Saturday 26 January 2013

How to Sew or Refashion a RasTa Panel Jean Skirt

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I saw a sis was searching for this kind of tutorial, and I had this one here for the longest time, but never posted it. 

red, yellow, green cotton fabric, 1 yard each to be safe.
lining fabric, 1 yard
thread to match your jeans, and another thread if you want, to sew up the banner
yard rule
sewing machine
heavy duty sewing machine needle
newspaper or any other large paper roll

With this tutorial, you are basically making a Banner first, and then cuttin it into a triangle to insert into the jeans skirt. I am not really providing measurements because every jeanskirt will be different in length and size.
Note that with this tutorial I made the mistake of not making the red panel longer in length, so it came out a very small triangle at the top. So it's important that the panel at the top be at least 2" longer than the other two panels I think. the top panel can be either red or green it's up to you.

1. First open up your jeans pant with scissors. use the rule and chalk to mark out a triangle and cut off that excess fabric both front to back.

It's good to cut away some of the bulky part of the jeans in the crotch area because you could break the needle, and the onle crotch seans aren't needed.

Zig zag these edges so the fabric won't fray. I do this because you don't want to have holes in the skirt after you wash and wash.

2. Place about two sheets of newspaper together long sides together and tape them together.

Place that under the front of the skirt or in between the skirt layers. Use a marker and your rule to trace out that triangle.

Cut out the triangle.This is your template for the fabric.

3. On the jeans like in the picture, mark out the three panels, making sure you don't make the bottom panel too long as I did my green.

measure each length from your markings for the three panels. add 2.5" to the length of the top panel, 1" to the length of the middle panel and 1.5" to the length of the bottom panel.

the width you will cut each panel at is the width of the bottom of the triangle plus some extra inches
- make sure you have at least 4 inches extra to be safe because you need seam allowance.

4. cut out your panels two in each colour for front and back of the skirt. I cut them all at the same width making a banner, which i then cut into a triangle.

To make the banner join the panels together in this order:
 Yellow panel over red panel and pin On the other side of the yellow, pin it over the Green panel, making sure that your seam will be the same.

 Sew the 3 pieces together at these two points, using a ½ seam for both lines. Zigzag ends together. Repeat for other panel.

5. Make the hem of the bottom panel using two 1/2" folds, press and sew in place.
6. Place newspaper over the two banners and cut out the should definitely not cut it out at the exact size of the triangle, but put a 2"seam allowance all around first.

Also cut out the lining pieces too the same size as the panels.
Join the lining and RGG panel by zigzagging the edges altogether.

7. Line up the ready panels inside of the skirt doing one side at a in place.
Draw two lines on the front of the skirt where you will sew, if you want to.

Sew in the first panel. I usually pin up the bottom of the panel at the jeans so it wont stick out.

Do the same thing for the back, finished!

     I hope it works for you!


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