Wednesday 26 December 2012

The Working Powers of the Law

Greetings One and All Idren,

I hope that this season has not caught you being obligated to pay homage to the Xmas season against your own wise-mind and will. I was truly tempted to reason on Xmas and what it truly means to remind ones of why RasTafari bunn out these seasons of Babylon - but the chance never came up. I don't know if I will reason on it immediately - should I?
So instead I am offering a continuation on the reasoning about the Law and Isra'el. The following is a recap but in point form:

The Working Powerof  the Law (A recap)

Knowing the Law is one thing, but seeing the benefits, purposes and prophetical consequences of living within JAH's Way is another. The joy in Natural Right discipline is knowing what it can do, what great works it can accomplish for the benefit of personal wellness and of course, Rastafari Redemption. I and I should consider the general working of the law or in other words, how it is of use to us and the effects it has upon us.
The Law, though it is a very strong disciplinary force that battles daily against the desires of the ego, is a great gift for I and I as children of the Promise, and is party to the fulfilment of the Covenant of Abraham which is truthfully a conditional Order and Blessing. By becoming familiar with the Law of Isra'el, I and I are able to unify ourselves within the Rastafari Identity establishing an order to our Name and Way of Life which aids in separating ourselves from Babylon while in exile, in coming together for repatriation and finally and most importantly plants a foundation for our new life in Shashemene, or in whatever Afrikan territory I and I rest.
As Rastafari, adapting a lifestyle that is rooted in the Principles of Godliness is very important, and is an honour to the lives and Ensamples laid out before us by Ras Tafari Makonnen and Woyzero Menen Asfaw as Ithiopians and as Rulers of Judah (Jerusalem and Sheba-Addis Abeba) and Protectors of Levi - the stronghold of all Israel's  and Rastafari's power.
Didn't Yesus ask the Nazirenes to follow Him and to fish more souls for His New Testament to the Old Faith, Covenant and Church? Didn't our King of Kings bid us to do the same, giving us Orthodox churches in the West, reminding all Ithiopians of key points of the Livity and Covenant along the way, such as repatriation, nation building, Sabbath, dressing in gender appropriate attire,  fidelity and raspect for one another and property? Aligning our Livity better with that of Ithiopia, while maintaining our unique Identity as the Dreaded Nazirites, Nazirenes, Restored Beta Israelites or whatever identity one chooses, is for the greater good of Rastafari.
There are many identifiable working powers of the Ithiopian, Mosaic and Nazirene Laws of righteousness, purity and love which sanctify Rastafari everywhere I and I stand firm and bless JAH Rastafari, Who is the Holiest , God-Sent Prophet Priest and King to walk the earth in over two thousand years. Not only did He walk as Melchizedek, but He was given the ultimate prophetical work of restoration. Honouring JAH’s hola way is therefore a tribute to this Work of JAH in our lifetime.
            The most important working function of the Law is to make us hola as JAH is hola. This requirement is the first and greatest Commandment muttered alongside “be fruitful and multiply (in righteousness not procreation by unfeeling, fleeting fornication).” It is what JAH requires most above all things. We can look at being hola or holy as “Whole-ly” in the sense of being set aright again, right side up, back to the First Creation Adam who was initially created a pure soul and flesh.  Holiness is well-being, rationality, goodwill and all positive things which make us truly happy, inspired and ever-living.
The Law establishes balance between man and nature, and among all races of humanity.
The Law is the guideline for the flesh, that ones might be separated and bound to the God-Self. Furthermore, it isn’t for one to make the Law a reminder of sin, it is for one to use the Law as a reminder of holiness.
The Law is the blueprint to morality to help us be good to others and not cause pain through adultery, murder, theft, abuse, neglect, and so on. They are the basic guidelines to living a good life which is recognized as the righteousness of mankind and the Law of JAH's Creation, which from the first seven days, was made “Good.”
It establishes goodwill which is the first step toward love joy and peace.
It establishes raspect and order in the family, keeps us in check and humble and also weary of authority in the home which extends to JAH, church, school, work.
The Law creates temples of righteousness, which are the dwelling places of JAH. The holy ordinances of Isra'el and Ethiopia teach wisdom and truth because they are based on the basic laws of Creation that determine how life should perpetuate. Because we can create and change doesn't always mean that we are Right or justified. Wise-Mind makes sure that I and I remain true to ourselves, which in return is what makes us thrive.
The Law is there to save us from vanity and lust which are strong emotions that cause us to abandon right and goodness to satisfy our bodies and self-esteemed. The Law curbs hunger for selfishness, self-righteousness, narcissism and harsh upon others - feelings which cause one to do anything without serious regard.
The Law sets us back on the Right path when we are misguided, overcome by addiction, hate or depression, and have been leading a life filled with pain, wickedness, ill will and selfishness.
The Law shows us the error, corrects us when we are big enough to take heed.  It makes I and I aware of the presence of JAH by means of the Conscience. Once we are aware of our wrongs, we cannot truly act upon them without some measure of inner turmoil. This is what JAH wants from every one of us – for I and I to be aware of our actions, words and intentions. - to consider HIM and the Right in all things for our own well-being.
In reference to the two sets of foundational Commandments given to Isra'el, first by Moses and much later by Yesus Kristos, both served to isolate a group of related Black and mingled families and cleanse them from the ways of the modern, colonial world which ruled by the oppressive rod of the Anti-Christ. How figures like Moses, Isaiah, Ezra, or Yesus Kristos approached their confused, enslaved people, was no different to how Emperor Haile Selassie I approached the members of the Afrikan continent. Rastafari represent those who heard of His appearance as King of the Throne of David and Judah, and ran to His side ready for restoration and Black Self governance.  The power of the law is magnified by the interconnectivity and common goal between the Old and New Testaments: to renew and recreate the hola nation Isra'el, with all wholly redeemed peoples of the world, especially ruled by Ethiopian New Jerusalem where the queens, kings and priests are separated to the Lord.
The Law makes us less carnal, and more of God, of JAH. It empties the toxic mentalities in our flesh so that the Kristos of Ever-living life can blossom and flourish.


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