Tuesday 18 September 2012

The Meaning and Power of Affirmations


As a follow up to yesterday's post on the meanings of Ises, I offer the meanings of Affirmations or "Iditations on Affirmations." Affirmations are just as important as prayer in that they are the positive thoughts and attitudes that bring about change for the better. Affirmations are what help transform the mind body and soul, accompanying vegan lifestyles, yoga, sacrament, drumming, chanting and all Iritual  traditions RasTafari embrace daily all over the world.

Iditations on Affirmations

Affirmations are living, positive, holy words and/or phrases, which are used to establish a connection between man, woman and JAH. They are used to reveal the I-Self, as they are pure, righteous, Godly Word Sound and Power. Affirmations are expressions of prosperity, encouragement, love, hope, and building blocks of faith; but they can also be statements of rebuke, which help you to annihilate sinful habits and mentalities.

Affirmations can be songs, poems, Biblical verses, inspirational quotes, or your own sentences. Any material that can reflect express, identify and address your needs is an affirmation. Declarations can also be made in honour of worship and enlightenment through studies and discussions. They can summarize wisdom and allow you to retain new and upright words. Affirmations absorb JAH’s Hola Irit and become thanksgiving when this Irit manifests good in our life. Affirmation is therefore an act of Ises, a living testimony of what JAH can and will do in your life.

When saying or writing affirmations, especially in the morning, it is important to declare them at least three times, to establish the mantra in your consciousness throughout the day. It is good to have familiar and select mantras that are easy to remember and call upon in your time of need. When you speak these words, your mind processes what you want to achieve and the kind of energy you wish to navigate by. I use prayer pouches to help remember my affirmations – I carry the written word in the pouch around my neck as long as I need to.

To affirm is to call upon JAH and draw positive energy from that state of Iritual consciousness where His and Her presence is felt, seen and heard. Affirmations ask JAH to be there for you and rule your rational soul when you are unable to stand on your own.

To affirm is to speak yourself into a higher state of Consciousness knowing that what you express will abide in your heart and mind, and become a better part of you that you are happy to share with the world and with the Living God JAH Rastafari.

To affirm is to accept and accede, to move on from reluctance or denial and deal with the sting of truth until it no longer has a crippling power you. Sometimes, speaking yourself into a better state involves affirming things daily which are hard to accept, like the loss of a job, relationship or loved one. Speaking words of truth, which are yet hurtful and hard to accept, gradually makes you more comfortable with them and their meaning. Affirming is therefore a way to gain freedom and peace by means of acceptance, as acceptance and even acquiescence are often the challenges that you seek to overcome most of all by giving Ises or beseeching JAH and others to be there for you. The goal and higher state of an Iritual being sought in this case is the level where the pain and loss are bearable, and though you know not “why”, you are now okay to move on and live with the idea that you possibly never will.

To affirm is therefore the will to transform. To move from whatever past has brought you down or imprisoned you with pain. In terms of seeking the Natural Right or livity of righteousness that Rastafari uphold, the Babylonian old robe of sin and ignorance is removed when you commit to finding JAH. Affirmations cloak you with the new robe or diadem of righteousness. It may be a slow process, but like the lotus flower, your holy beauty is worth the process.

To affirm is to be the change. Affirmations require action to be successful. Therefore affirmations are reminders of the changes you wish to excite for your healing and growth. You speak affirmations daily, but it is more important that you be the affirmation. Affirmations are translated to others by your actions – this is how you yourself experience feedback on your transformation. Affirmations require you to practise the words you chant, sing, recite or utter in prayer – in other words, practise your New Self. When you are placed in an old situation, or old temptation, the affirmation reminds you to wear a new robe (the cloak of Dreadlocks) which must not be defiled by old sins or unkindness. You must eat, sleep and breathe your affirmation in order to make the right choice and manifest those words of right at the right time. Actualizing affirmations influences others to be positive and inspiring like you. Affirmations therefore provoke, invoke and reveal the presence of JAH in us all.

To affirm is to believe in the power of positivity and goodwill: “Yes, I can!”; “Yes, JAH is!”; “Yes, it is true”; “Yes, I am ready and all Things are possible in Kristos.” Affirmations are about unwavering, confident truths where you believe that everything you need is within you, is available to you when you consciously go after it, and can be gained from those who love you and love JAH. All things are possible, only your expectations and requirements place limitations on what you receive. You must step back from dominating your world’s course and ascertain what it needs, to receive the unseen blessings that are revolving around you. You must be less judgemental to be more positive, less critical to see and full-joy the goodness of JAH around you.

To affirm is to cast down negativity, the evil and lustful spirits in and around you, by placing JAH’s good words into your Iditation rather than Babylon’s. Babylon works on the five senses, creating things that appeal to your carnal satisfaction. In order to become better and more removed from things which kill the I-Self, your senses must be free from such traps. Affirmations can therefore be statements of denial aimed at stripping ego, evil and carnal indiscretions from your psyche. Denial must be supported by spending less time with company that may encourage you to backslide into old habits.

To affirm is to be free from inhibitions, opinions and expectations especially around others. Sometimes, though you are practising your positivity and goodwill, others may not be. They may not be on a spiritual path like yourself, or are immune to your state because of their own consuming state of mind or circumstance. They may judge you, expect from you, or try to inhibit you. Affirmations therefore teach us patience, freedom, and great acceptance for everyone’s right to choose. By continuing to focus on your own right to choose and do the right thing no matter what, you will soon find those who are like you. Affirmations have the power to change you first before your environment changes, in many instances, so it is up to you to endure the road to successful transformation.

To affirm is to remember and glorify the pillars of your faith. They remind you of your goals, your identity as Rastafari. As your faith grows your affirmations become more powerful and abundantly manifested. They trace your footsteps as you walk with JAH Rastafari.

 Holy King Selah! Holy Menen I JAH RasTafari!
Sis Ila

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