Monday 31 March 2014

Sesame Kale Recipe

Blessed Love

 I do hope this day proved for all Dawtas to blessed and upfull. Today it was a holiday in Trinidad, so we just kicked back at home, but my princess went to the movies with a cousin. Now that the prince is resting I have a moment before a movie, to post the next recipe!

I had never tried cooking kale before, everytime I eat it, it is as lettuce in a salad. But lately the kale is so fibrous and thick that it actually takes too much out of my teeth to chew it for so long! So I decided to sautee it and of course I did it in my own style. It's super fast and a great addition to plantain, jasmine rice and split pea stew/dahl.

So here it is:

finely chop

4 cloves of garlic
1 small onion

 1 pimento
2 chives/green onion
as many leaves of kale as you need for your servings
a few leaves of patchoy (if you wish)
a few okra (if you wish)
grate a thumb of ginger

In sesame oil (tablespoon or more) sautee the fresh seasonings first for 2 minutes
add the greens and sautee for two minutes until they turn bright green
add a few dashes of Braggs Soy Sauce.
Remove from heat and that is it! Remember the idea is just to soften the kale not to actually cook it for too long. you can use a fry pan or stir fry pan or wok, whatever you use for your veggies.

I hope the rest of your strong/week is productive and filled with good thoughts and rewards of Positive living.

JAH RasTafari Alpha Omega Itinue to Shine upon and Guide the I and I


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your Kale recipe. I too tried it raw but found it difficult to eat but I'm willing to try it sauteed. ~ Peace & Blessings ~

    1. This was quite delicious so I. Hope you like it too

  2. Blessings sistren! How can I follow your blog?!

  3. Blessing sistren! How can I follow your blog?!

    1. Greetings! U can add me on Google+ if you wish. I think there is a subscribe button on this page but I'm not sure if it isn't working.


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