Monday 22 April 2013

Tube Dress with Frill Tutorial

Greetings all Royal Dawtas

First I give thanks for the blessed selabration time, when I and I acknowledge His Majesty's visit to Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados. I hope every I was able to do something special or attend a binghi!
I myself just had a quiet family day, didnt make it to selabrations this year. Just can't do the late nights like before!

Before continuing, the RASTAWIFELINE GROUP IS UP ON FACEBOOK! Yay! finally we are live, so the reasoning and sharing of pictures, recipes and your own personal Iditations and Inspirations and questions can flow! hope to see you there sistren! please ask to join the group.

I made this tutorial also yesterday but didn't get to post it up til now. I been trying to make some comfortable dress for maternity but also to escape the horrible heat that we are currently having in Trinidad. I received an email from old navy which has been one of the only brands I;ve ever worn since a teenager. and I was looking at all the lovely maxi dresses and prints they have right now.

And it occurred to me that I have come so far, in that I more make my own clothes than buy them. I only buy underwear or tank tops. I make all my skirts and dresses myself, and if they are not of jersey they are of Afrikan print. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to make your own garments, but to also represent who you are and your style everyday. I like flowing maxi dresses and skirts with a top or shrug/jacket - that's my basic style in just different prints.

RasTafari is a Livity where everyday we are RasTafari, showing our faith in our appearance as much as in our words and deeds. To feel positive and to feel complete as a Sistren, dressing in the way of your faith or Afrikan heritage is as important as wrapping the crown or eating ital. RasTafari must give all Sistren a sense of royal confidence, wisdom, power and security. I personally feel like dressing myself, daughter and kingman is an important aspect of my identity as an Empress, makes me feel like I am really setting a good foundation. So I encourage all Sistren to pick up the sewing skill as well as crocheting skill. If you have to save for that machine, then start saving! you can do it. All answers you need for lessons can be found in a friend or online on youtube.  And trust me when I say you will be adequately and joyfully fulfilled by such a venture. Creativity gives much joy and positive energies to the body and Irit, truly priceles no matter what your creative outlet is.

So here's another tube dress, this time with a frill. very simple and straightforward.
Here's the link for the tube shrug. I used quiana fabric which is similar to jersey for this brown tube.


Sis Ila

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