Tuesday 25 March 2014

Blessed Empress Day

Blessings to the Royal Dawta Nation of RasTafari on this Hola Day which I call EMPRESS DAY!

If there is one time of the year which a Sistren should heartically reflect on her trod thus far in RasTafari: it's this day (of course it should be an on-going thing but you know what I mean!)
March 25 1883 *Ethiopian* or 3 April 1891 *Gregorian*

Empress Menen Asfaw is THE Queen Omega Ilect, the Leading Empress of RasTafari worldwide.
She is InI Iritual Mother, Role Model, Inspiration and Teacher. Without Her there would be no Black Afrikan Queen in our generation to look up to - She is truly the Omega, the last Afrikan Queen to sit upon a ruling/influential Afrikan throne.

Have you ever really sat down and seriously thought about the life of this magnificent Wombman?
Of Her character and legacy of works?
A skilled craftswoman from girlhood, A Loving and Devout Mother and Wife/Homemaker, a Patroness to the Church of Her Faith, A keen Business Woman, a Charitable Volunteer and Fundraiser, Landowner, Temple Builder, School Builder, Woman-Supporter and Counsellor...and the list probably goes on and on for those who intimately knew the Empress.

For I, She is a Wombman who shared a vision of a better Ethiopia and Afrika with Her KingMan Emperor Haile Sellassie I.
A Wombman Who  I believe, was the first Afrikan Wombman to create a school for the education of girls: for She represented millions of generations born of tradition where sons were favoured, a tradition that dates back before history was recorded.This is one thing about Empress Menen that truly inspires I personally: Her will to educate young women. Because doing such means helping create a better world. the Empress knew from Her own experiences and those of others, what was needed in Her land in Her community. She was not afraid to do something ground-breaking that would eventually be beneficial to all once allowed to bear fruits. And in time the Itege Menen School for Girls grew and excelled and changed the hearts of parents throughout Ethiopia one at a time.

When We as Wombman embrace our motherhood and extend our love and nurturing powers to the community, we heal a lot of broken hearts and open wounds that exist in many homes, we give others the attention and guidance they need to be confident and make better decisions in their lives. We dont have to personally know other's situations to help and inspire them. Just by using our passion, drive, intellect, knowledge, skills, love and voices, I and I Wombman can make positive ripple effects.

No one on earth is more influential than a Wombman on a mission, and Empress Menen through Her Life Story, encourages I personally everyday to never give up or in on I visions of a better tomorrow for my yutes and all RasTafari yutes - and one way I focus on the yutes is by reasoning to the I Mothers, to empower the I so all can forward and do good works for self and others.

 I see what is missing for the yutes: they have no education resources or spaces or groups to call their own, and what does exist benefits a very few and not all RasTafari. I and I are so focused on culture in appearance and other avenues but as a global Nation have failed to put in place Afrikan education resources for all to use. Where are our RasTafari youth groups, school books, literature, curriculum, toys, apparel, movies and cartoons and so on? These things exist in small pockets around the world but there is no established model or foundational resource for all to tap into. This needs to change because mainstream globalized society is corrupt and has even more influence on the yutes than ever before. Too many RasTafari families face problems with their yutes wanting to cut their dread and "be like everybody else" because they have no support system or socialization with others like them. This needs to change for the sake of their future joy and confidence in self. InI as mothers have to band together to help our yutes, knowing through our own experiences how hard growing up in Babylon can be!

RasTa Wombman today have many ambitions, but InI abundantly share creative talents such as natural living, design and entertainment. I encourage Dawtas to add to your list of aspirations and duties, the education of others - whether it is in your home, neighbourhood, friends circle, online or in poetry, books, school materials, support groups, workshops, book clubs, or other outlets/materials - whether it's about Rasta, Ital, Afrikan Istory, crafts, or sharing a special skill you have, set apart some time to do good works for the yutes of Rastafari. Let it be InI global mission to focus on them and not just ourselves the adults. We can set aside a little income each month for these initatives through tithes and personal goodness. Let InI hold parties and fairs for them and not just dances for ourselves. let there be youth gatherings n not just adult oriented vibes, more homeschool cooperatives and online blogs and communities, youth chatrooms or forums, lunches outdoors, excursions, vacations, staycations, camping - let InI get together and be accountable as families and build a solid foundation in JAH.
I know you feel what I am saying.
I am not talking about how much money we need to do these things, I am talking about comitting to making it happen, last and succeed! When there is commitment and livication, visions manifest no matter the financial situation!

At the end of the day, let it be that I and I never forget that I nI as RasTafari have taken the baton passed by JAH RasTafari Alpha and Omega: to rebuild the Afrikan community, to repair the damage of Europe. I and I must use all our efforts, pool all our resources and be more trustworthy and trusting of others. Too many RasTAfari efforts come to naught from dishonesty and disagreements and it ends up in our perpetual stagnation as a people. Let I and I be inspired by Empress Menen to come out of our sleeping state and take back the minds of our young people from mainstream corruption. The yutes of RasTafari need InI Mothers to love and guide them, to take the extra time to teach them about their people and their roots so that they will never stray from JAH which is TRUTH and RIGHT.
Selah! Love and Joy on Empress Day and from now til April 3rd!

Empress Menen Love and Itection Itinually my dear Sistren

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