Sunday 8 June 2014

Omega Strength in Balance and Truth

Blessed Love,JAH RasTafari Love and Light,

 This is like a delayed Mother’s Day post, not really that I promote that Babylonian farce, but in the general meaning of tribute, it was something that I should have done a long time ago. I am inspired by my Sistren who were recently featured as Women in the Trinidadian community that are doing something impactful. It is necessary that for once Trinidad see that Rastafari Women are hardworking wives and mothers,  and are positive role models for the young.  

And I want to tell all Dawtas to be proud of how things are, of how your life has turned out, because it is all part of your plan, your destiny, whatever you will it to be at this point in your life, as you do have freewill. Don’t wallow in self pity or feel discouraged. Rather, the more you tend to your own inner Goddess power as a Wombman wearing many crowns, the more your life will reflect that positive energy. What you think of your life and your self and how you feel about others, will manifest as your situation. You have control and you have to start using it the best you can, without haste, with patience and careful thought. 

I want to give thanks for what we all have in common: for the struggle to survive everyday, for the rewards of hardwork, for the blessings of the womb and the love and life that InI Mothers give and receive everyday. To all the Dawtas who have it hard right now and who struggling to keep the family unit together and under an Order; know and accept and glorify that no one else can do this for the earth or Iniverse but a Mother, a Wombman. Know that it takes time and nothing you do is in vain. So even if no one acknowledges your duties and care, and you feel invisible or unimportant, or second-rate; know that the Iniverse sees you, and acknowledges you, and that you are part of a collective of wombmanhood who are worldwide sharing that same love and energy and perseverance IN SPITE OF ALL THE B-S. You are part of an Iniversal Ivine Feminine Energy and you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be at your own talent, purpose and power! You have to keep your vizions alive, your dreams and aspirations and find time for your self. You have to make the time for the I, because no one else will!

Promise this moment to let the full moon be your reminder to love your Self, to nurture and cultivate your yoni. Promise to eat better, do better, surround yourself with better. Promise to maintain balance every day, promise to stop and calm down and be logical, to treat all as you want to be treated. 

I want to give thanks that Dawtas are being wiser about being mature wives, women, sistren. I am connecting with more and more dawtas who are serious and livicated to being strong Wombman, who are holding down their family whether with a kingman or not, and who are not seeking to do harm to others. I see Dawtas who behave as Empress Menen, regally, with self raspect, humble and earnestly striving to build New Jerusalem in their gates and mindspace. You are royal Queens, and your creative energies as Mothers is filling the Afrikan Nation with positive images and energies I pray will continue to build and multiply in your youts!

I am seeing that a lot of InI Rastafari Dawtas are on the Right path: Ital vegan foods, self-employment, homeschooling, yoga, and fitness, healthy recreation and friends, embracing positive natural beauty images and practices,  self-education, self-expression through talent, community service and activism. I commend the Dawtas for all the works you are doing everyday. And again, YOU ARE NOT UNNOTICED. You don’t even need to take a selfie to feel noticed. JAH is there showing you yourself everyday in the good vibez and people that are coming your way.

 I give thanks that the Irits of the Ankhcestors are reaching to the four corners of the Earth to
accomplish the rebirth of Alkebulun. For it is within our resurrection to truth that Afrika is reborn to

greatness. Wombman has always been the lock to the key, the earth to the seed of life. We have to be
fertile mentally and physically and Iritually. There is a ripening in the Earth right now for Queen Omega, for Mama, the Creatress the Womb and Regenerator of all things. No more self-hate and destruction and enslavement to carnal woes! Dawtas are breaking free from the shackles that European supremacy and religion used to keep us quiet, passive, childbearing slaves to men and their obsession with our bodies. 

And it is through Kemet that I see this happening, a Land where the WOmbman was most high and holy, the vessel of the God, a Queen and Mother of the holy line. Like Candaces for centuries Dawtas of Afrikan descent are going back to the Truth and feeling good about their Natural selves: the Laws of Maat, the use of colour, stones, essential oils, the use of grains and vegetables, teas and bath salts, loose clothing and wraps, dreadlocks and natural hairstyles, clay packs and candles, music, spoken word, libations and moon mapping, sacred Wombman gatherings and black business collaborations.  InI are community builders and it is through these livity principles of Kemet that I and I are finding back our communal love, our status as Queens. 

So In embracing all these Goddess attributes whether inspired by Kemet, Empress Menen or other ancient Wombman of Right; I really want the Sistren to dig deeper and deeper and never stop seeking answers to things that you might question. Never feel too comfortable to give your Irit more upliftment through knowledge. It is necessary in this time of pleasant deceptions or distractions from self awareness to go really hardcore into the knowledge of the ancients. For while we may adopt certain livity principles like yoga and juicing and using crystals and so on, our mindspace needs to be healed and rebuilt soundly as well, or these principles will come and go like fads.

Speaking seriously from my own experiences, all the commandment-keeping in the world, while it will  protect you from indiscretions and doing wrong, will not make your mental state of mind free from peril. So there needs to be more attention to that mental taba or landscape, to Intellectual enlightenment for the true joyfull Irituality of every Queen and King. We talk about Alpha and

Omega but Alpha is Wise Mind of Iniversal Law, and Omega is Natural Ital manifestations of said Word-Seed. So If InI only focus on the Mama through livity and how we treat our bodies, then we are not truly achieving Zion within. Realistically, If your mind isn’t balanced with knowledge then livity will be harder to maintain, or burdensome, empty.  It will not do anything to improve your situation or how you feel about or cope with your situation. No amount of ‘Rasta Knowledge’ and Bible quoting can make up for being an Iniversal fool either. Familiarization with all ancient Black philosophy is essential. You don't have to commit everything to memory and be an encyclopedia but keep a notebook of facts that can support your lifestyle. Reason with others, take time to watch the abundance of documentaries available on youtube. Knowledge of life, which is there here and now, is its own medicine, it makes your body feel awakened, and once you know something it is there to stay. 

The type of Livity that Kemet lived by - for Kemet was the site that housed all the ancient Wise Mind of the last Golden Age before it was destroyed – was to live with the end-goal of union with JAH, to live as god and goddess in flesh and beyond flesh. Rastafari always talk about being Gods in flesh and part of the great God the I and I - and yet we know nothing about the True God if we shun Kemet! We are being blocked by all the dysfunction that is forced into our minds everywhere all the time. 

Nothing I say or post is to cause upset or harm, but to recreate your confidence in yourself as a Queen Mother Goddess. I am learning that the Sun and Zodiac are the basis of religion because our Earth and all upon it are all in tuned to them – and no other planet has our zodiac either people!   No one individual suffers when they use the properties of their sign and the elements that enhance and heal in that sign. To know the Father, is another whole cosmic world of Ital health and livity that gives mental and emotional balance and corrects our body functions, that we aren’t even in tuned to because of words like pagan, occult and heretic. Occult knowledge is Hermetics, Kemetics, and occult means HIDDEN as does the word AMEN. Nothing that came from Afrikan should be hidden

 or scary for Afrikans to learn about!

Again it’s about breaking free from the Uncle Tom mentality telling us that the Church is the only good and right thing  - when the reality is that the Church is dumbing everyone down to the truth, maligning astrology and downplaying the importance of scientific worldly awareness to spirituality. It focuses on sin and reinforcing that all the animal human knows how to do is sin, when if the animal human was taught about its true duality of cosmo and earth, then a proper balance of right would be easily restored. But they can’ t have you well and in tune, and balanced or Big Pharma would also suffer along with the Church.

All along we have known the terms “Love and Light” and lmmortal Life, and Oneness and reincarnation, and transmutation (turning sin/animal nature/lead into righteousness/spiritual natural/gold) and so on; but we don’t truly know until we go back to Kemet and India and study the ankh and ‘swastika’ and ‘cross’ and the reasons for mummification or the Sahu and all these ancient rites and symbols that invoke or honour the duality of the man/wombman

InI as Wombman can know ourselves and our spouses and children better and alleviate a lot of strife and misunderstanding in the family, just by having this cosmic knowledge and its direct influence on the Earth and humanity through the “holy science” or astronomy. These sciences are ours, created by OUR ANCESTORS THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO BE ALIVE TODAY. They are ALKEBULAN and it is time to RECLAIMTHEM for a TRUE HEALING OF THE NATIONS. 

Please Know that I find my balance between all that I am learning about religion/Christianity (which continues to make me very apprehensive towards too much play in it) and my appreciation of the Bible and His Majesty’s Christian Throne; because I know that the symbols of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church are the same as the ancient Kemetic Hermetics (the Greek writings taken from Kemet’s Thoth). I know Christianity is diluted Hermetics. When I see a picture of His Majesty with all His medallions, I see “occult” symbols of stars and compasses.  I know that they hold the same ancient Truth and Wise Mind but it has been lost because of European influence or corruption for the purpose of creating slaves or passive citizens of the Roman empire (that is why Rasta bunn-out Pauline Church as Paul is also a fictitious tool for spreading corrupt teachings against Godliness in flesh such as the law of total depravity: you are full of sin and can never be good or pure or worthy – this is a lie! as Tarrus says “Love created I”). 

Again I call back to mind The Book of Enoch and Jubilees, they are astrotheological for example, but moreover they are books sacred and exclusive to Ethiopia’s Christianity! And so there must be a connection there, the oldest root must support the newest branches. But InI cannot depend on the priests to do it. They can only fulfil the ritual roles that many Rasta may still understandably need in their lives by being part of the Church congregation. I’m not telling anyone to be or not to be part of the EOTC, I am just saying BE AWARE and take care of your salvation, your Iritual solar Being that is happening NOW. I feel like we have all wasted so much of our lives just by being kept in the dark!

So as Rasta InI always owe it to ourselves to not get stuck at the symbols and the ritual of religion, but to use the symbols to find the truth that created Orthodoxy and the Ethiopian Davidic Throne, by piecing together as much as we can from the past. InI have to go beyond to the ancient use of these symbols and names and prayers to find the true theology that Christianity has corrupted or hidden with its Greco Roman whitewash.

By learning about the philosophy of Kemet, beyond the Feminine Ital treatments that Queen Afua recommends in Sacred Woman,  we can find the true meaning behind the Neteru and Christian rituals, ceremonies and holidays. We can see the meaning of baptism and resurrection as truly cosmic events that really happen every year, and which affect our bodies as yearly  spiritual evolutions. Even though Iyesus is the Sun going through its twelve month feat in the Age of Pisces, this is not to say that there is no value there anymore cuz it’s just “the Sun.” the personified mystical teachings or his word sound are totally valid if we know the Hermetics behind it. The death and rebirth of Kristos makes sense if we can apply it to our own souls as individual suns that must journey from weak to strong, rising from dust to full illuminated glory.I am not fixating on who was real or existed in flesh I accept that these names and stories are all part of the puzzle of KNOW THYSELF. For your own real well-being, the rites, the livity, all of the iconic things that make up our Identity need to be balanced by knowledge!  Knowledge is salvation. 

So to the Mothers of Creation again I call out and say, I see you, the Iniverse sees you, you are - in honour of our newest ankh-sistar Maya Angelou - a Phenomenal Woman! I believe in you, I am here for the I, you have the power of JAH in the I and it is there helping you already. Now is the time to make it grow and uplift your family even more than you thought. There are no limits with LIGHT, LOVE AND LIGHT. Just be confident and see that you have everything to gain in taking control of your own Ivinity, your own solar spark and message to the Iniverse which is yours alone to give! I salute you for trying, because the hardest thing is to keep trying!

Peace and Power in all Movements,
Sis Ila


  1. Blessed Ras Ila, give thanks. So much wisdom and positivity, always balanced and deeply reasoned.
    One soul parent sista giving thanks for the upliftment.

  2. Thank you sista.
    Ameyn and


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