Monday 21 January 2013

How to Sew Cute Girl's Maxi Skirts with Elastic Belt


Continuing with my sewing tutorials - as Ive been doing a little lately - here are two maxi skirt's for your princess that you can make to keep her stylish and proud of her Afrikan culture. one is moreo f a pencil-maxi, and the other is a puffy maxi.

Happy sewing sistren! Tank top tutorial to follow. I also made the black jersey shirt just by using a Tshirt, cutting the outline and sewing it up and hemming the neckline, arm and bottom.


Please note also that this tutorial teaches the SIstren how to make the elastic belted maxi instead of inserting the elastic into the fabric - this method is much nicer and more stylish: check out some that i have done - even my denim maxi with pockets I refashioned with this belt. (note the accessories in these photos are for sale you can check


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