Thursday 31 January 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Represent!

Greetings sistren

Today I just want to share a pic in my Ites Gold Green. It's not often I dress in my full RasTafari Ethiopian Afrikan Garb, cuz I'm an earthtones kinda gal - love my green and brown, those kinds of colours. But sometimes we as sistren just have to royal it up and dread it up in babylon. some older more "religious" people dont like to see us in our full Ethiopian wear, it's foreign to them and just ridiculous cuz it's not western. but to others it's rather intriguing because they admire our rebel spirit to be different and to reclaim something that has been oppressed for too long.
point in case - represent JAH and the Motherland with pride and with knowledge.
I was inspired by the book im currently reading From Babylon to Timbuktu by Rudolph Windsor. it's a book that i bought to see if it had any more information i could add to my own works on the Ethiopian Origin of the Hebrews. It really made me feel good to read it because he has the same info and conclusions that I have tried to point out using Scripture and a few other historical sources such as Josephus. I definitely recommend gettin it if you can.
Ethiopia, Arabia, Israel - all black races of Asia and Afrika, and at one time the Israelite way of life or religion was once spread across all these kingdoms by kings and of the course Queen of Sheba before Christianity and Islam came in centuries later. Indeed the "Jews" ruled Ethiopia on both the left and right side of the Red Sea - Asia and Afrika was once all Ethiopia - two Ethiopias divided by water, and also Israelite by religion - as I said Abraham's Covenant extends from the Nile to the Euphrates - it's truer than the White world would have us believe.

Much love and power to the Sistren

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