Monday 24 March 2014

Trinidad Ranch Cashew Everything Dressing

Selamta Sela Omega I!

In my absence I've been creating some new recipes, and those who are friends with I on social media would have seen some of these meals, and I really have wanted to post for the longest while but as I sit to type at the computer the prince is calling or something else needs to be done! Even my business is suffering in terms of my daily promotions and so on, and being self-sufficient as a RasTa mama, wife, community nurturer (even if online more than anything these days!) and business wombman means that you don’t necessarily have help at hand to share duties. A little bit every day, one step at a time, and finally I am making more time to ensure I post here on RasTa Wifeline and stop letting good posts and thoughts stay with I self.

 I start with my personal cashew cheese recipe, which I believe to be much more flavour full that most online. I like cashew cheese or sauce or dip or spread or paste depending on how you use it - because it is so versatile and such a great substitute for those cheese cravings and munchies. Not quite guilt free because nuts are fattening for some but this sure beats back most snacks! And although nuts are not free for everyone to use because of allergies, this is a great recipe you simply must try if you can safely.

Use this recipe to create a vegan ranch salad dressing, a cheese paste for bread or crackers (Wholewheat Crix taste the best!), a dip, a baked or unbaked mac and cheese sauce and as vegan eggless mayo for cold slaw or veggie burgers! Try it with my Quinoa patties. Yes it is that versatile and it all depends on whether you use it warm for mac n cheese, room temperature as a raw veggie dip or chilled to make a thicker paste for bread and crackers! I take mine out of the fridge for a short little defrosting before use.

Now buying cashew nuts (unsalted and plain) is expensive so this is not a weekly recipe, but certainly a monthly treat - in Trinidad I spend $50 on one bag to make this cheese and it lasts my kingman and I 10 days the most - definitely use within 14 days and always store in a sealed glass jar - mason jars are awesome for this recipe and all your homemade salad dressings. Apple cider vinegar or lemon juice are great additives to keep these recipes fresh in the fridge or on ice if you are eating outdoors.

Ila's Trinidad Ranch Dressing
Cashew Cheese Dip Sauce and Mayo

1.5 cup cashew nuts unsalted

1 tsp tumeric

1 pinch cumin

2 pinch sea salt

1 tsp ginger powder

(1 tsp coconut powder) optional

1 medium to large onion (the more onion the richer the flavour)

5 chive or green onion tops (and bottoms if you wish)

1 pimento pepper (or any pepper mild or spicey to your tastes)

4 large cloves garlic

¼ cup odourless coconut oil (Nariel is great if you are in Trinidad)

1 cup warm water

Juice of 1 lemon or 1/4 cup Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Combine all ingredients in the blender and blend up until it is smooth. 
You will have to stop and move it around with a spatula or spoon to get it going. 
Add extra water slowly if too thick.
Refrigerate overnight before use for best flavour. 
Store in mason jar or clean reused jar up to 14 days.

I love it for breakfast as cheese paste on a toasted bun with green leafy veges (kale or patchoy/bokchoy) and tomato inside.
Look out for my Rainbow Raw Vegetable Slaw which will use the dressing as mayo!

 Have a blessed and productive strong (week) Beloved Ilahfull Nation.

This strong I urge the I to Remember to...

PAY attention to YOUR world not your money: your thoughts, actions, words, activities, creations, interests, upsets, happy moments - take IT ALL IN
Iditate: give thanks for what has been, what is and what is to come. You have a purpose here and now and tomorrow, give thanks for that and seek to overstand and innerstand WHAT and WHO the I IS and has been.
JAH no dead, JAH is here in InI everytime I call HIM Hola Name and Reason Ites. 
JAH is all around...what InI give, InI receive, as above so below, what is within is also without. What cannot be seen is yet in plain site if InI just continue to seek and learn and oppose this rat race of nonsense and ignorance...
Hail the Ingels of light love and life that are JAH, Neter, Selah-See-I RasTafAri
GIve thanks for the hola sacrament in unfolding the mystikal know-lidj of JAH RasTafari. 
Be still and Thank HIM and HIH for Their Itinual Inspiration to RasTafari  to be Love, Justice and Truth, For Their encouragement to return the glory of Afrika to Her and live better lives for the sake of all Life each day!
Selah JAH RasTafari!


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