Friday 8 February 2013

How to Sew a Tube Dress - the ILA Roots Dawta Dress

Blessed Love every I!

I finally made something that you can wear out  for a date night with your KingMan or to a special occasion, the first dress I ever made for myself was in this style, especially because I hate sleeves - in the tropics you need to be cool! But because I personally don't really wear tubes anymore without a jacket or scarf as I matured in the livity, I stopped making them, so this is the first Roots Dawta Dress Ive made in a lonnngg time. Im pretty pleased with how it came out. I styled it without a shoulder covering so you could see it properly, but do check the tutorials on how to make the Ises wrap and the Shrug so that you can be appropriately covered if going to a formal Rastafari gathering.

This dress can also double as a skirt, but because of the inside zigzag stitching, doing that is up to you since it will show through - your thread would have to be an exact match and the top part probably in black for you to pull it off properly.  or I can recommend making two side seams for the jersey top instead of one seam at the back, and then sewing the elastic into the seams one time at the halfway mark. that way you wont have any zigzag stitches to hide.

Happy sewing Sistren!

Sis Ila

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