultimately it in addition to building a strong family foundation. With all that I have not accomplished, with all that still haunts me - like my student loan debt - I give thanks that I live each day feeling a great measure of contentment, wisdom and optimism. What more could I truly ask for to see it through each day? JAH is always great and there is always a chance to do better once you see the sun rise!

I just want to share some important Word Sound that every Fari should be familiar with. though the versions may sometimes vary here are the RasTafari Creed and Anthem which are our most important word sound for Ises beyond Psalms:

the Creed is opened with the following Psalms:

1) Psalm 1
2) Psalm 121
3) Psalm 122
4) Psalm 133
5) Psalm 24

The Nyahbinghi Creed/
The Shepherd's Prayer of the Holy Piby

Princes and Princesses must trod out of Egypt,
Ithiopians now stretch forth their hands to Haile Selassie I, Rastafari
O' Haile Selassie I of Ithiopia, I'n'I Ivine Majesty,
Thy Irits come into I to dwell in the parts of righteousness.
Lead I'n'I, Help I'n'I to forgive that I'n'I must be forgiven
Teach I'n'I love, loyalty on earth as it is in Zion
Endow I'n'I with thy wise mind, knowledge and overstanding to do Thy will,
Thy blessing to I'n'I O Ras Tafari. Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed,
The sick nourished; the aged protected, and the infants cared for,
Deliver I'n'I from the hands of I 'n' I enemies that I'n'I must prove fruitful in these perilous days
When I'n'I enemies are passed and decayed
In the depths of the sea, in the depths of the earth or in the belly of a beast
Give I'n'I a place in thy Iverliving Kingdom
Through the Power of the Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords,
Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of Himself and Light of This World,
I'n'I Ivine Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I, Rastafari
First I-ncient King of Iration
The I art the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning Without End, the First and Forever,
The Protector of all human faith and the Ruler of the Iniverse
Thou art the only High Priest of the Order of Melchisedek,
Who Liveth and Reigneth Foriver.
I'n'I hail to I'n'I Father and King Emperor Haile Selassie I, Rastafari !
Almighty I, Rastafari. Great and Thunderable I, Ras Tafari !

The Rastafari Prayer

Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Mother of Creation
Our Father who art in Zion
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth as it is in Zion
Give us this day our daily bread
So let the words of our mouths
And the meditation of our hearts
Be acceptable in thy sight
O JAH our strength and redeemer
JAH who is seated in Zion
And reigns in the hearts of all flesh
O thou Most High eternal Father
Jahovia God JAH Rastafari
Hear us and bless us O Lord
Keep us and sanctify us all
And cause thine holy face to shine upon us thy children
So we shall be saved and redeemed
O thou Most High God JAH Rastafari
Holy King Alpha Selassie I JAH Rastafari
Holy Queen Imega Menen I JAH Rastafari!

The Royal Ithiopian Anthem

Ethiopia the land of our Father,
The land where all Gods and Goddess love to be,
As a quick cloud of might, so they gather,
God children are gathered to thee.

With our Red Gold and Green floating over us,
With our Emperor to shield us from wrong,
With our God and our future to shield us,
We hail and we shout and we sung.

God bless our Negus, Negus High,
And keep Ethiopia free,
To advance with truth and right,
To advance with love and light.
With righteousness set speeding we haste to the calling,
Humanity is pleading one God for us all.

Ethiopians: the tyrants is falling,
Who smote thee upon our knee,
And thy children are lustily calling,
From over the distant sea.

Jahovia the great one has heard us,
He has heard our sigh and our plea,
With a spirit of love JAH has brought us,
To be one through this coming age.

God bless our Negus, Negus High,
And keep Ethiopia free,
To advance with truth and right,
To advance with love and light.
With righteousness set speeding we haste to the calling,
Humanity is pleading one God for us all.

O Eternal God of this ages,
Grant unto our sons and daughters that live,
Thy wisdom knowledge understanding thou give to this ages,
When Isra'el was so in need.

Thy voice through the dim pass has spoken,
Ethiopia shall stretch forth our hand,
By thee all barriers be broken,
And heaven bless our dear mother land.

Love and prosperity!

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