Tuesday 10 May 2016

Womb Wellness Salad and Dressing

Blessed Love Sistars and Bredren!

So I have been continuing with incorporating as many raw foods into my daily livity as I can - each day varies as does each week. Some days I just don't have enough fruits and veggies to eat mainly raw til dinnertime, other days I do. So it's about finding a balance each day. I have however, definitely cut out snack and sugary or salty foods - no more cheat meals on that end. I have also stopped using marijuana - I stopped smoking a while back, only vaping, but now I am on a break from vaping as well. I am actually hoping to eat the oil instead. This is just what I need to do for myself. I thought my withdrawal would be horrible, but it's been a week and I feel great, no side effects.

So today I just want to share a simple salad and dressing that are great for the womb and overall wellness.  This meal is good for mental clarity and energy/iron levels. Please note bredren that though I provide a lot of information for Dawtas  - you can still try these meals because they are overall healthy no matter your gender. Furthermore you can serve your wife these meals, you can ensure she buys the correct foods to keep herself and you - and the family, healthy and fit. Livity is a partnership - a man must see his woman's womb as his own. he must see her physical struggles as his own, have compassion for his mate for life. Likewise a Dawta can use my recipes to create her own kitchen healing magic - everything I post you can get creative with and make your own substitutes based on what you and your family like or need!

Note this salad and dressing is meant to serve one person, it is a whole meal.


4 small-medium tomatoes
1 leaf kale
2 leaves lettuce
4 leaves bok choy or pakchoy, whatever you call it (chinese cabbage)
 or you can use spinach or chard - really any combination of greens you have at home will be good!
1 large cucumber or 2 medium, 3 small
2 stalks of chive/green onion/scallions
1 bunch parsley
half a beet or a whole one if small

chop everything up, grate the beet and put them in your big bowl


ToMango Dressing

1 small Mango
3 small-medium Tomatoes
1 pimento
1 sprig parsley
Half 1 leaf of leek
4 chives
celery leaves
1 tamarind pulp not seed (optional)
thumb turmeric (or 1 tsp ground turmeric)
1 tbsp coconut oil
½ tsp salt

Soak tamarind in water for 15 minutes
Extract mango flesh from seed,
Slice tomatoes and take out seeds
Use a knife and scrape the tamarind flesh from the seeds into the blender container. Combine all the other ingredients and blend til it becomes creamy.

Smother your salad and mix well. You will use all the dressing!

What a great and refreshing meal that will help reduce your experiences with bad and painful periods!
Eating these types of meals daily will eliminate period pains and reduce the blood flow. Turmeric is great for treating the womb as is beetroot. Parsley detoxes the blood.
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Blessed Love


  1. Greetings Sista, made this salad for myself and the kingman, without the dressing though, used 3 lemons coconut oil and some herbs as a dressing. Was amazing to say the least. I used chard from my veggie garden too. Really a new fav. High vibrational food. Give thanks.

    1. Sis. Denise that dressing sounds yummy, I used to make that kind myself but I hardly get lemons these days! Keep it up! Blessings to u and ur king Man!

  2. Peace n blessings sista, I have shared ur site with 3 other sistas to give them the motivation they need to share their talent, you are truly blessed in your skills, how you make something out of nothing, keep sharing electric recipes too im eagered to see more. Keep going forward!

    1. Thank you sis Vonetta please link I on Www.italpeople.com where I have forwarded my recipes. The blog is still in the building process and I am accepting recipes from Rastafari around the world italpeople@gmail.com

  3. Thank you so much for the good work that you are doing! God bless you.


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