Saturday 4 August 2012

Greetings and Welcome to RasTa WifeLine

Blessed Love, Selamta!

Welcome to RasTa WifeLine - the online source for everything the I needs to know or learn about being a RasTa Wife, an Empress, and bringing up RasTa youths in the True Natural Right Ital Livity of JAH.

I am Sistah Ila Addis, a 29 year old homeschooling mother of one, a wife, a writer, an artist, a creatress, a Rastafari Wombman and Dawta of Ethiopia-Afrika and the Kingof Kings Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw I...

The many aspects of Rastafari Livity revolve around the number one principle of Rastafari Righteous Redemption: leaving off Babylonian or Western culture, for the Ethiopian Origin and Root of Man/Wombman. This is a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical rejuvenation, journey and awareness... and in response to the ignited Rebel-Lion/Lioness Irit, every RasTa goes through changes in clothing, aesthetic rituals, diet, recreation, employment, worship and moral principle. Every I has to "walk the walk" just as they "talk the talk!"

As per tradition, since the dawn of time, it is the job of the Wife to see to it that the Livity is firmly rooted and grounded in the daily opertations of the family and home. All Dawtas are to ensure that the culture they learned from their King-Man or Priest, or through their own Sighting of JAH RasTafarI, manifests in their own daily rituals and presentations, and in that of their children and husband. The Wife is the Sustainer of culture and order in the home, she literally sustains the lives of her people. Her talk and walk determine everyone else's most of the time, so if her foundation is not sturdy, then the Livity of the home can crumble.

This order is furthermore what separates Rastafari from Western Christianity (which for the Dread is no longer a Way of Life, but a lip-service institution of slavery). To be Rastafari is not just about growing the dreadlocks and wearing red gold and green - it is about applying the Principles of Ethiopia and Black God/Goddess to every aspect of life, and honouring the Ivine I, JAH in all Creation. RasTa is a Way of Life based on Right and Just Principle and Overstanding. The Principles I and I learn are the principles I and I live and lead by.

And in this regard, RasTa WifeLine aims to be the lifeline and support of all Dawtas "going through the change," as I will provide Ital recipes and dietary principles, sewing and crocheting tutorials, and loads of information pertaining to Ethiopia, Isra'el and Rastafari from my personal research and soon-to-be-published books. EVERYTHING the I Sistren need to carry on the Righteousness of Fari, will be added here!

JAH willing, I will also showcase my fellow Sistren who have inspired I to build this blog, and engage them in important reasonings on RasTa Wife Livity and Identity - all to provide the solid foundation which is currently lacking for I and I Dawtas on the internet.

RasTa Wifeline is truly a humble service to Afrikan Queendom and Wombmanhood and Rastafari Livity, and I hope that it will only grow abundant fruits for Dawtas worldwide.

Sistah Ila


  1. Empress Ila, your upful guidance and generosity of spirit are truly a blessing. May Jah bless you for making the move to give this site an incarnation. Itinual thanks.

  2. Blessed love sistren!! Jah Ras Tafari


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