Saturday 25 August 2012

Twelve Basic Steps to Ital Livity

Selamta, peace be upon the I!

I do hope that all RasTa or Afro Queens and Dawtas are blessed and in Irie Irits :)
As I said before, I would try to post as much on Ital Livity as I can, to help those who want to eat and live better, or who wish to lose weight. Today's tips are basic steps towards becoming Ital in the everyday routine...

As RasTafari say, "Ital is Vital!"
Hopping aboard the Ital train takes a lot of costs, preparation and build up - you have to get informed about the journey, make all the necessary equipment or utensil or food purchases, and you've got to stick to your schedule, do what is planned, and full-joy it.
As it pertains to "becoming" more Ital conscious, it's not as simple as one might think
- Ital is not just about not eating animal products -
 Ital Livity is about learning:
the nutritional and toxic value of foods, beverages and medicines;
the correct proportions of foods, herbs and beverages to eat and drink;
how best to prepare each food and herb to derive the most nutritional value;
how to use plants and elements to live, heal and cure rather than as an emotional appetite;
how to substitute toxic foods, beverages and medicines for healthier, natural options; and also
how to cultivate the most organic foods for self-sustenance.

In other words, Ital is an entire lifestyle, awareness and movement which takes a lot of commitment, zeal, budgeting and patience.

Because there is so much to consider, one can easily feel overwhelmed, and stumble over many blocks along the path. Hopefully these and other points to follow can make light of an entire lifestyle:

 1. Purchase some literature on food and nutrition and holistic living. Try authors such as Suzar, Queen Afua and Dr. Llaila Africa.

2. Increase your intake of herbs (cooking and tea herbs), nuts, seeds, peas, beans, ground provision, vegetables and fruits each day.

 3. Eat vegetables raw as much as possible, or steam them for no more than 5-8 minutes. Always try to prepare them in a way that preserves the nutrients.

4. Drink herbal tea, garlic, ginger, beetroot, lemon, water as much as possible. Juice everyday, or drink natural juices and coconut water more than store bought juices which are pasteurised, or lack in nutrients.

5. Buy less or no sweets, snacks, shelf-foods which contain animal products, preservatives and sugars that damage the nervous and immune systems. It is better to make your own snacks and meals than to buy "ready-made" or one-step cooking products.

6. Seek natural herbal cures for problems like high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, stomach upset, depression, anxiety, pain, cramps, ADD/ADHD, autism and so on; instead of depending on pharmaceuticals which are damaging to the body.

7. Refrain from vaccinations, steroids, toiletries, dyes, relaxers. dairy, flesh, birth control pills, alcohol and drugs which all damage the internal organs, systems and cause diseases later in life and are fatal.

8. Use natural cleaning products for beauty and for cleaning the home. Baking Soda, lime, orange oil and vinegar are great natural cleaning agents for the home. Citronella is a great bug repellent. Baking soda can also be used as a face scrub and toothpaste.

9. Commune with nature often, find joy in the beauty of nature and in relaxation away from society.

10. Exercise the body and do good works for the Irit daily.

11. Treat the earth, air and waters with raspect, do not contribute to pollution and speak out against bad habits whenever possible.

12. Start some kind of home garden, even if you don't have land you can use pots. IN this day and age with GMO and chemicals, it is better to know where your food comes from if you want to remain healthy and immune to common dis-eases. Plastic bottles can be recycled to make pots as well. Be creative and find places and ways to grow your own food. Check out Mbele Tv for more information on how to DIY.

Well that's all I could think of for now, as I'm sure there are more points to Ital Livity than these.
As promised, I will make posts over time that will contain information pertaining to these basic points too - especially sugars, chemicals, vaccinations and Ital beauty. Hopefully my Sistren will write a few posts too!

Though it's not definitive and filled with details, this list can still help to give a clearer picture of Ital and help ones evaluate their current level of Ital Livity. I personally need to work on cleaning the home with natural products rather than these disinfectants which are so strong and toxic! Everyday I'm working to eat more raw and less sugar - I am working up the nerve to cut out sugar and shelf-foods altogther, which can only really be done right when you have a good home garden going, or a nice organic grocer.

Regardless of the little difficulties that prevent us from eating and living as Ital as we'd like, Don't give up the trod! Ital is the key to the God-Self and Sacred Wombmanhood.

Selah! RasTafari


  1. I have recently converted to Rastafarianism I started with my hair and then my diet and lifestyle. I have been asked on several occasions what my Rasta name is. I'm undecided on this, however my unrasta name is Michelle Louise Rey and I have sort the meanings of these names. Michelle = Like God, Louise = Famous Warrior and Rey = King . I would like it to be not too long winded. Any suggestions????

  2. Queen, you cant give yourself a RasTa name... a RasTa haffe give it to you...


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