Monday 3 September 2012

Back to school!


I know all the Sistren are busy getting their youths back to school - for me it is home-schooling. I wasn't feeling too irie this weekend so I didn't get a chance to prepare as I wanted to. but I've been working on it the whole morning and Nile has been patiently waiting, finding her own entertainment while I'm up and down the house (we had to get the fridge fixed!).

Home-schooling has always been part of Rastafari Livity, and is called New Jerusalem Homeschool because our methods of teaching incorporate our own black heritage and our cultural and Iritual values. Homeschool also allows children to develop at their own pace, not being forced to maintain deadlines, blend-in to be like people who really are nothing like them, regurgitate information they don't really overstand, or not being bullied by teachers and other children. It's also very rewarding for the family unit, makes it strong and closer knit which in this day is a rare jewel.

Homeschooling also takes great patience and preparation on the part of the parent!
If you are a homeschooler, it is important to have these items:
a chalk or white board
a table and chair
wall posters with words, alphabet, numbers, shapes and whatever else
colouring activity books and crayons
 paints and other crafty things - always have what your child likes to do! mine loves to paint and colour
work books or sheets with all the various topics you want to work on
flashcards (they really really work, I use cereal boxes to make mine, I get 6 cards from 1 box)
musical instruments or sing-alongs

do outdoors lessons also, in the garden about nature and those kinds of things
also lessons from any important quote, figure, teaching on manners, character strengths, interpersonal skills

 here are some great websites my sistren Priya and I use  to find worksheets and activities (this is a monthly payment option however but up to 3 kids on one account)

Also, if you can get them, try "PreSchool Prep Company"dvds which have colours, letters, numbers, shapes and sight words
Leap Frog also had good dvds that teach words and phonics

Hooked on Phonics packages are also really good in my opinion I'm currently using Learn to Read Grade K which has 2 levels.

Happy Homeschooling!
New Jerusalem ever Babylon never!


  1. Try for the younger ones its great. =) Blessed.

  2. Bless empress, im coming to trinidad in oct 2013. And wouls love to connect with u and other sistas while there.....

    1. Yes I that would be blessed. U just have to send me an email and we can link. The Dawtas meet the first of the month as a group, but I am sure we should be able to plan something for a sunday


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