Monday 3 December 2012

Taking Up the Cross of Kristos

Greetings Dawtas of Ithiopia,

I just want to give a little strength and encouragement for the daily trod. I know sometimes it can be hard to just be RasTafari, even though you already know and live RasTafari. Sometimes external forces rise up and try to shake your hola foundation. These are tests of faith that must be met with diligence, truth and love for JAH and right. They are part of taking up the Cross of JAH RasTafari, to live and walk as Kristos lived and walked.

Sighting RasTafari is not an easy trod, it is filled with ups and down, round-abouts, doubts and uneasiness. But one thing that cannot be compromised in all those ups and downs, is the truth and the mission of I and I. No matter what each individual Ras experiences, JAH RasTafari remains the same. Because of that, only the Lioness-hearted can serve the reality of RasTafari livity as it comes with its knocks and prejudices, only true faith in JAH can see a Dawta through.

Not only is it hard just to accept JAH and Kristos in flesh and to change one’s life to reflect that awakening in the Word or Law; but it is hard to maintain old relationships that do not support the new change of mind and heart – the learned wisdom and overstanding of JAH. Wisdom requires one to act justly and correctly, to shun abomination and evil. The reality is that in Sighting up, every Ras develops new thoughts, new viewpoints, a new way of carrying on and living – the Personality of JAH is consciously received and reflected. That means that who you used to be in your Babylonian life is old and dead, and therefore the kind of relationship you had with others change also.

It ends up that in trodding Fari the biggest fight comes from those closest to you who showcase more resentment than the average curiosity of strangers. Most times it is just their own ignorance of the truth and their inability to see the benefits in shunning certain traditions for better ones – the list goes on. Their resentment stems from the fact that your new principles mean that you refuse them things you never did before – the change from their side of things is therefore unwelcomed. They want things to be how they were, for you to remain how you always have been. They don’t want to hear the better way to do it, or the better way to live, or think. The life they live has worked thus far and they have no intentions to change it unless it’s to gain more money to achieve more Babylonian things of course. Your not wanting to live how you were raised becomes an insult to them. Some Rases are thrown out of their home because they refuse to honour their family’s way of life.

But of course it is not to discount that there are those true loved ones that through their own spirituality will see the benefits and welcome the changes of righteousness. Educating yourself on JAH and knowing the Word will keep you strong and able to defend yourself against the ignorance and hate of others. People can raspect you even if they don't agree or like what you say. RasTafari involves learning the art of tact, and to be diplomatic with Wisdom and JAH is as King of Kings and Empress. Every Ras should try to overstand that many people don’t overstand JAH, Krist or the ways of Krist even if they claim a religion. They put themselves and their traditions above truth and right. They are really not concerned with who or how JAH is, because the idea of JAH is an “after-death” revelation and occasion. Hearing the Order Rastafari brings is an offence because they prefer the pleasures of ignorance. But because it’s tradition doesn’t make it right.

So it is not your job as Fari to worry about the knick-pickers too much – it is your job to study your own personal righteousness and trod. It is up to them also, to do what is right or not. Once you yourself learn right however, to go back on it would only make you yourself the fool. It is your job to maintain positivity and love in spite of the new differences that develop between you – to think “What Would JAH Do?” It is simpler to reach a cordial impasse with the more difficult personalities, than to give up on your Calling because of others. Though we love our family and friends, they cannot live our lives for us, every individual is responsible for their own internal state of consciousness, their own salvation from tribulation, sin and evil. And at the day of transition or “judgment”, no one can stand up and account for your deeds and misdeeds but yourself. No one can argue on behalf of your heart and motives, your choices but you. Sometimes it is even better to ask yourself who really would sacrifice their own soul for you? It is simpler to leave them to their own devices and to focus on doing better yourself. It is wiser to share love with them in spite of their bad attitudes, and hope that they too will have a change of heart.

Yesus Kristos was one that said that being Nazirene, or hola, meant not going back to the old ways, to live a life that is different from the life you had before. New Jerusalem couldn’t be like the old Jerusalem, could it? He said it was necessary for all followers to lose their current identities, their livelihoods, their families, their former occupations, so that they could truly gain Life. They had to do better works than before, that they could gain all the fruits of the Irit. What the Nazirene would receive for dying and being reborn in baptism or Iritual resurrection would be tenfold over what was lost.

Do you feel me? RasTafari is all about giving up the old robe, the old body, the old brainwashed mind for the Ithiopian New Jahrusalem. The Dread symbolizes renewal and movement out of the wrong into the right. Bob Marley’s Exodus is one of my favourites because He is giving I and I this same message, check the verses:

Many people will fight ya down
When ya see Jah light.
Let me tell you if you're not wrong; Everything is all right.
So we gonna walk - all right! - through de roads of creation:
We the generation trod through great tribulation.

Open your eyes and look within:
Are you satisfied with the life you're living?
We know where we're going, uh!
We know where we're from.
We're leaving Babylon,
We're going to our Father land.

Jah come to break downpression,
Rule equality,
Wipe away transgression,
Set the captives free.

Taking up the cross of RasTafari therefore means taking up the Cross of Kristos, of JAH, to suffer as He suffered, to love as He loved perfectly, to do justice as He does. That means to leave off:

Ignorance for truth

Hate for love

War and hate for peace

Vanity for goodwill

Sin for righteousness

Injustice for justice

Babylon for Zion

The past life for new life in Kristos

The old habits for Ivine Livity -way of life

JAH gives I and I Rastafari many blessings in our Livity: healthy bodies, children, loving relationships with man and nature, a deep fulfilling creative talent, contentment in I-Self and Identity. Let no one extinguish the Light of JAH within beloved Sistren.

Blessed Love

Sis. Ila

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